Saturday, July 12, 2008

A step forward

the cease-fire that took effect between Israel and Hamas , and since that time the situation was calm for military operations and the firing of rockets.
and this make people happy a lot, because there no dead and wounded. We hear the good news daily about what will happen, but unfortunately the boarder still closed except the entry of goods but not the required quantity and prices remain expensive .Rafah crossing boarder is still closed, and there are thousands of passengers, patients, students want to leave Gaza and I am one of them waiting to leave since two years, I can not go to Europe to study. my friend is very encouraging and must be shared by everybody and I agree with him and support .
Because the previous period made things very difficult and we must build trust again and that requires us great effort and not just talk .
The opportunity ahead is a golden opportunity to try to build a new world without violence 'I know what am saying is not easy, but at least we will try to change to the best .
This chance for our families and our children to live safely and to have good future with out pain .