Sunday, March 2, 2008

One Month Initiative

As you are all aware Gaza is facing death for four days ,around hundred and ten people have been killed and more than three hundred injured, half of them is Civilians ,and children’s
the civilians in both sides are still paying the price .

Rockets are still falling on Sderot and Gaza, and force couldn’t stop it .
I don’t know what they are waiting for more people to die.

I can hear the helicopters and planes and machine gun shooting all the time. I think this night wont be easy.
Every day I talk with my friend Hope man ,we hear the helicopter and machine gun at the same time .

We are trying to stop the ongoing escalation through One Month initiative.

As I said earlier we are the majority, and you are the strength and hope .

When more people join us, we can achieve our aims in stopping the blood and violence.


Rivkah said...

Is there any possibility that people on both sides can do anything together? ...demonstrate together.. have all the women and child just walk for peace....and walk all over the two countries?? and ask for people all over the world to do the same?

Mike Schmautz said...

I do not understand this fighting as it has shown time and time again to solve nothing and only exacerbate tension, fear, and anger. There are people here in the States who pray for you all. Keep the hope!

Apache Man said...

This is so sad. I feel bad for people on both sides, the Jews have done a great job of building a nation under duress. The Palestinians are the sacrificial gaots of a corrupt islamifascist nazi leadership. The palestinians can never escape..G-D bless their poor souls!

Anonymous said...

Why do you ask only for "one month break" ?


Paz (Paris-France)

Anonymous said...

It is no a Fight or a War, is a bloodbath. In a War, there are two or more armies. Here are only one against the civilization.

Greeting from Spain

Anonymous said...

Try to contact : they can mass organise people against wars.


Suzanne said...

Pity your initiative is being hijacked by some one-sided comments in the petition list. As petitioner 19 (Ron) said:

"Both sides should stop the violence. Those who are calling for just one side to stop simply don't get the point."

Perhaps its a good idea to delete the one-sided ones as they do not seem to care for Israeli lifes (havent seen one-sided ones the other way round, but if they exist, them also).

Anonymous said...

I have heard about your blog on the radio (in Canada) this morning. I would like you to know all my support in your initiative. I will spead the word.

Anonymous said...

Hamas is not going to just go away. And they are not going to stop until stopped. They've made that very clear. I am so sad for the people of Gaza. And for the people of Southern Israel. Seems this is going to get much worse before anything gets better. I hope and pray for the safety of the innocent.

There is peaceful life on this planet. I wish this for both of you and your families.

Yasir said...

To be honest with you, no you're not the majority. The majority in Gaza is brainwashed by Hamas BS and the majority of israel wish to wake up one day and Gaza is nuked. The damage that has been done needs generations to be repaired. you are a little candle light in the sea of darkness but you certainly are not the majority right now. Thank you

Anonymous said...

where are you from ,am from gaza
i meet you in ghaza
i want tell my frind aqbout you
what is about the killing in gaza

Anonymous said...

Brainwashed or not?

Take away the organized propaganda, and people snap back to decency.

Deak Ferenc 1803-1876 - his policy was successful. As the oppressed party, he stopped the armed resistance against Austria. Even before the peace treaty, he created a social justice, land reform and industrial development.

It worked, and the 1867 treaty was signed between Austria and Hungary ending the wars.

Anonymous said...

your blog has been in the newspaper in Belgium today. Your contacts across the borders are truly a strong and good initiative. I am praying for you, and from now on will tell about your initiative at other people.

Israeli said...

yasir, i don't agree. You are right that the majority of Israelis are fed up and really feel hatred for Gaza. This is the reality of being at war for 60+ years. you are also right that it will take generations to leave this hatred behind us. But the majority of Israelis (and I am told the majority of Palestinians) only want to have a normal life. the majority on both sides are willing to compromise. I think that counts for alot.

anyways, what is the alternative? sit and watch more violence, death, destruction?

emilaheller said...

I have sent the petition to as many friends as I have e-mails for. I will continue to send this petition in the hopes that the more people from around the world ask for peace and a cease fire, those who are doing the killing will listen. Your courage is an inspiration to us all.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that Mr. Peaceman's reporting that the majority of Palestinians killed in Gaza by the Israeli army were civilians and not combatants serving with either the military wings of Hamas, the Popular Resistance Committees, or Islamic Jihad is the kind of unverifiable and contentious partisan propaganda that fans the flames of war.

Peace man said...

I agree with you that’s the majority of people killed in Gaza ware civilians and children ,and I said that’s , you should read the article and the past articles .

DidierVdM said...

I supported your petition, and added it to my blog. I have never understood Israel and the way they act today, knowing where they come from. Also Europe and the US are the ones to blame for todays situation as they created Israel as pay-back for the Nazi genocide. Both of them should now involve themselves here to resolve this issue, rather than in Irak to saveguard their oil.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see peoples from Gaza and Israel acting together against this bloody war.

I wish one day it will be so easy to go from Tel Aviv to Gaza as to go from Bruxelles to Paris, and i wish you both, and all the peoples of the Middle-East, to live in peace and freedom soon.

Carol Scheller said...

I would just like to provide some information in response to an above comment about propaganda. I agree that it is vital to be properly informed. The Israeli organization B'Tselem reported yesterday that half the people killed in Gaza(54 out of 106) who they investigated were innocent civilians, 25 of them children. In addition, 46 children were wounded. This information is available to the public on the B'Tselem website. Carol

Anonymous said...

Just for your information, a post from Haaretz:
that`s it, the two edged enemy of the Palestinian people, Hamas and Israel. Killing innocent children in their houses, Assassinating their dreams... that`s it, no body can describe the sadness of the father, I think he hopes if he was not a Palestinian anymore, or did not live to this moment that he was banned to see his children`s bodies.. Hamas and Israel.. Two faces of one coin.. At least Gaza people can see that.
This is correct only in a limited way, I am adding a calm and reasonable sentence from Benny Morris:

"The Palestinian people and leaders are directly responsible for the disasters, too."

We have to eliminate the ignorance on both sides, and further in Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Why could not the people, who came out from the Ottoman empire restore the dignity of their nations?

The dark ignorant forces of the Saudi Kingdom, and of the Iranian Khomeinism are still oppressing the people. More oppression is in force today than in the times of the Ottoman Empire. Add stupid Putin to the equation.

David said...

I was on my way home from work tonight 22.00 GMT. I had the car radio on listening to BBC Radio 4 and I heard about these two people Hopeman and Peaceman trying to educate the Middle East Nations into talking about peace. I am a 58 year old engineer and I worry about the world and how we are slowly killing it in a miriad different ways. And most of these ways are fuelled by hatred. The Jew and the Arab, the Indian and the Pakistani, the Serb and the Kosovan. The list is endless. I know Peaceman and Hopeman if you can get this initiative moving then common sense will prevail. I send you all the love and humility in the World. God Bless you both.

Melissa Addison-Webster said...

blessings, love and Light to you! you are brave, and i will hold everyone in need in my prayers.
ohm shanti,

Anonymous said...

Join up with everyone else who wants peace: you may already be in contact with Middle East Non-violence and Democracy -

borboleta,Veleíña,farfalla, butterfly, papillon, πεταλούδα,kelebek said...

I read about you in a greek newspaper and although I always questioned whether there is hope for peace, after I read your blog I deleted the questionmark..
There is hope for peace!
Please keep going

Anonymous said...

Stay the course. Trust in God, and Allah. You're doing good work Peace man and Hope man. I'm a Canadian, I heard about this blog through Hope man's interview with CBC Radio. I ask again of you to stay the course.

Philippa said...

Blessings and peace to you two inspirational young men. I've signed the petition and emailed the link to everyone in my contacts list. Something must be done to help you and your respective people.

If peace can be achieved, seemingly against all odds, in the north of Ireland - then it must be possible elsewhere, however intractable the situation.

Like David the engineer above, I also heard you both on BBC Radio 4's 2200h news programme. Maybe like him, too, I demonstrated against the UK's support of the USA in their illegal invasion of Iraq.

You and those who support you are the light of the world: we all have need of you, now more than ever.

You are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your action for peace and against hatred. You are this kind of people who can give back hope to those who have lost it. Keep going!!! Don't pay attention to people who try to argue on some stupid details - as I have seen in a few comments - the only important thing is to work for peace and understanding between humans, and against violence of any sort. Good luck for everything!!!
Delphine, France

Peace man said...

Dear all
thank you very much for your support , we appreciate your efforts to help us
We need from you to spread the word and send the link to every one you know ,that’s will help us to stop the blood ,violence

DasMaja said...

Dear Hope man & Peace man
Thanks again for you two showing the world there is still hope in Isreal and Gaza.
In the media, I heard about an isrealian politician speaking about having a 'holocaust' against gaza. Hoy can they talk like that? Does it mean that they wouldn't give in till... well, till what? I don't think I want to imagine what will happen with people talking like that in a government.
There are no humans who are better than others and I really hate to see this cruelity on TV though I can't imagine how it mist be to live in it constantly.
I pray that your petition will be sucessful and wish you good luck.
Greetings from Germany,
yours, Maja

Margarida Santos Lopes said...

My name is Margarida Santos Lopes, from the Portuguese newspaper PÚBLICO. This blog is a wonderful idea and I wonder if I can contact Peace Man and Hope Man in order to write an article about this project.
How shall I do?
Best regards
Margarida Santos Lopes

Suzanne said...


that word has been translated incorrectly! THe minister said shoah meaning "big catastrophe". And that the Hamas is creating that to its own people by letting it happen that Israel needs to defend their citizens against the rockets.

He did not say HaShoah, which would mean The big Catastrophe (refering to the Holocaust).

Please, take notice of this! Thanks. It's a shame that this mistranslation had been used over and over again in media outlets.

This is just one of many mistakes media makes... keep your eyes open!

Love not War said...

This violence needs to stop on both sides. Has there not been enough blood shed and tears? And for what? to say your right? hes right? When will people learn that perception is everything.
More people need to get past their differences and learn to respect human life.If anyone has some ideas/web links on how to stop the blood shed in the middle east,please e-mail me at

Together we can do this!

DasMaja said...

Well, though it was translated wrong it doesn't get better.
But I think, especially german media should translate things like that more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Peace be with you PeaceMan and HopeMan. If more people were like you the world would be a better place. This American is praying for peace in the middle East and for you two courageous men. The blood shed must stop. Not with he said, she said, they said, or he did, that so I'll do this but with Love. Love is the way.

Anonymous said...

The politicians & political want-to be's cause most of the problems in the world. The people of the world want to be free from their corruption and live in peace. We all are born and die, each person is the same in that respect.Let us look at how we are the same and build on that. Those with that greed for power are the ones that stir the pot to keep that power. Let us all pray that all people everywhere understand that we are all the same. The powergabbers are to blame

koolap said...

read then be uneasy ;[

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for you. I was sympathetic to the Israelis since the Exodus film in the 1960's. Since the Interfahder the Israelis have been killing Palastinians at the rate of 10:1, I am now cynical of the Israelis.
You will not have peace while the American Christians have their beliefs about the Holy Land and "the enemy from the north etc etc" and whoever supplies weapons.
In the 1960's I met a lot of Jews with the Concentration Camp number tattooed inside the elbow. Sadly I see your people in the same position. We are all defenceless in the face of America and their insular view of World opinion.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Geoff SRFC Sydney Australia

Dani said...

May all of us and the whole world find peace and let us remember that we do have the power to create peace inside ourselves even in the harshest circumstances.

My heart is praying for you and all of us.