Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza situation

Since the operation started in Gaza Strip, more than 300 people killed in two days and two hundred missing and about 160 were in critical condition .
Israel destroyed all the police station and all the Government centers .
police and civilians and children who killed in this operation.

It is hard to describe what is going on in Gaza , a terrible disaster, where the aircraft do not distinguish between civilians and military and children.
At this moment there are tanks in the around Gaza in preparation for the invasion of the Gaza Strip

I am asking the international community to stop what is going on in Gaza I hope to return to ceasefire and move away from violence
Because violence will bring more violence
I will update you with the situation


Mo-ha-med said...

But the international community is not going to stop anything, PeaceMan.
They -we? - will watch you die to the last one.

See, when Israel is involved, even in acts of State terrorism as is the case right now, the world loves to look to the other side.

Anonymous said...

Big demonstrations in London and Paris today. Tomorrow afternoon, there will be one in Geneva, Switzerland. A 17-year-old friend of mine in Tel Aviv wrote me tonight that his Chanukah miracle wish is for a cease-fire and dialogue to replace violence. He is not alone. Carol

DevaRed said...

Do not lose hope - God moves in mysterious ways....Israel will be exposed to the eyes of the world community for what she is inflicting.

Anonymous said...


i hope all this horror stops early :(

big huge!

Mary Cuevas said...

hi peace man,
i am hearing about it in the press. i am so sorry. please stay safe. they are organizing protests.

i can't beleive israel is not allowing journalists in. what is this? are we in burma where the press is not allowed. this is unbelievable and unacceptable.

Merche Pallarés said...

Dear Peaceman, the world is aware of your terrible plight, all my bloggers in Spain are against this inhumane and merciless attacks. I hope Israel listens to the International Community which have denounced and condemned these attacks. Yesterday, in Madrid (and today in London) many people have demonstrated their disgust in front of the Israeli embassies. I hope Israel listens. "Happy and Peaceful" New Year anyway... Hugs, M.

Anonymous said...

Hi, peaceman.

I'm so sorry to hear that 'Isaeli attacked Gaza and 270 dead' from web. news and youtube movies.

I'm praying for your country and the peace between two countries.

I want peace!
Everybody want peace!

Anonymous said...

As long as none of you oppose the eight continous years of rocket attacks into Israel, but do oppose the Israeli response, there will be no peace in the middle east.

One very honest Israeli guy

הקוסמת said...

I hope this will end soon, and that there would be a hopeful future for Gaza. It hearts me to hear about the children and the innocent men and women that are hurt and surely terrified from the whole situation.

but i have one question, not for Peach man, but to the ppl who wrote the talkbaks.
why they aren't any demonstration when Sderod, Netivot, Ashkelon are hit by Grads? when children and civilians are hurt and live in insecure situation?

I am not asking to weigh one child in one side to the other, they are both important and deserve a better life than this, and I am not justifying what the army is doing, but I want to ask you, to think in gray and not only in black and white.

Anonymous said...

Israel has been waiting on the side-lines for much too long. I think it is the best for both the Palestinians and Israelis, that Israel completes this operation, by leaving no stone un-turned!

Hamas must be annihilated to ensure sane life on both sides of the fence. Any (Palestinian) who can't see that is delusional and is under the veil of Islamic brotherhood, when there is no need for one.

I would denounce any unprovoked violence on Israel's part as well.
Israel HAS been provoked to no end!


Anonymous said...

Dear Peace Man,

We are a gorup of Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals who are looking for a speaker from Gaza who is currently in the West Bank or in Jerusalem, that can come and talk at our circle this weekend.

Do you know of somebody?


The All Nations Cafe

Anonymous said...

It's all in the hands of Hamas and their alikes. They dont give a shit about their own people.

Despite the fact that Egypt offered to take in as many injured people as it could, Hamas has been forcibly blocking Gazans from getting medical help. So far, only 8 people were allowed through Rafah to get medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad took credit for shooting mortars at Nahal Oz this morning. Nahal Oz is where Israel transfers fuel to Gaza, so by bombing the crossing Islamic Jihad is consciously trying to stop any fuel from reaching Gaza.

Once again we see that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are more interested in politics than in the people they pretend to be defending.

stop fooling yourself and help Israel get rid of these thugs!

Anonymous said...

Exactly,Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc have never ever followed the path of peace, man. Why do you ignore their disdain of peace?

Anonymous said...

I hope fire will stop asap, for both sides.

Are you writing from Gaza strip right now?

Unknown said...

suzanne, i agree w/you though it's not PC and although i cry at the futile deaths of innocents - the mothers burying their children today - i am also aware that hamas and all islamofascists w/links to the ayatollahs are the real threat to peace. please G-d, a time will come, soon, when the world stops blaming jews and understands that this is not about race or religion but fascist control of vulnerable people. the arabs and the jews are one root. let them work it out w/out outside interference. if israel is succesful in taking out the core elements, perhaps peace will come sooner than later. meanwhile, stay safe in gaza. don't leave your home. know that there are jews like me who love our arab sisters and brothers and their beautiful culture. may we all have the chance to reconcile and live side by side in the not too distant future! May G-d bless and protect you!

PeaceofaPuzzle said...

I am so sorry what is happening. It is sad and horrifying. Please know both sides are in our prayers for a stop to this whole situation.

pjones said...

Please be safe, Peace Man and Hope Man. We need you and your open hearts in this world.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but susanne you're wrong...

You know why?
Because it's a stolen country... Isarael should never exist... Suffering it's all i've had hearing since 1948.

So peaceman keep your faith. One day all will have an end.

Anonymous said...

What is happening is very sad but I think that this is exactly what Hamas was looking for. They want to draw Israel into an attack because they know that they can mobilise opinion against Israel when this happens. Israel has much to answer for but any country would retaliate once under regular rocket fire.
Disproportionate? Sorry, but the reality is that in war you fight to win. At least Israel is attempting to target Hamas sites. How targeted are the Hamas rockets?

Hamas have got exactly what they wanted - dead Palestinians that they can use as propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I wish you well, Peaceman, if you have not been involved in the shelling of Isreal during the truce. However, evil triumphs when good people do nothing. It is not enough not to shoot the missiles; you need to act to stop Hamas from shooting them. Until you and others who want peace stand up, it appears you only want peace on your side of the border. All Isreal is doing is a counter-offensive, albeit very strongly -- similar to Russia if I recall correctly. Stand up to Hamas, Peaceman.

Anonymous said...

we all long for the day where children will not be hurt anymore. but we don't do enough talking to make sure it happens.

if you ever read the hamas charter, there's no possible reasoning vis-a-vis dar-al-islam. there can't be. and that's the inevitable result.

the aircraft can't distinguish civilians and military, nor can qassam or grad rockets. wars aren't sanitary, never have been, never will be.

say no to war, say yes to peace, bring down hamas.

Anonymous said...

Peace man,
I want a lot a cease fire, for you, for all of you and for all of us. But clearly I do not thing that people from Shderot wanted peace, they--the majority== were furious to ask the Israel Army to attack and not only to bomber the Hamas place, they were asking to destroyed Gaza. This is sad, terrible, but this is what most of Shderot people think. And this is not strange, because people under violence became more violent and more belicists.
Israel seems to be a democracy from the western, but really, inside, we are noticed that they do not have any democratic culture, they always are proud of their weapons, their militaries, not of their writters or people from the culture who scarcely can make here their living. The credit is to be in the Army and it is very popular to think in war terms. So, they share this way to live with Hamas although they critized them. Shderot people now is worring about been bombing, but they were asking all the time to bomb others, so, if you make such a desition them you have to know that there will be consequenses, and very bad ones.
During the time of cease of fire, we did not make any concetion to palestinian people, I mean, people like us, who did not have electricity, food. Meantime we were passing our festivities in happiness and although life here is difficult, Israel people are always buying food, and if you have a little pain you go to a lot of doctors, receive planty medications, and the Hospital is always ready to receive you. So, death can come we know, but meanwhile we have a good life. But we know that a few kilometers away, a lot of people is with nothing. But noone is thinking about this, everybody think if I have, this is the most important. so...

yours ana

Anonymous said...

Hi Peace man.
Despite the unbearable situation in Gaza you must not forget that it has been unbearable for us, the Israelis, 8 years of constant flow of kasam rockets is defiantly unbearable to us.
We Just Say No More! And after a fake ceasefire with to many kasams we just cant ignore... do you have any suggestion?

*Astrea* said...

Im writing to you, peaceman, and im still shaking.
a missile just land some 50 meters from me. i am now in a shelter. in the room next to me, there are elderly people who have come to sit in the shelter with their medicine and blankets- they plan to sleep here until the attacks slow down. last year, they spent a month in the shelter.
the situation in Gaza is terrible. but tell me, what is the alternative? another 8 years of missiles in Sderot and Netivot?
what are we supposed to do?!

Anonymous said...

Peace man, people in Gaza can stop the missile attack. Once the Hamas stops shooting Israel will stop the air strikes. Hurry before the ground forces go in. Once they move in the numbers will rise much faster.

Anonymous said...

it is such a shame for mankind ! One can bring up the question 'why all this suffering?' I assume it is because there is not enough attention of the world to solve the centuries old dispute. As always, one is focusing on what is distincting the people rather than what is uniting us.
I hope you will keep on having faith that things will change. In the US few could belief that a black could become president. So yes, peace is possible in the area. Let we all push our governments to increase the efforts!

Or-Tal Kiriati said...

Peaceman and Hopeman,
You are everybody's sample of what can be.
I am with you both, hoping the attacks will stop.
I also think that education is the key to it all. Allowing people to grow, develop and study peacefully, will provide a better future for us all.
I hope you are both safe and I am inviting you, your friends and all students from both sides of the border, who are stuck home these days, to study together on a study groups network on . If you can offer help and teach - join and answer. If you want to advance with your homework - join and ask.

Anonymous said...

To the people who are trying to justify the Israeli attacks:

Stop trying! There is no justification for this, none whatsoever. I'm not saying that missles into Israel are not a terrible thing and a great strain on the people living in Israel but you cannot fight atrocity with atrocity. Just look at the history of war. Unfortunately the only lesson man takes from history is that man takes no lessons from history.

When will we learn that violence leads to pain and suffering and nothing else?

הקוסמת said...

what is your suggestion?
how can we stop the missiles on Sderot that's been going for 8 years? this can not go on one more minute.
remember we are not talking about occupied territories.

I think that Israel should now after the attack try to reach a ceasefire and start talking, but if the missiles will keep on coming to Sderot, Yavne, Beer Sheva there is no place for tolerance as a specific solution.
our biggest problem, though, we don't know when to stop. and I thing that now is the time to stop. believe me that most of the Israelis don't want innocent ppl getting killed, there house bombed.

Anonymous said...

To Feys:
This is not atrocity for the sake of atrocity, it's not a "response" or "revenge". It is a targeted operation to hit rocket stockpiles, launchers, tunnels used to smuggle them, and the strongholds of those launching them.

To PeaceMan:
I see pictures of children in Gaza and as an Israeli father myself it breaks my heart. I do hope the army is doing all it can (and I know it does a lot) to minimize civilian casualties, and yet the trauma of war (as your people and my people in the south are facing) will also haunt those who escape harm. I join those who urge the Gazans to help us make Hamas change its ways (if not be removed).
And as a student myself, I hope you'll manage to find scholarship to allow you to finish your studies and return to a safe homeland. Ma'asalame!

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you this - If you finally gave up occupying your neighbors yard so you could get along, wouldn't that be a good gesture that you want peace? But then instead of accepting that gesture, you punch your neighbor in the stomach several times a day. He doesn't do anything because he knows the rest of your household is respectable and wants to make peace. But you just keep punching. Then, one day he beats the ever living crap out of you and then you cry to the world that you're being mistreated? Stop the rocket fire, get rid of Fascist Islamic Extremists, and maybe you can live in peace! There will never be peace over there as long as you guys keep your current mentality. I'm not pro-Israel but I'm anti-terrorist. Quit punching your neighbor and he'll quit beating the crap out of you and your fellow rock throwers.

Anonymous said...

Who started the bombing? Hamas...
What would you do if your home was bombed? Fight back of course and that is what Israel is doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peaceman - and Hopeman,

you were the first in my thoughts when this news broke. My orayers are with you to get through this safely, and to hold onto your best hopes. Peace is inevitable as long as even a few believe in it.

Anonymous said...

Feys, letting oneself be under terror for 8 years, or especially the last 3, when Hamas et al had a chance to do something with Gaza and make a civil society, but chose instead the path of terror on southern that what you would do were your home under fire?

Would you have your children sit in a kindergarten that was under potential bomb threat? (one Grad or Katyusha hit such a school building today in Israel, which fortunately was closed at the time).

Israel waited 3 LONG YEARS since leaving Gaza, waited for any sign that Hamas would hold out an olive branch, but all Israel got was the sword.

So let Hamas die by the sword. Polls show that Gazans overwhelmingly want to destroy Israel, and that was BEFORE this last week.

Should Israel live permanently under terror? Israel LEFT GAZA so the Gazans would have a chance, and could make peace.

It had its chance, Gaza, and screw the Palestinians, enough is ENOUGH. You peace types are well-intentioned, and I am all for peace, but when someone comes at me with a knife, I'll freakin' blow 'em away if I need to with a much better weapon if I have it.

Or should I "turn the other cheek" and allow them to knife me, though it might or might not kill me?

Stupid question, but maybe you would choose the potential suicide, since that's what you are asking of Israel

Anonymous said...

You say: "violence will bring more violence."

For the past six months, there has been a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas-run Gaza. During this time it appears that Hamas has been building an arsenal of weapons via tunnels from Egypt. Hamas ended the ceasefire when it fired its newly acquired arsenal of rockets at Israeli civilians (as opposed to the military installations Israel has targeted in Gaza).

I know most Palestinians are in no position to openly oppose Hamas, whose dictatorship in Gaza makes no room for the innocents caught up in this mess. But Israel reserves the right to punish Hamas when it persists in firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

If it has any sense, Israel will soon negotiate another ceasefire to replace that which Hamas broke. And when that happens, you would do well in showing some gratitude and sympathy for your neighbour.

Anonymous said...

You ask the people in Gaza to stop Hamas from firing missiles. That would be good, but how should they? You say Israel’s army just wants to destroy Hamas missiles and their ability to fire. But even if they succeed with this, will it be the end of war in Palestine?
I ask everyone who goes to war: How do you think you will win the war? By killing all your enemies and all your enemies’ brothers so they won't take revenge and all your enemies’ children, too, so there'll be no one there to remember? How do you win? Hate breeds more hate.
War starts in the heart of every man, and so does Peace. Give Peace a chance now.

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. (Psalm 62)
Almighty god, be our shelter and our guide. Lead us to love and wisdom.


Anonymous said...

their plight against the bombardment of Israel mighty military power supported by US need our support globally. Palestine spirit to achieve independence soverign country never die out with killing of hundred of civilians need juctice to presure the Israel to stop their old ideology.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a great project!

Anonymous said...

Dear peace man,

Bless you and keep you safe. Please ignore the people here who wrap words of kindness in thorns. Gazans don't deserve the awful attacks happening to them now. And Billie as the bloggers here might agree, demonstrations do very little, but talking together and helping each other in practical terms might.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peaceman,

How do you perceive it: Have the people in Gaza generally been O.K. with launching rockets at Sderot during the last 7 years? How about the owneres of the yards and areas from where the rockets have been launched? And what do the parents, siblings, spouses, children, neighbours of those who engage in such activities say – do they agree with them?

What do the ordinary people think about their government? Does the majority think it has done a good job in building infrastructure, economics, providing decent education, health care or at least the distribution of foreign aid relief? If not: Is there a political opposition in Gaza who has the enhancement of those points at the top of the agenda? Can they speak up freely? If not: what would they have to face?

Best wishes to all who want to live a decent life in peace.

PeaceofaPuzzle said...

I can not understand what you are going through on both sides of this conflict. It is beyond me to understand and I am sure our media is not able to tell the half of it. Please know you are in my thoughts and and hopeman.

marina said...

Dear peaceman, I'm with you and with your people. I hope that peaceman and you will never close your dialog, because this is the true "seed of humanity", as hopeman said.
marina, from rome

Anonymous said...

Peaceman and hopeman,

Thank you for doing this blog, and hope 2009 will bring you safety and peace and may 2009 bring only grief to Barak, Livni and all the other criminals who run the state of Israel.

FYI, I mentioned you on

Anonymous said...

At least, Propaganda on Israelian side works perfectly.
I cannot tell about Palestinian side; maybe there are some power shortages - or people are too busy with getting bread.

The ones that justify any act of armed madness of any side with acts of armed madness by the other side might be best advised to think about what they accurately realise: That detonation of rockets cause fear, anger and a feeling of having the right to attack with the whole might of all destructive abilities available and if this is what they explicitely think will solve the problem now or in future times.

In addition, I devoutly please the ones that feel informed enough to already tell who is to blame for all and everything in this 60-years-ongoing issue to reflect on what use it is to dispute whose guilt it is that the child dropped into the well while the child is drowning. In this case, it is essential to save the child and then to talk about how to prevent children falling into wells.

For doing so, it is absolutely inadequate to ask questions relying on statements that were fabricated in order to make people hate each other. It is especcially inadequate to do so against people that try to communicate in order to find peace for themselves and their descendants as they are the ones that are on the right way.

Federico García Barba said...

Many people around the world are with you and your sufferings. We do what we can but we know it's not sufficient.
So we hope that things must change with a little more of help. There's also a battle in the media that we can counterattack. That's what I've done this week here
Peace and justice for the world!

Sue C said...

If Palistinians want Israel to stop bombing them, they should stop firing rockets into Israel. Israel gave Gaza back to the Palistinians, but the Palistinians continue to attack Israel. It is only logical for Israel to protect herself. Israel is willing to live with her Arab neighbors in peace, but Arabs are not willing to let Israel exist. Palistinians need to stop complaining about the measures they have forced Israel to take; if the peole of Gaza don't want to be bombed, they should stop their attacks on Israel.

Ann said...

I believe Suzanne (above) is wrong about Hamas blocking access to Egypt. News reports indicate it is Mubarek who has not opened the border. At least 50 people have been admitted to hospital in Egypt through Rafah. Just my two cents.

Unknown said...

Why are you turning to the international community? Why not Hamas? You KNOW that if Hamas ceased fire, Israel would stop its attacks within hours. Than, if Hamas would change its charter, and recognize Israel's right to exist, the borders would open up, safe passage to Judea and Samaria will be activated, and the entire Oslo accord could be re-activated. It is Hamas - and the other Refusal organization - that stopped the peace process, and it is Hamas who sought out this confrontation. It would be extremely interesting if you could, in some of your future posts, explain how Hamas explain to the people of Gaza why does it have to fire rockets on Israel. It would be interesting to learn, after the war, how they explain why this was serving the best interests of Gaza.

emilaheller said...

I am praying for you Hope Man and all of your family and friends and all the victims in Gaza. I am the mother of Hope Man. You both are so courageous. All I can do from here is pray and cry...

Mary Cuevas said...

peace man,
i heard hope man on npr radio today!!! so exciting. i hope you are okay. and i also hope that someone heard the report today, and comes to read your blog. then maybe helps you financially get back to university.:)
p.s. i posted a story on you and hope man on my blog.:)

Anonymous said...

Commenting on a recent bombing of a school in Gaza a resident said that militants near the school were indeed firing missiles into Israel...they spoke on condition that they not be identified for fear of reprisal. Do not be afraid of Hamas be afraid of Israel. These people only understand two things, strength and is time for those Palestianians that want peace to ask themselves two things...who is stronger, Israel or Hamas...who do they fear more, Israel or Hamas...stand up for yourselves and don't let Hamas bully you anymore...demand that they stop firing missiles into not let them use your homes, schools and mosques as staging grounds for their futile war efforts...demand a international presence to cleanse your society from this terrorist regime and begin to live like human beings

Anonymous said...

to both of you, good luck and god be with you. Ihope the retards that are leading both our people trip and fall in a deep hole head first. i hope one day you both can shake hands, but not through a checkpoint or fence. GOOD LUCK!

Unknown said...

My prayers and best wishes lie with the peaceful and the hopeful of Gaza and Israel that wish to see a pluralistic, tolerant civilization flourish in the Middle East once more.

I have seen already far too many photos of weeping parents, dead children, and still-belligerent leaders. How many people have to die before both sides realize that peace is the only guarantor of prosperity and a future.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and all innocent Palestinians. But having said that, I must ask, why, oh why did you elect a terrorist regime to run your government? Didn't you know that the Hamas Charter called for the destruction of Israel? What can you and other peace seekers do to eliminate the real threat-Islamic jihadists?

Anonymous said...

Peaceman, I hope we will hear from you and that the cease fire not only holds, but leads to peace.

-Inner Peace- said...

Very strange....For 21 days I hear and see only for children killed and wounded....Where are the Hamas officials,who the IDF are tageting???I heard only for 2 of these who killed in borbadments.The others?They kiding us and that's makes me crazy...Both sides...And where's the leader of Hamas?In Syria??He had to be In Gaza...
I only cry for those who are really traped in Gaza,have lost their hopes(the most simple civilians I thing)and these hundreds of angels who Killed so unmaned!
It's a pity...we are millions of crowded people and nobody hear us...There's really no hope?
Forgive me for my English(I'm Greek)I send you my love .