Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cease fire will happen

The situation was quite for some time , and began to talk about cease fire again ,and all the radio talk seriously about cease fire.
We rejoiced in the Gaza Strip frequently, because the siege will end, even for a short period ,but this will give the parties time to rethink
the situation in Gaza is very difficult, especially because of the closure of the crossings boarders and fuel shortage specially that’s most of cars is stopped .
What we hear in the news give us hope, that there is cease fire will start soon.
the Palestinian leaders of all factions in Egypt News says that cease fire would begin next week .I wish this to happen and become a real calming and a return to calm as before .
Other alternatives would be very difficult.
Where tried that before, recently two days ago where was a very difficult situation when four children and their mother has been killed .

the situation was very difficult with my friend hope man also ,he told me that’s dozens of rockets felt in his town .this is a proves that the civilians are the victims of violence, so it must be cease fire..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Away from home

I am on a 2 week trip abroad, away from home. I have planned taking this trip for some time, however since I could not take my family with me on this trip I was very hesitant in leaving them in the midst of the latest escalation and kept postponing it. The past month has been relatively quiet which enabled my departure.

In this sense Peace man's and my reality is different. He is unable to travel. No one is allowed to leave Gaza. The only people allowed to leave Gaza are people with need for immediate medical treatment that cannot be treated within Gaza. Many people in Sderot have left the town over the past few years, however the majority of people do not wish to leave and have not.

While abroad, I am asked again and again by everyone who knows I live in Sderot, why do I not leave. It seems inconceivable to people that one chooses to live in a war zone.
The answer is rather simple. I do not wish to leave the place where I have decided to build my home, where my friends are where my work is, where my kids grew up and have friends and bonds, where my community is. For many years I have built a life in Sderot, and leaving is not something I wish to do at this point. The rockets create fear and frustration, but do not change my will to keep my home and continue my life. If I were to leave now because of the situation I would become a refugee even if it may be considered "A refugee of choice".

The past month has been relatively quiet. It is not an official cease fire but there are only rare incidents of rockets falling in Sderot and much fewer actions taken by Israel in Gaza.
However, since the cease fire is not official, it can be broken very easily by any one-sided action that can once again cause escalation. It is extremely important that both sides declare an official cease fire to pervert this instability. Such a call can also enable in my understanding the end of the siege which is creating so much suffering on the Palestinian side. The end of the siege will also strengthen the stability by creating a trust building action by Israel that may be followed by similar trust building steps on the Palestinian side and further stabilize the cease fire. This is the process I cam see happening and creating a hopeful future for our region.

Our One Month Initiative is aimed at creating this opportunity.

If you have not yet signed our petition, you are welcome to do so:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sige in gaza

Today I was going to visit one of my friends, and this need 20 minutes by car
the driver told us that’s the price is increased , When we asked him why he said that there is no SOLAR
We all know how we became after the siege ,Everything is sold at high prices if there is supplies .
There is no oil and gas ,and 90% cars were stopped and a lot of supplies is missing .Why the world still watching us .
Gaza Strip is suffering from the siege since long time ago the economy is totally destroyed and 'has become a high unemployment rate' and crossings boarders is closed The siege will not bring peace, killing will not bring peace, but will bring destruction and the hatred. History has proved that,
Why they do not leave us as civilians to choose our future even once, Why the world don’t tells the two sides leaders Enough
the threats to invade Gaza started again and planes have come back Why the world leaders don’t work to end this conflict peacefully why they still watching this conflict as action movie .