Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trapped students

Today I will write you the trapped students in Gaza ,am one of Hundreds of post graduate students from the Gaza Strip accepted to study abroad are unable to reach our universities because of the closure of the Strip imposed by Israel since June 2007
Am trying to leave Gaza ,since more than one year ,and till now I couldn't because of the siege ,my friend hope man tried hardly different time to get me out
I tried 3 times to leave from rafah border but they returned most of the students ,and the last time was yesterday.
Some of students lost there scholarship, others don’t have any money to study ,and people losing there future ,and the world still watching .
I hope the world can do some thing to keep our dream to study and to help our people.
What we need is our right of freedom ,to study like every one ,we need from the world to conceder us as human .


*Astrea* said...

i feel your frustration, but i feel you aren't showing how we, the people in Sderot, are living.
during the past two nights the Color Red alarm sounded- once at 4:00 am and once at 2:30. we cannot even sleep peacefully. what is the alternative?

David said...

Peace Man and Hope Man!

I'm glad to see the blog is still going. I wish we were nearer to a change in your situations. In America, we have some reason to hope that there will be greater involvement from our new president in the peace process between Israel and Palestine. Hopefully, that involvement will be more evenhanded, too. Still, it will take time.

I have another reason to write. I was reading the blog of Arab Woman Blues ( . The hopelessness expressed there drove me to check in here. I wondered if you know of her blog? I thought it would be amazing to see what you might have to say to each other.

Just a thought...

Lirun said...

thats aweful - im sad to hear - cant the universities at least let you study by correspondence until you get out?

Peace man said...

Hi astrea
I understand how you suffering ,and the civilians in both side suffering I know every thing from my friend hope man
The alternative is one word PEACE
This is the only solution to save our future ,children's and have good life

Peace man said...

Hi lirun
Yes ,I can study by correspondence, but its not easy ,the university trying to help me ,but my dream to study and learn abroad
And I think we don’t have the right to dream

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand about life in Gaza is that beyond expressing hopelessness, nobody from there does ever mention the possibility of getting rid of Hamas, the real cause of these sufferings.
You people are asking for help, but why not help yourselves?
Finish with the war, and you shall have peace.
Simple, no?

Lo said...

Hello Peace Man and Hope Man,

I've recently discovered your blog and am following it with great interest. I am currently working on a informative lesson on the Israel and Palestine conflict for 12-14 yr old students here in the Netherlands. We want to inform them about everyday life in different areas and give them more unbiased information then the newspapers do.

We would really like to use parts of your blog to show them about everyday life in Sderot and Gaza, and the fact that some people try to overcome the borders and hate set up by the governments. I hope you approve of us using your texts in our classes. If not, please contact me at

Thank you.

money magnet said...

we absolutely have right to dream.

Marie Françoise said...

I pray for peace...
peace is impossible without justice

Marie Françoise from France

Melania Szinger of WEALTH-INSPIRED BOOKS blog said...

Dear Peace & Hope,
Everyone has a right to dream. Everyone. But it is sad that not all dreams come true at the time we want them to. But please do keep your dreams alive, coz you'll never know what the next tide may bring.

In my heart I know that it Is possible for a peaceful co-existance. Study the other parts of the world. It has been done. It may take another generation or two, or maybe even three, but be proud of the fact that it may just begin from the 2 of you..

god willing

Merche Pallarés said...

It's been a long time since I have visited this blog and I see that the situation has become worse. Until Israel doesn't get rid of its Sionist government and Gaza of its Hamas (both extremists) I doubt peace will be reached. Here in Spain with all my bloggers we're trying to awaken consciences regarding your very sad and unfair situation. We do consider Palestinians as VERY humane human beings. Hugs, M.

Lirun said...

ok but dont give in..

the most noble resistance would be to gain your education notwithstanding the obstacles..

that would be the purest triumph..

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this

Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): Report on the life of men, women and children in two cities on the Israeli Palestinian border. Tell about the reality on both sides. Despite of many dangers, air bombings and rocket attacks, those people never stop working, loving, and dreaming. Life despite of everything.

On this website, you can find during two months short videos (2 minutes each) on Gaza and Sderot. Every day, one video from Palestine, the other one from Israel. One without the other only would show part of the reality.

נגה קדמן - Noga Kadman said...

Hi Peace man,

Try to contact the Israeli organization Gisha,

They try to help Palestinians in Gaza in your situation.

Good luck!

Carol Scheller said...

I very much hope that you are one of the students leaving on the SS Dignity ! Do you or your connection in Sderot have any ideas what to do in light of the very fragile situation of the "truce" at this moment ? We on the outside read alarming statements on both sides, but can't all the PEOPLE threatened by renewed hostilities somehow join to express (by film ? pictures ? recorded words ?)their need for an END to their suffering? Maybe get school children and teenagers to express their feelings by voice, video and writing, posted online ? Such work could also be sent to the media, to touch people at the time of the holidays of Hannukah and Christmas ... to get a big reaction ... am I just dreaming ?


Missy said...

Call me stupid and ignorant, but until now I am unable to understand this Palestine vs. Israel conflict. Could you PLEASE explain it to me... like a two-year-old ;)

Sorry if that's stupid question to ask...


Lord Vito 9 said...

i find it interesting that you have used the comment-"we need from the world to concede us as human".May i ask what you mean from that?

Ann Ram said...

Peace man and Hope man,
It was my great pleasure to hear of your blog on US National Public Radio last week. Your endeavor reminds me of this snippet from the Baha'i writings: "The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens."

You prove daily that, despite all our cultural and social differences, we are in fact kinsman in spirit and our fundamental humanity. May more follow in your footsteps and may we live in peace.

Wish you a safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Peace Man and Hope Man

What you are doing - and who you are being in this war is invaluable PLease, keep writing , Your words of truth in the only aanswer to Peace and sets an important precedent

Keep writing , stay safe ,,Peace man - I am sure that someone will come forward soon and will forward this ...your work now is a model for all over the world Peace and Hope , R

NAILA'S MC said...

I want to answer the Question of my sister MS. MISSY.

My sister Missy, the conflict in between Palestine and Israel is about the LAND, the COUNTRY. Before Israel doest not exist in this world, they dont have place to live. The Israel is the LAND OF PALESTINE, but the Jews stole it during the Arab-Israel war, Israeli or Jews are immigrant from Germany (some 3 million killed by hitler), Poland, all over Europe and Russia. This is the truth, many of dont know the reason.

kimarr said...

Peace man & Hope Man
My prayers are with you and your people. Your governments need to put you two in charge. How can they be so stupid! When 9/11 happened, almost the entire world sided with the Americans. We chose to seek revenge and now eight years later our young men and women are still dying and most of the world hates us. What did that accomplish? why don't Israel and Hamas see the mistake they are making?
Be safe guys. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad commentary for mankind that war seems to be the answer perpetuated by nationalism, religion, ideology, dogma of different groups each trying to be "king of the hill."
Brothers war against brothers; leaders send their soldiers into war and the result is chaos, death, destruction, fear.
The common people want to live peacefully and raise their families, see their children grow and prosper.....
Yet war goes on - I suppose this is the natural way for mankind.
My empathy for all who are suffering.

gabriela said...

Layla may i be your friend?i was really touched by your words.I will be happy to listen whenever you feel you need a friend,when you feel lonely,or desperate.I mean it from my heart.I am a woman from Portugal who has been following up the tragedy you have been through.

remshad said...

see war is the only method to keep the crown on the head of leaders