Sunday, October 12, 2008


At first I would like to thank you for your attention to us and also apologized for not writing for some time but it was for personal reasons .

I am trying since long time to get out of the Gaza Strip to complete my studies abroad, because of the closure of crossings borders couldn’t leave until this moment, and I hope to open soon .

The situation in Gaza is better than the previous, no violence or fighting between the two parties and the food entre gaza, but the crossing border still closed where only for the few allowed to leave Gaza
and that’s make significant problems, especially for patients and students

I wish the border will open in the near future and solve all the problems and that peace would prevail in the all
As we want to know We will complete what we started me and friend Hope Man to spread peace and to create good future for our people

Peace to you All


Mandy said...

Glad to know you guys are ok and the situation is better now, even if only a little improved.

Maybe this is the first step toward a new future for you all.


נגה קדמן - Noga Kadman said...

Dear Peace man,

Though I am in Tel Aviv, I follow closely the situation in Gaza, and am very aware to the injustice done to you people of Gaza, and to the severe hardship innocent people there have to go through everyday.

I wish things will be different for you, and that all in Gaza will be able to enjoy things we enjoy and take for granted here in Tel Aviv.

Both cities are on the mediteranean coast, not far from each other. It's crazy that still we're so far apart.

I appreciate you for having positing and hopeful attitude despite everything.

I wish you the best, and may your dreams will be fulfilled,


Anonymous said...

Dear Peace Man,

Can you study in the Open University or in some other online course?

Anonymous said...

I wish that you guys continue this talk this situation needs generational change and you guys are it. The Peace and hope will come within hate will have no place to reside among the ones that are as good as you guys are. God bless and Please expand your network to include more of you guys. Best of Luck!!!