Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Different voice

Since 2000, violence is the only language exchanged between the two parties, thousands have been killed and thousands wounded ,and the problem remains as it is

the history shows that violence does not solve the conflict. Only through negotiation will reach to better future .
the efforts of political leaders can put an end to the pain and suffering of the Palestinians and Israelis on both sides.

But the leaders did not end the mutual violence, therefore We must as civilians work to finish this conflict .I know that is not easy, but at least the civilians in both sides will say what the want , we want to live normal life away from rockets and bombs .
This initiative will approve to the leaders and to the world that’s there is different voice coming says we want to change this situation .

Today we are small group ,but in the future will be loud ,and every body will join us ,because what we doing is the right thing for our people .


Steve M said...

An interesting site, thank you both.

My question is what you believe would likely be achieved if one side, Israeli or Palestinian, stopped the violence.

Peace man said...

I think ,if its from one side will not be for long time ,and the situation will be back again
We need both side to stop together ,and rethink again .
The history approved to us ,when one side stopped ,the other party back again
I agree that’s there is mistrust in both side ,and each other want the other party to start first to build trust ,but they should understand that’s we are the victims

Steve M said...

And that is the problem for which a solution is needed. We need both sides to stop together, yet there are extremists, possibly on both sides, who do not want to stop. These people understand that you are the victims. They don't care.

Do you agree that this is the problem and how can the extremists be reached?

Peace man said...

They should stop the violence

Anonymous said...

"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

...one of my favorite quotes, and I think it very much applies here. Peace Man and Hope Man, I've been following your blog for over a month now and have signed your initiative - please keep up the good work and know you have my support.

-Brandon, Madison, WI, USA

Halla said...

Keep it up Gentlemen, Peace is the only way to go. Voilence just begets voilence, Laura & I stand with you.

Anonymous said...

Love the Margaret Mead quote, how very TRUE!!!

Keep standing for Love, one for the other, to the Glory of God!!! Let no one or nothing derail you.

May God continue to bless many hearts through yours [both] Amen.

-Virginia, Orlando

Anonymous said...

Hope Man, Peace Man,

What you need is a Love Women!!!

What a "Mod Squad" that would make!

Super Heros for "Today"!!!

One of the Christian faith, not born Jew or Palestinian, not from the ME who can provide an objective, Loving insight from afar.

Lynx said...


First off I would like to say I think this blog is a great idea! and that I hope it will actually make a difference.

After reading all of your posts, I found myself wishing there was an open forum or chat room for the same purpose so we could discuss things more freely.

I would also like to ask Peace man a few questions please if possible:

How many more palestinians are there that see things the way that you do ?

Do you know them ?

Are you organized or is it too dangerous for you ?


P.S I Will tell my friends and family about your blog.

lemsine said...

Here I am again, as I wrote to you once, I´m muslim woman. I read often your courageous blog.

Now I would like to tell something about how I became sure of the peace between Israelis and Palestinian people. I´m algerian, but I have some family living in Palestine. I mean family in law, (sorry for my english, i´m francophone, be patient with my writing)

So, 6 years ago,I went to Palestine. After waiting a long time, I could make this trip of my life! When I was there, also I could visit Israel, cities as Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Nataniya, Acre, etc. I go every part! As I prayed in the Mosque of Al Aqsa, I did the same in the "Mur des Lamentations"(Sacred Jewish Wall) even I let a paper with a wish of peace between the stones of the Wall... Somethimes,on friday when I go to pray in Al Aqsa Jesuralem, after I use to go in the Ouest Jerusalem, to take a the in a terrasse of cafe with a friends mine. I never had any problem, when some people ask me if i´m a french, I tell the truth: I m algerian muslim... Believe me, in Israel, I never felt around me, animosity,or other king of bad sentiment.I have to say that, I have two friends jewishs profesores as me. We became friends, many years ago trough an international congress. And is with them, I could know the real israeli people intelligents, peacefull, who love the life and believe sincerely on the rights of freedom of palestinan people. Who hate the war, and are ashame by their warlords in the power! Yes, yes they are!

Since that, I feel I´m part of Israel as I have in my heart Palestine. I cry when a palestinian or a israeli die. I´m desesperate!

I know, I believe that the peace will bring a lot of blessing between this two great people! Palestinian are known as the most intelligent and instructed (learned literate people) - the in the arab world (because of their exile, and their "turning aroud" the world) - the jewish people they are the most cleaver and good business in the world
( also because their long exile and survival in the world) - Both they can make a miracle, a brillant futur of this part of country, and can give to the world the best of the caractere of human being.Both they have the sens of good life, this one so unique in Middle East - foods,songs, effluvium of incense, time to live...

But, infortunatly, nobody of those who are pushing to the war, they like them! Nor Americans, Europeans, extremists islamists & jewishs! All those "are afraid" of the union between jewishs and Arabs! And never they would let them to live in peace together!

Believe me, I´m not a mystic or "dreamer in the moon" ... I´m just objective. Because remember that: the business-military, politicians, (Bush, Olmert, Abbas, Peres & so) are not in front of the war.Those leaders, as their children are very well protected, they have bodyguards, plenty of money in banks. But, you, young palestinian and israelian what futur do you have with an perpetual war? Nothing, only being a soldier israeli, or palestinian kamikaze. Because they don´t want to let to live you, youth, to live a free life of love and hope.

That`s why I´m so moved by deep emotion and admiration to HopeMan and PeaceMan.

That`s why as comment"Israeli" said, about the idea of creating a page where people can just put their "name and their country" as support for your blog. And when we reach the million, to send it, to all the governments and internationals Orgs in the world (especially ONU, USA, UE...)

Hoping that you can understand my difficult "english",

God bless you all!

Steve M said...

That`s why as comment"Israeli" said, about the idea of creating a page where people can just put their "name and their country" as support for your blog. And when we reach the million, to send it, to all the governments and internationals Orgs in the world (especially ONU, USA, UE...)

You could try OneVoice.

Peace man said...

Of curse there is a lot of Palestinians thinking the same way am thinking ,and better than me
The problem is there is mistrust in both side .
People want to live normally ,I know them and I talk with them .

But, unfortunately the situation doesn’t help us to move forward ,and that’s we working to have cease fire To talk and be open to each other

Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading and wanted to say a big 'thank you' to Lemsine who took the time to write such a beautiful and heartfelt letter. And to Hope Man and Peace Man, keep up the writing... I'm waiting with baited breath for your next post!

Anonymous said...

I live across the street from a Israeli man and next door to him is a Palestian family. There are no conflicts. We are all friends. I believe and the whole world believes this is a political stance and only the politicians are making money from these poor people's sufferings! End the War's - no one wants suffering!!! it is a better place to live in a healthy happy world! Peace, Love and Health to all! Send this Blog to Oprah & get it televised...she'll find a way to force peace...she's great at this!

samal90 said...

Very good blog...I read all posts and I take note of everything you say :) Keep it up :P
I run a blog about life under political and philosophical approach...and I will probably write about all that war stuff soon...just trying to put ideas together :)

Jason said...

Yeah whats going on over there is messed up.Both sides need to work out an agreement thats good for both parties.This is 21st century not 1500 A.D. Something needs to be done, sooner not later.I feel for the people that live over there,I couldnt imagine what their going through on a daily basis.The worlds hard enough to live in without all the war,drugs,prostitution etc...We can only pray that one day Israel, and Palestine will stop all the bloodshed and fighting(as well as the rest of the middle east)and well all live in a happy civilized world free from violence......

ankit maggu said...

Its been a torrid time for us all and i m sure that every body wants peace..but the thing is where to start from ...it would be futile to start from 1 side ...we all have to take the initiative .Global pressure must be incresed on both these countries ..to find peaceful ways to settle their matters. i m wid the ppl of both these countries.

Shtuey said...

I fear that this conflict will continue until one of two things happens; it becomes more profitable for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to pursue peace, or the people on both sides, through non-violent resistance, remove their leaders and replace them with those that have the vision to move forward beyond violence, and lay the foundation for a federation between two states for benefit of all.

Carm said...

Shalom, Salaam

In the news all we ever hear about is violence, which only brings hate. But there are people like yourselves, conversing with one another. As long as the dialog continues it gives me hope.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps peace would come if one people and country did not want to wipe the other off the face of the planet?

carmdown said...

hmm well yes, it can feel that way, but I think that is a very generalized sentiment. There are extremists on both sides. Ultra orthodox jews who believe the Palestinians have no rightful claim to the land.

Anonymous said...

Could it happen in Aza or Damask or even Cair . . . during a lull between missles aimed at northern Israel we went to a beach near Haifa. Walking on the beach was an observant Muslim woman (I surmise this by her clothing) with her family (all dressed like any other Israeli). No one - not one person - bothered her or her family DESPITE the attack from the north. No one said anything "anti-Muslim" or made any anti-Muslim gestures. No one called her a "dirty Moslem" or said that her belief was a gutter religion. When an Israeli Jew can be treated the same in Aza or Hebron or Jericho, in Cair and Damask, then we will be on the road to peace. When a man like Sadat, a true hero, can visit and return home and NOT be murdered, then we will be on the road to peace. Yohanon

chellebelly said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog, masha'allah. May Allah reward you for your efforts to share what it is like to live under Israeli occupation. I live in the USA, and we don't get the truth about the occupation from our corporate media sources. Before my husband and I converted to Islam almost ten years ago we had no idea at the horrible conditions you face every day. We have since met many wonderful brothers/sisters from Palestine, and know that we keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers every day. May Allah SWT make it easy on you and your families.
Salaam, Fatima.

Harriet said...

There is a desperate nI notice that no one has commented here for a long time. The need to speak as B'nai Avraham, the children of Abraham, is critical. Please come back to the conversation. There is a desperate need for healing and a desperate need to come together.

bakbouk said...

Dear Peace-Man, dear Hope-Man, you are great, I feel so close from you... A few years ago; I wrote a book "A bottle in the sea of Gaza". This is an e-mail conversation between a girl in Jerusalem and a man in Gaza. When I read your post, I fell like I met my characters... I was living in Israel 8 years, in Beer-Sheva. I have friends in Israel and friends in Gaza. Your way is the lonely way and I support you. Good luck to both of you!