Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sige in gaza

Today I was going to visit one of my friends, and this need 20 minutes by car
the driver told us that’s the price is increased , When we asked him why he said that there is no SOLAR
We all know how we became after the siege ,Everything is sold at high prices if there is supplies .
There is no oil and gas ,and 90% cars were stopped and a lot of supplies is missing .Why the world still watching us .
Gaza Strip is suffering from the siege since long time ago the economy is totally destroyed and 'has become a high unemployment rate' and crossings boarders is closed The siege will not bring peace, killing will not bring peace, but will bring destruction and the hatred. History has proved that,
Why they do not leave us as civilians to choose our future even once, Why the world don’t tells the two sides leaders Enough
the threats to invade Gaza started again and planes have come back Why the world leaders don’t work to end this conflict peacefully why they still watching this conflict as action movie .


alan said...

What can the average world citizen do to help acheive peace?

Brett said...

Your posts are a light in the darkness

Mina Jade said...

This blog is sad... interesting... and shocking. It is a good idea to show what happens in reality - you can see it in a different way if you are there as if you watch on TV.

david2tm said...

they should help who?
HAMAS or Israel?

Oberon said...'s called the never-ending hatred little brother....go and write on all the walls....."an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind...gandhi".......revenge is the domain of god only.....good luck to you little brother.

Luana said...

Olá! Vi seu site e gostei. Posso indicá-lo para a lista os blogs Da Hora? Entre em e saiba como funciona.

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome, I love how you talk reality and know what you're talking about. This is very

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely impossible to end this conflict peacefully because ending this thing peacefully means replacing the government of Hamas with something much better.. And I don't know if that can be done peacefully. Or if the losers would accept it any more than they do in Iraq. As Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times has basically said - the choice you have is who you will be a war with not whether there will be a war. s it to be a war with israel or a civil war within the Arab world. A civil war is much better and has some hopes of bringing this to an end.

On second thought maybe it could be done peacefully, by scaring Syria sufficiently, but even that could not be done entirely peacefully.

There was a report that the situation may be getting a bit more quiet, because Israel reportedly is ready to begin assassinating major hamas leaders in Gaza (not just limiting themselves to commanders of people shoting rockets) and this could even be followed by an invasion of Gaza - and so the rocket shooters may be pulling back for a while. of course, the "siege" of Gaza will go on for a while.

Actually the most peaceful way to end this is to increase the sieze.

Cut off the electricity, cut off the water and many fewer people will die than any other way of handling this. The people who prevailed on israel not to do this are on the side of bloodshed because nothing else can happen.

Of course, if there was really, really good intelligence, in the hands of the right people, perhaps the United States and Israel and the European community (?) might know what to do.

Although you don't need great intelligence to know the orders are coming from Syria and Iran, you might need it to find a way to get Syria to stop. But nobody has been very successful in forcing an end to Syrian influence over Lebanon - why should it be any better here?

Anybody living in Gaza would be better off pleading for the world to help people to leave it than asking for this to end. There could be some hope of that.

On top of that I should mention many "world leaders" - particularly countries friendly to Iran and Syria, don't want to end it peacefully, because that would eliminate a built in ready-any-time excuse to go to war with Israel.

Saudi Arabia, of course, also has a major aim of its foreign policy - never mind their occasional feints at peace plans - as the comoplete isolation of israel from the Arab world, lest ideas of democracy and civil libertoes contaminate it. It is enough for saudi Arabia that people in the arab world perceive israel as something taht will evenetually ceaxe to exist - it is not that important to saudi Arabia that Israel be destroyed soon. Complete peace on all fronts is not something they want.

And there are some people among the Moslems, like maybe Zawahiri, who would like to link this to the wider war on terror, thinking they can stymie the United States if fighting against terror.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you saw today's headlines: "Two Israelis were killed Wednesday afternoon in exchanges of fire that erupted near the Nahal Oz fuel terminal in the central Gaza Strip".

When terrorists stop killing Israelis, Jews - - > expect gas, food, oil and peace. If they don't stop killing - don't expect Israel to be nice to you.

It is so simple.

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KromPoetry said...

The world leaders have done nothing because George W.Bush is corrupt.Upon his departure and Senator Obamas arrival,rest assured the Senator will work to resolve this horrendous and seemingly neverending conflict,Sincerely,Illinois Obama Campaign Supporter Charles Kromray

meow meow meow. said...

the world DOES tell them, but they do not listen.

our leaders are selfish bastards. for this i am sorry. contrary to popular belief, most americans (especially most young americans) do not like war, and think our president is stupid. the war is the most stupid thing of all.

sad, but our world is controlled by the selfish, the greedy. they are only interested in their own lives. others' lives are dispensible, like the tissue paper they use to wipe their butts.

they want it all to continue and do not listen to us who tell them to stop--it makes more money for them, and distracts the already confused, jaded public from what is really going on, the bigger picture.

they want to brainwash people to think in "us vs. them" mentality....but they cant brainwash everyone. slowly slowly more and more are waking up to reality...hopefully it isn't too little too late.

Rachete Castus said...

We can change things by educating those whose help you seek. See many Americans support Israel and the occupation simply out of ignorance. They believe they are supporting the Israel in the Bible. They simply have not studied history. And those who are aware that this is a new Israel -- founded in the 1940's -- believe that it was established because the Jewish people needed a safe place to live after WWII. Their hearts, like ours, go out to the Jewish people because of the horrible things they've endured. But the Zionists movement, a desire for a Jewish homeland, began in the late 1800's before WWII. Many are unaware that the Jews were originally offered a place in Africa to build a homeland but refused. It had to be built upon Biblical Israel. Then, last but not least are those among the Jewish people who do not really get that they were exiled from the land in the Bible each time God found that they refused to obey Him. They did not care for the poor and broke His commandments. Many have returned to the land but yet continue to commit the same sins that they were exiled for in the first place. So, education and speaking out is the answer. Acts of violence frighten people. They tend to not want to get involved when there is danger. But if we educate people about what really has and is happening they'll be moved to help. Israel can build walls but they cannot rewrite history. History is on the Palestinian's side and God cares for the poor. When asked in the Bible what was the duty of man. He answered to care for the widows and orphans. What you are doing here is good. We must all continue to speak out against the crimes being commited against the Palestinians.

little miss sunshine said...

I can sense your frustration. I am in America and honestly did not realize how things were there. What would you suggest be done? If everyone were to leave the region alone do you think things would get better or worse? Would the conflict solve itself?

Anonymous said...

why don't you ask your dear friends at Hamas to think about the reasons for each siege? why don't you see the connection between your leaders shooting rockets to kill jews, and the israeli siege on gaza to prevent the rockets? You can ask your side what they are doing to make it worse for you, before you blame the jews for all your problems.

أحمد عبد السميع said...

وان جنحوا للسلم فاجنح لها وتوكل على الله انه هو السميع العليم

أحمد عبد السميع said...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

وان جنحوا للسلم فاجنح لها وتوكل على الله انه هو السميع العليم

means: if they ask for PEACE, give them peace. this simple?

SleepWalker said...

You are my country's western neighbor. Your words remind me the war time here, when we drove out the invader, fought for complete independence. The people pushed you into the fire also threw us into a living hell 70 years ago. Although we had driven them out of our land, they dosen't give up the ugly ambitions. So it will be a longtime battle. All we can do is being strong.

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain why there are threats to invade Gaza again?

Anonymous said...

I've been very stressed out lately and your blog brought reality to my situation. After all, I don't fear rockets or bombs blowing up in my face or current lack of food, etc. So, my problems are very small in comparison and I will make it through.

My question to you is how do you propose that anyone help you? US and United Nations' talks in the past to other countries have proven useless and wars don't seem to help much either. If we do move troops in to try and help out countries in situations such as yours, then our own people criticize every move and even broadcast our plans so that the enemy knows what's going to happen! If we do nothing to help, that's even worse.

Right now, I will pray for all of you that your war ends peacefully.

But, again, I ask you - How do you propose that the world leaders help do this peacefully? They don't have the answers. One of the reasons is that we live in a different culture, and different cultures react to things differently. Our idea of a peace talk would be different than those who seek to bring you destruction. If you, your friends, your relatives, anyone you know can get together to think of the best way for us to help, please let us know!!!

Praying for peace.

Journey_of_Life said...

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Sucharita Sarkar said...

this is such an inspiring blog, a blog with a mission. I am from India, where war in the name of religion does take place now and then, though thankfully we are not suffering from permanent strife like you are (except for our beautiful-but-battle-scarred Kashmir valley). I signed you petition for one-month peace, but I feel so angry and frustrated that you have to go to such lengths to ask for something which should be every civilized man's birthright. I simply cannot understand how people can kill their brothers and sisters all in the name of some abstract cause. Please be assured of my heartfelt support and hope for peace.

la fin du siècle said...

Please find my initial response here at:
In my April 9, 2008 post.

Bless you each one and thereby all of us the world over.

idea1984 said...

Believe in GOD.

Have courage.. Take initiative to change the world. Great people are those who change the lives of other people, not waiting for others to change theirs..So go forward and make a difference.


Being Adonis said...

I really admire your initiative! Keep it up!

Blanca Oraa said...

Hi, this is Blanca Oraa from the Basque Country.
I happen to be in Tel Aviv and I came across with your blog which I find extremely interesting.
Unfortunaly ennough so far I only write my blog in Spanish but I find that what you say must be known around the world.
I hope to have time to translate it to Spanish.
Anyway, please continue posting your dayly life I'll read you everyday from my computer, I am coming back home today.

Anonymous said...

If the Palestinian really wants peace they should do something about it. It seems to me that you don't really want it. I can't understand why? But this is the situation. Lets take for an example your story about the gas. You are posting your story on the same day that 2 Israeli citizen were killed. The attack was on a fuel depot which exists only for the purpose that people in Gaza will have fuel. In this situation I would have expect people who really wants peace to revolt against the attack. I expect people to get out to the street and tell the hamas that hey had enough of this.

Everymatter said...

it is really painful for Gaza civilians

Roger said...

The situation in Gaza is so sad and so tragic. It seems as if it will never end until love breaks through. Where is forgiveness?

Ayrern said...

It is true that your people is living in poverty. It would have been worse if the Israelis stopped sending your people food and medicine and electricity, while Hamas/Islamic Jihad sends rockets into Israel. The peace will come as soon as your people stop firing rockets and trying to send suicide bombers into Israel and then the Israelis will stop coming to kill you. Some time ago, your rockets were falling into Sderot the Israelis did nothing, they even gave your people Gush Katif by forcing their own people out with their own soldiers. The world was watching, and is still watching, whether your people's leaders will make the first move towards peace. Then the suffering will stop.

Sammy the fish said...

This is a powerful blog keep it going. Your fears and anger are a powerful voice which needs to be heard. I hope there is peace in your country although I fear that peace in Gaza is still a long way off.

asmann said...

good stuff ...need to raise ur voice.....

*Astrea* said...

Dear Peace Man.
i came across your blog and it really is a beautiful initiative.
Being a religious jewish girl, ive been very interested in the situation in both Gaza and Sderot- Gaza, because i have many questions and am very interested in Judaisms view of non jews in israel, and Sderot- because ill be doing my national service there starting September.
so i have a question, not out of spite but out of a real need to know- when you say stop the violence, what is Israel to do?
I understand and accept that the palestinian people dont support violence (although many supported te massacre at the School a month ago), but as long as your leaders want to vaporize Israel, who can we talk to???
We cannot talk to Hamas, and Fatah dont have control over the terrorists. all monetary support doesnt reach the people, it reaches the leaders pockets.
how ca Israeli leaders (who are very far from perfect as well) sit down with leaders who want to kill them? and who we cannot trust?
And how can a government allow daily attacks on their citizens?
will talks between Hamas and Israel really help?

samal90 said...

do you want to know why? The answer is a sad one..but true. The reason is that nobody wants to oppose Israel. Nobody wants to go to war against Israel. Therefore, the only hope that Gaza has is its people. You have to let your voices heard somehow. I will not state reasons for why nobody wants to go against israel because that will get me probably banned from this site. Anyhow, I am totally with you on this, and I hope the day will come when we will finally live in peace.

Anonymous said...

your blog truly moved me...if there was anything i could do to help you,besides spreading the word about both of you,i would definitely do it...i'm into writing poetry,and that's what my blog is all about...your story has inspired me to dedicated a new poem to the both of that i hope you would appreciate...

Anonymous said...

ITs so sad, to see such people in terrible demise,but do we , in the USA, really want to make our on economy, worse, by fighting another war? Is it worth our own people?Mothers,daughters, sons, aunts, uncles...etc?

david2tm said...

after reading the comments here...

Rachete Castus, i really don't know how you studied history, but maybe you need to continue your studies

Anonymous, c'mon... nobody belives you... why? they do not want to... they should come to Israel and see by they own eyes

Ayrern, well. it seems like Israel should provide Gaza with all this stuff. Humanitarian disaster otherwise... and rockets to Sderot - well - there's no children there. no boys who lost they arms and legs. and... they are jews - so who care?

*Astrea*, godspeed

PS. sorry for irony. but I better watch some Mexican soap operas, they are more interesting. really. there i know - their tears are not for real. in Gaza/West Bank - arabs must first stop they supporting for HAMAS and a like. because HAMAS and their friends - are the real killers of Palestinians.

jasmssw said...

Peace Man and Hope Man,
thank you both for your courage. some folks reading your blog may not realize that by standing up and voicing your opinions, you are each placing yourselves in danger of retribution from those who do not understand, and those whose grip on humanity is tenuous. facing the rockets and bullets must be hard; facing the unknown dangers must be harder yet. please know that your efforts are making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, thanks to the efforts of men like former US President Jimmy Carter and many others the truth about what is happening in the occupied territories is no longer up for debate. So many books are out there now which tell the true story. Here are a few of my favorites:

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

Sharon and My Mother-in-Law: Ramallah Diaries by Suad Amiry

Occupied Voices: Stories of Everyday Life from the Second Intifada (Nation Books) by Wendy Pearlman and Laura Junka

Keep speaking out and telling the truth about what has and is happening. Eventually, the US and England will be forced to act on behalf of the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

tqymdyAnonymous said...
why don't you ask your dear friends at Hamas to think about the reasons for each siege? why don't you see the connection between your leaders shooting rockets to kill jews, and the israeli siege on gaza to prevent the rockets? You can ask your side what they are doing to make it worse for you, before you blame the jews for all your problems.

I'd like to address this comment. First, let me start by saying that I don't believe violence is the answer but how far would you go if someone robbed you of your freedom and you were forced to watch as your children starved? The Palestians are seen as criminals for simply fighting back at those who have surrounded them with walls, placed them under curfew and military law, destroyed their economy and build settlements in violation of international law on their land. Are the Palestinians just suppose to go quietly into the night? They should have the right to protect themselves just like any other country. Gaza and the West Bank belong to the Palestinians. Give them back their land and peace will follow. You can't cause great harm to your neighbors and their children and then expect them to return your cruelty with kindness. Let's get real here.

Elaine Cooke said...

This has been going on since the beginning of time. Those people don't know any different.They grew up with it and think thats what life is all about. Elaine Cooke

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, Jimmy Carter and all of the folk who admirably stand up for the poor underdog Palestinians but wear blinkers when it comes to the violence, racial hatred and incitement unleashed on Israel in September 2000 when they were offered peace and responded with suicide bombers.

Let's get real, the only way for there to be peace is for the violence to stop and the parties to sit down at the negotiating table. Is Hamas prepared not just for a "hudna" where they stop firing but continue to arm themselves for war but a real live ceasefire?

Anonymous said...

I dont know why u didnt post my comment asking why you didnt write about the 2 israelis murdered in Nahal Oz, near Gaza? and about all the jews killed by palestinians? when the killing stops - - > then palestinians will live better lives. till then - dont be surprised by sieges and security checks

Citizen said...

A lot can be done about this situation, if people just remind, journalists, news channels, and publications to do thier job. That of a watch dog....unfortunatelythe only hope of humanity...journalism itself has fallen victim to TRP, profit, and prejudice.

Please people.... do write to your news channels in your region to bring out the truth.

Carol Scheller said...

Amen to the above comment and the excellent reading references in another preceding blog. What transpires in your blog is a will to bear and share responsibility, not to blame.) What is infinitely frustrating is not to be able to support you in any concrete way. (And 31 people in Gaza have died, 27 been wounded,in Israeli army attacks since March 6th).

William Wren said...

when we realise there is no plausable reason to have religios beleifs and stop reciting fairytails about holy lands

The Barber Bunch said...

Congrats on being a Blog of Note!


#Capitano said...

This is the first time that I read about this blog. I'm happy to have found it, cause I think it's an interesting way to know what happens so far from my country.

Here in Italy we know what TV says, but I think that it isn't the same as it really is there, in Gaza strip. I'll come back to this page often.

Go on in this way,


Swift Zhang said...

Thanks for you blog ! Very GOOD

Peace man said...

You are wrong when you said that the closure must continue, if you thought that the siege would solve the problem you are wrong .
The continuation of the siege means the continuation of violence
In the past Israel faces regulations but now They will face the civilians .
Blockade generates explosion.
I disagree of killing civilians, because we are the victim ,and we have to work tighter .
We need your voice with us ,to find solution to this conflicts
Also I didn’t see your signature our One Month initiative
Peace for you and to every body

迷失在十字路口的小羊 said...

What can the average world citizen do to help acheive peace?.....

Ayrern said...

The siege will end when the terror emanating from the Palestinians and their collaborators stop. We know this because before the First Intifada, there was no partition 'wall' or multiple checkpoints but after the Palestinian onslaught the Israelis have no choice but to build barriers to prevent infiltration by suicide bombers. This strategy WORKED so well and suicide bombing attacks have been largely averted. So the terrorists have no choice but to use shooting, firing motars and homemade artillery rockets to kill Israelis, both jews and arabs, across the separation barrier. The news media has ceased to report the DAILY rocket attacks and attempted shootings/kidnappings by Palestinians on Israelis because it happens so frequently, it's not timely news anymore. Only when Jews DO get killed do they publish a marginal report of the incident.

The question arises: So who's the aggressor? Well if we open our eyes and our minds, we can see that the Palestinians or the surrounding Arab nations DON'T build walls and barriers to keep the Israelis out. But the Israelis build walls to keep the ARABS out! Who are the one's who try daily to breach the barrier and kill Jews across? One incident in which two jewish contractors were killed just happened at Nahal Oz! So who's the aggressor?

Anonymous said...

peace man,and hope man,here's wishing you guys the very best of luck...we're all here for you...and do check out the poem i've dedicated to you's on my blog...

nengDJ said...

suddenly i like this blog, i want to link yours..if thats ok..

so touchy, why we cant live in peace anyway!?

greeting from Indonesia..:)

Anonymous said...

Have you considerd a forum and/or chat room aswell as the blog ? It would greatly increse interest, traffic to your blog and signatures on the one month initiative.

Raffy Jay said...

Vendetta do no good!
War do no good!
Death is what both contain!

KromPoetry said...

We can't win this war we fight
Fighting wars is just not right
Gaza cries
And people die
As it continues every night
When will we see as a kind
This is not the way to bind
Us as one
It can't be done
Unless some common ground we find
Let's all step back and take five
We all want to be alive
Have a heart
And do your part
Cause common good's for what we strive
You are good and so am I
There is no need for us to die
Respect you I do
Do me that too
And together we will fly

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

Such an inspiring blog! love it!

What a sorrowful life of yours...

It's sad dat we in M'sia can't help u xcept just 2 write here n donate some money...

But, believe in Allah! Our prayers are always with you!... Be strong!

Carmen said...

Thank you so much for your brave and sincere blog. All people under siege are worthy of our love and sympathy, be they Palestinian or Israeli. Reading your blog from here in Australia I can't help but cringe at the comments made by some people, not offered in peace but in judgement. How can poeple expect the people from either nation to have any say, or control over their governments - do you in the US have access to or control of George Bush? I can tell you I live in a peaceful country, Australia and we had millions of people march against our involvement in the Iraq war - our government did not heed the masses - The indigenous people of Australia live in conditions that many people would not believe they are so poor and mistreated - when hordes of people in every city in Australia marched for reconciliation our government did not heed us. Again I ask how can Palestinians approach the Hammas or Israelis their own government - we are at the mercy of our governments all over the world, what rules them is money and hatred and maintaining division - let's look at each other as people with the same feelings and thoughts and think the best of our neighbours and not the worst. Try not to judge - as so many of you have done here, but to love!

tukang said...

israel must go out from from gaza.

Anonymous said...

maybe there needs to be less dependence and expectation that government leaders will find a path to peace and more initiative by the people that seek it. Can Hopeman and Peaceman each invite a hundred people to walk to the fence separating Gaza and Israel and exchange greetings?

A Pedant said...

It gives me hope to see two friends on either side of this situation. Maybe if more Israelis and Palestinians met in person rather than only hearing about the demonised enemy, or seeing the results of each side's violent leaders, then the common humanity would triumph. If both sides can accept the other as fellow human beings moderate common sense can overcome violence.

Shawna said...

There are heaps of examples of completely amazing peace groups working at the grassroots level to change things for both of our peoples. It doesn't really help much to complain about our governments unless we're willing to apply judicious ( and non-violent) pressure to keep changing our representation until we get governments that represent the will of the people...Let's keep in mind that both the Israel and Palestinian Gov't were elected in democratic style elections. So if we want change we have choices. We can work to influence slow moving goverments or we can put our hands in the soil and start planting seeds of peace ourselves. I'd be thrilled to have people contact me directly to see how it's possible to really truly affect change in our region. There are many many rays of hope.

henny said...

Read your story really made me know the reality there. Thank you for sharing with us. Please be strong. I'll pray for you.
Maybe if more women become leaders in many country (and yours)peace and reconciliation would take a 'serious' matter in our world...

ultraviolet said...

There will only ever be peace when the Palestinians and their backers realise that Israel's existence is a FACT, Israel is NOT going to go away, so start learning to live with it! And it has to start with education - get rid of the propoganda in school books, on Palestine TV and Hamas Mickey Mouse, for starters!

John and Carolyn White said...

We can all pray - that is all we can do - we pray to the same God and daily ask for peace.

Bored Kidz! said...

What a sad blog. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Let's just be strong and be patient for all of this. When there's a start, there will be an ending. Let's just hope for it.

marc said...

some of us do see what is going on and we are trying to help.

but the situation is soo horrible...

how can the united nations and other organizations sit idle while people are starving and dying and being killed

the entire human race should be ashamed

hasby rabbi said...

Salam Alaikum.
Well This is not only sad buit disturbing. Looking at the blogs wont help. We should all do something together and the firts thing, UNITY..which wen definately LACK.
GOD bless Muslim Ummah.
And may ALLAH help and reward you both.
Fi aman ALLAH

momnmb said...

When the wicked rule the people mourn.
This is such a sad situation. I feel like the Palestinians have brought this on their own heads by trusting Hamas to lead them. I see Isreal defending herself. But the reality is that their are actually only a few people who are causing all this sorrow. If the people would rise up and get rid of them, which all people have the right to do, the problems could be resolved. This seems logical. But in war sometimes things are not logical. Propaganda blinds men to the truth and without truth nothing will be solved. The citizens of Palestine have been indoctrinated for so long they may not be capable of doing what is necessary to have peace. Isreal may just have to accept that this is the best they can get. Until one side changes, there can be no peace. Until there are two reasonable leaders that want peace, no progress can be made. If your leaders are not willing to be reasonable, then find new ones who are. Personal righteousness will bring peace, not cease fires. Jews, Muslims and Christians all agree on the ten commandments,(right?) so if we have leaders who obey them , we ought to have a common place to start.
Peace will never be achieved by blaming others. We must look for our personal responsibility in the situation.

Anonymous said...

It's so strange that everyone is blaming the Palestinians for what is happening to them. I've read it here time and time again that, "it is their fault for supporting Hamas". We need to educate the public about the history of this conflict. Isreal is the agressor here not the victim.

The Palestinian and Jewish people farmed the land peacefully prior to the Zionist movement. Christians could visit the Holy Land without fear. The UN divided the land in the 1940's -- an act which forced many Palestinians into refugee camps.

Isreal invaded the West Bank and Gaza during the Six Day War. Security Council resolution 242 (1967) of 22 November 1967 called on Israel to withdraw from territories it had occupied in the 1967 conflict but to date they have failed to comply.

Isreal stalled by promising to exchange land for peace but stunned the world by building what they call settlements but are in fact towns with schools, grocery stores and housing developments on the land in violation of international law.

Hamas did not come into power until January 26, 2006. Isreal began violating the Palestinian's Human Rights in the 1960's -- decades before Hamas was at the helm. So, how can anyone blame the Palestinians support of Hamas as a justification for Isreal's illegal acts against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza???

Human Rights are Human Rights. For Isreal to hold every single occupant of the West Bank and Gaza, minus the settlers of course, responsible for terrorist attacks is insane. They are simply using this as an excuse not to comply with the United Nations Security Council's Resolution 24.

Shawna said...

Not many people blame the palestinians for the situation in gaza. I think you're mistaken on a few fronts besides this. What people have been saying is that there was a elective choice which enabled the palestinians to have leadership which would provide for their needs. Hamas was elected on a platform of destruction when what the region so desperately needed was a platform of extensive CONstruction. Their government is not the only problem though I agree. It's an unfortunate and kind of disgusting continum of violence and despair that self perpetuates and demands a non violent reactive movement from the palestinian people in gaza working in concert with israeli and international supporters who believe that given the chance to see a world of opportunity, palestinians in gaza will choose opportunity over violence and things may begin to change. BUT, this means swallowing pride on both sides of the conflict and also means paying attention to facts.

Israel has given up a ridiculous amount of land and will give up more in pursuit of peace. Unfortunetely in the haze of war atrocities on both sides are committed. Israel is the first to champion human rights and groups from witin israel even self police each level of military and government to force accountability and try to stop some of the abuses which are inevitable in wartime. So stop the fighting. Period. Stop complaining about israel not conforming to land resolutions and blah blah blah. It is trying to but the violence makes it hard to garner public support and turns the flow of love off.
It is not a matter of human rights. We've gone way beyong that in this conflict. It's time to stop the complaining and tit for tat acts, swallow our pride, and work with our brothers and sisters to bring them up out of despair. It doesn't have to be that way.

It sucks that people are dying on both sides and not necessarily in equal numbers but even one is far too many. One human life is unquantifiable. Make your choice.

xannu kook said...

Nothing will change and if it does then yeah perhaps it'll be after a long long time.....realisation is important because it's the average man who suffers and not the freaking leaders who does'nt give a damn bout the people and there troubles....

Mandy said...

Difficult subject indeed. We can all judge and say whos to blame etc, but does anyone really have all the answers? Most of these problems rise through greed and missunderstandings. Greed impares reason.
I truly believe that one day things will be resolved, but not by the hands of man.
I feel very sad about the things that go on beneath the sun. If men do these things when the tree is green then what will they do when it is dried and withered?

RTB612 said...

That same oil is used to fuel the rockets you fire at Israel. You cant expect Israel to hand you over the same weapons you are about to use against its citizens.

O.k, its not you palestinian citizens, its Hamas who misuse the oil. But why dont you bring Hamas down then? Why did you elect it on the first place?? You are responsible for your own choices, arent you?

Saurabh said...

I totally agree with the article.
Sometimes the politicians who are supposed to help the citizen make the life of the citizen diffcult.

Sriram Ramgopal said...

beautiful post... very moving.

Lina A. Sikes said...

Israel may have bullied its way into existence, but so has just about every other nation. The wounds are fresh and easy to take advantage of. But picking at them will not allow them to heal.

I do not believe, as someone who chose to inform herself on these topics personally, that Islam, our human rights or our history would call for the removal of Israel and its people. It would be tantamount to genocide and no Muslim personally educated on Islam would back this. The Holly book of Islam is one that is difficult to interpret and follow, but it is one meant to be between the follower and their faith, with no intermediaries "guiding" the interpretation process. Islam calls for each Muslim to know his/her religion for her/him self. It is time the Muslims of the world stopped following the example of some sects of Christianity and Judaism in allowing Mullahs and Talibs to tell us what our religion is. Islam does not make room for priests or any other figures between a Muslim and her/his faith. It is time Muslims stopped using and allowing others to use this religion as an excuse for killing, self pity, and attaining power.

The corrupt leaders of the world come in every color, religion, race, class etc. We need to stop supporting them, their systems, their media outlets,their reasoning,their information, stop supporting their sound bites, their companies, their ambitions. That goes for all of us, Americans, Israelis, Palestinians, Afghans etc.
It is important to stop being afraid, to stop just leading our regular lives because we have to, and to push ourselves and our families to believe in this "naive" notion of peace. If we choose to believe in war, well everybody and their uncle has a couple of nuks now, so you can see where that would be headed.

And for the toughs and war mongorors, reverting to gaurddog cavemanism and finger pointing like kids doesn't present you as experts on anything but your inability to get past your own little worlds. If one were to give your theory any credit, your inability to live with your own species in a peaceful way makes you misfits and bound for extinction.

Finally, neither Jews, Christians, nor Muslims are called on by their religions to rule the world and decide it's fate. We are all flawed, not God.

Rachete Castus said...

Hamas has only been in power for 2 years. Let's not forget that Isreal has been violating the Palestinians human rights for four decades now. The children of Palestine are starving let's stop debating and feed them.

john said...

Oh how you cry to the world to do something for your peace. Many countries have worked, and continue to work to find a meaningful lasting peace and have yet not succeeded. Why? The answer is not from without but lies within. The Palestinian peoples must look within themselves and truly ask – what is it we want – and take the steps necessary to bring it forth.

People in Gaza have much work to do. Palestinians, as a people, have much work to do. You are now living with the fruit of choices you have already made. Is the fruit bitter or sweet? Who have you given your power to?

Hamas basically states that there can be no lasting peace until Israel no longer exists. Do you agree? Is this how you see your future? A handful of Arab states hope you do and are working hard to spread this idea so that one day the goal is achieved. In the meantime, Israel will always respond in some way.

Your government is now divided. Your economy is in shambles. Food is scarce or expensive. You can barely treat the sick or wounded. No work. No school. No positive/productive future. No peace.

What do you want and what are you going to do?

If you agree with Hamas then you must take up the rifle and rocket– go out and have a nice day. Maybe peace is in the future, without Israel.

If this is not the way then you must tell Hamas that rockets and rifles are not needed. Maybe even telling Hamas that their ideas are not in accordance with the people. That it would be better to increase commerce and trade, hold classes for the children, plant crops, build hospitals, repair and expand utilities, roads and infrastructure. Taking steps to secure a positive future for ourselves, children, grand children and great-grand children. With Israel. Peace.

Yaz said...

Hamas has shown no intention or flexibility towards a peaceful resolution of this conflict. Hamas is knowingly putting the Gazans' lives in harms way in an uninvited losing armed struggle. They have successfully brainwashed the majority of Gazans into giving up on peace, while the rest of the world never cared to provide a little incentive.

Hamas is truly a monster that Israel's injustice has created.

Anonymous said...

everyone keeps pointing the finger at Hamas as the cause for this conflict.

Are you forgetting that it is Israel that invaded the West Bank and Gaza in the first place?

And are you not aware that the United Nations ordered Israel to leave the land in the 60's but to date they have refused to comply.

The US is well aware of the following fact and one day will be forced to act again on behalf of the Palestinians: The Israeli Government encourages people to break international law by offering Jewish settlers tax breaks and assistance with housing and schooling in exchange for residing in ILLEGAL settlements built on occupied land. There are now half a million settlers. That's half a million people violating international law.

These settlers believe that their desires are more important than the Palestinians' rights. This issue, being the largest part of the problem, has nothing to do with Hamas.

To any Jew who claims that he has a historical right to the land based on the fact that God gave the land to the Jews let me remind you of this...the same God who gave you the land exiled you for not caring for the poor and obeying his commands.

You shall not murder.

You shall not steal.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.

You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

Thanks to compassionate authors all over the globe the world has become aware of the fact that Israel violates Palestinians' Human Rights on a daily basis. Israel treats every Palestinian from the Occupied Territories -- including toddlers, grandmothers, pregnant women, the disabled and handicapped as terrorists.

Entire communties are placed under curfew for weeks at a time. During these unexplained frequent events Palestinian families are imprisioned inside their homes and even a small child can be shot simply for stepping out onto his front porch. These curfews have been going on for decades -- LONG before Hamas came to power.

Israeli soldiers gas Palestinian children and fire rubber bullets at them. Children have been shot and killed simply for throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers. A bullet from the gun of an adult in exchange for a rock in the hand of a child. What cowards these soldiers must be. Remember it is not Hamas commiting these crimes against humanity.

Israeli soldiers, not Hamas, bulldoze Palestinians homes down in the middle of the night. Kicking and beating small children and women in the process.

Israel, not Hamas, destroyed the economy of the West Bank and Gaza. The Israeli military has limited the Palestinians freedom of movement so badly now that 20% of Palestinian children are malnourished and 60% of the population is unemployed.

The Israeli soldiers who man the check points are the real monsters in this nightmare.

Pregnant women have been forced to have their babies at check points, women with sick babies seeking medical care have been forced to the back of the line when they approached Israeli soldiers and begged them for permission to pass. There are no bathrooms at these check points and children have wet themselves waiting for 4 to 6 hours for permission to pass through on their way to and from school.

There is no where to sit and women have been told by these monsters to sleep on the ground. One women was told that if she would eat grass like a goat she'd be given permission to pass but she rightfully refused and returned to the back of the line. There are thousands of true stories like this one.

A new check point can pop up over night and a curfew can be impossed at any time so it is impossible for the Palestinians to plan anything.

Families have been split apart by the fences and walls. Some children have not seen their grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins for years. They live close by but the Israeli soldiers will not allow them to pass through to visit them. It's the Israeli Government not Hamas that has torn these families apart.

Many families have been left homeless after Israeli soldiers have come in the middle of the night and bulldozed their homes to the ground. If, they resist even women and children are kicked and beaten not by Hamas mind you but Israeli soldiers.

60% of Palestians are under the age 18 and the literacy rate in the Occupied Territories is the highest in the region. Child and teachers are frequently turned away at check points after waiting for hours with all their paperwork in perfect order. The War has destroyed many schools in the West Bank and Gaza. Some have been taken over by the Israeli military.

I read one story where Israeli soldiers entered a school that was closed due to yet another frequently imposed unexplained curfew. They ransacked the school even going as far as peeing on the floors and writing rude things on the chalk boards. The Palestinians students and teachers cleaned up the school when they returned. And you think Hamas is the monster here?

20% of Palestinian children are malnurished as a direct result of decades of almost no freedom of movement. Children who do manage to receive scholarships to leave the occupied terroritories to study are not permitted permission to leave. The Israeli Government you see has stolen their freedom...stolent their dreams.

Let me close by saying that I do not agree with the Hamas way of doing things. But we cannot let the Israeli Government use Hamas as an excuse for their crimes against humanity.