Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cease fire will happen

The situation was quite for some time , and began to talk about cease fire again ,and all the radio talk seriously about cease fire.
We rejoiced in the Gaza Strip frequently, because the siege will end, even for a short period ,but this will give the parties time to rethink
the situation in Gaza is very difficult, especially because of the closure of the crossings boarders and fuel shortage specially that’s most of cars is stopped .
What we hear in the news give us hope, that there is cease fire will start soon.
the Palestinian leaders of all factions in Egypt News says that cease fire would begin next week .I wish this to happen and become a real calming and a return to calm as before .
Other alternatives would be very difficult.
Where tried that before, recently two days ago where was a very difficult situation when four children and their mother has been killed .

the situation was very difficult with my friend hope man also ,he told me that’s dozens of rockets felt in his town .this is a proves that the civilians are the victims of violence, so it must be cease fire..


Jaina said...

I am praying for a successful cease-fire and a positive thinking and negotiation period for both sides. I am praying for peace and that you both may be reunited in this peace.

Israeli Blogger said...

My dear friend Peace Man,

I am quite pessimistic about the cease-fire happening. I heard on Israeli radio today, that Palestinian factions have agreed to a cease fire, on the condition the siege be lifted from Gaza. I don't think the Israeli government will accept this condition.

The siege was placed by the Israeli government because the Israeli public thinks that Hamas is the absolute incarnation of evil. The siege is the result of fear. As long as Hamas doesn't declare that it recognizes the state of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, that fear will continue. In the eyes of the Israeli public, the purpose of the siege is to prevent Hamas from obtaining more weapons. Everyone here thinks that if the siege were to be lifted, the militants in Gaza will use period to gain more weapons and power. So, as long as the ruling faction in Gaza (i.e., Hamas) doesn't declare that it doesn't intend to destroy Israel, the siege will probably continue.

Anonymous said...

Here's the bottom line. Cease Fire or Not - Peace or Not. We cannot continue to allow Israel to make all the rules here. Israel must be forced to withdraw from the occupied territories - PERIOD.

Israel expects to be recognized by the international community as a country but yet they act as if they are above international law.

Israel claims it will withdraw from the territories, thus abide by international law, when their neighbors recognized them but how can they expect to be recognized while not abiding by the law? Respect and recognition is something one must earn.

How can Israel earn it at this late stage after they have done so much damage? Well, at the VERY least they can attempt to make ammends to innocent Palestinian families caught in the crossfire whose human rights are being violated daily by the Israeli military. Yes, that would be a nice start.

The UN drew the boundaries of this new modern Israel which has been the source of so many problems in the Middleeast so at the very least the UN should now act on behalf of the children of Palestine whose human rights are violated daily by the Israeli government.

Israel must withdraw to the borders the world so graciously drew out for them and live in a manner which proves to us all that they care about the global community which includes their immediate neighbors and show that they have respect human rights. Their man made quest to reclaim Biblical Israel must end. One cannot force God's hand.

Go to Google News

A mourner covers the body of a Palestinian child from Abu Maateq family at the end of a funeral

Israel, rights groups probe blast that killed Gaza family
9 hours ago

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel expressed regret on Tuesday over the killing of four Palestinian children and their mother during military operations in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and vowed to investigate the incident.

The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, which is carrying out its own investigation, called on the military to release footage from the drone that fired the missile that killed them.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said his government deeply regrets the killing of Meissar Abu Maateq and four of her children, all under the age of six, in their house in the village of Beit Hanun on Monday.

"The State of Israel and the government deeply regret that civilians not involved (in the violence) are affected and even more so when it concerns a mother and her four children," Olmert said at the weekly cabinet meeting.

"But we also regret that Israeli citizens have been attacked for years and that Hamas operates in the midst of the civilian population involving them in its war," Olmert said.

Palestinian witnesses said the family was killed by a missile fired from an Israeli aerial drone and aimed at armed men on the street outside their home.

The army initially said the family was killed by a "secondary" explosion caused when the missile hit two militants carrying sacks of explosives, but on Tuesday vowed to continue the investigation.

"Due to the sensitivity of the matter and the complexity of the battle ... additional inquiries are to be carried out," it said.

Major General Yoav Galant, the head of the army's southern command, has ordered the appointment of a high-ranking officer "to investigate all aspects of this incident and to present findings within 48 hours," it added.

Shortly after the explosion, B'Tselem sent representatives to interview witnesses and examine the damage, spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli told AFP.

Michaeli cautioned that the group still had no "concrete, clear proof of anything," but its preliminary reconstruction is similar to the army's.

"There was a group of militants near the house and the drone fired a missile at them. They were carrying bags that probably had grenades in them," Michaeli said, adding that no one was killed in the first strike.

"A minute later a second missile was fired at at one of the men about a metre (yard) and a half outside the front door of the Abu Maateq house," killing Ibrahim Hajuj, a Palestinian militant.

"The debate turns on whether he was carrying a bag that somehow caused a larger secondary explosion or whether the missile itself killed the four children and their mother," she said.

The Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights also said the drone had targeted a group of Palestinian fighters outside the house but insisted the family was killed by shrapnel from the second missile.

"The shrapnel destroyed the door of the house and flew inside, where Meissar Abu Maateq, 40, and her six children were eating breakfast just two metres from the door," the organisation said.

Michaeli faulted the army's inquiry, saying investigators would not be interviewing Palestinian witnesses or inspecting the scene of the explosion.

The incident took place as delegations from all Palestinian factions met in Cairo to try to hammer out a truce in and around the impoverished Gaza Strip, which has been ruled by Hamas since June.

Since then, Israel has sealed off the territory from all but vital humanitarian aid and carried out near-daily strikes in a bid to halt Palestinian rocket attacks on nearby Israeli communities.

In Jordan, which is bound with Israel by a 1994 peace treaty, the government strongly condemned the killings, and demanded Israel "halt its aggression and lift the embargo on the Palestinian people."

"Israel's continued aggression violates international law and threatens peace efforts," State Minister for Information Nasser Judeh said in a statement on Tuesday.

Rachete Castus said...

I remember you two in my prayers every day. Please don't give up hope. What Israel is doing is wrong and eventually, the US will be forced to act on the Palestinians behalf.

Yasir Kaheil said...

I wouldn't get your hopes up. I think neither Hamas nor Israel can live in peace and stability. Hamas will not survive in a peaceful envrionment and Israel needs any excuse to keep the status quo which seems to be optimum for them. If the cease fire happens, it won't be anything short of a temporary fragile lull.

The Renaissance Man said...

Good Luck. You deserve a break.

Merche Pallarés said...

Dear Peace Man, I hope that your two countries reach a peaceful understanding some day. Respecting eachother's rights to a normal way of life, i.e., without violence from either side. But for the time being, with all the weapons being bought and sold (great business) it's simply a rat race. Kisses, M.

chellebelly said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the rest of the world. Here in the USA we don't get to hear how bad the situation is for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. I want you and Hope Man to know that you and your families, and all of our Palestinian brothers and sisters our in our thoughts and prayers daily. It is my goal and hope to help spread the truth about the suffering and continued human rights violations that are occurring at the hands of the state of Israel. May Allah make things easy on you and your families, and may peace come to all Palestinians and to the innocent Israelis as well.

Peace man said...

I heard in the news also ,that’s Israel doesn’t want cease fire because of that’s
But you know as I know ,the result will be bad and difficult ,and more civilians’ people will die in both side.

Steve Ballmer said...

Too optimistic

Anonymous said...

Dear Peace Man,
I am an American Jew and I often hear the attitude that the Palestinian people and surrounding Arab countries really do not want peace. I am sure that there are a lot of power games being played by the leaders and various ruling factions, but I truly believe that the people - most Palestinians and most Israelis - want peace. Even considering the difficult history of Israel and Palestine and all of the resentment that goes with that, I still believe that the majority of the people on both sides would be willing to coexist in peace if only given a way. Would you agree? If so, my question to you is; how can we help - as individuals and nations - to empower the peaceful majorities of Palestinians and Israelis?

Kristin said...

My dear friends,

I have happened upon your blog and am truly saddened and enlightened by your words and hearts. Being able to read from actual people living there is pulling at my heart strings. I truly feel for you all over there. I'm in the USA. I hate war as much as the next person. I will pray for peace for you and your countrymen, women and children. Please do keep your hopes alive as it will keep you going.

Azie and Azleen said...

My dear brother,

My name is Azleen Abdul Rahim from Malaysia. Everyday and every moment we hear and watch all our Palestinian brothers and sisters living in a very difficult life.

Please give me some address where we can send some help in terms of clothing to the children as well as adults.

In Malaysia, we are praying hard for all these misery to end. I believe one day it will happen, just need to have a little faith.

Peace man said...

I do believe that’s the majority in both side want peace ,but they need power .
what we need from you is to tell your friend about our story
in the world d need to know that’s there people want to live in peace doesn’t matter the nationality ,
all of us is human .

Anonymous said...

Peace Man,
thank you.

Corey said...

Many of you may already be aware of this Avaaz campaign on a Gaza ceasefire. Egypt's intelligence chief is about to make a visit to Israel -- bringing a ceasefire offer he has brokered with all the Palestinian groups. Avaaz has asked thousands of their Israeli and Palestinian members to help sign a petition calling for Olmert and Meshaal to stop the bloodshed and agree to an immediate ceasefire, and for the international community to engage constructively and help broker a fair deal for the safety of civilians on both sides. They are also looking for help in funding an advertising campaign to the Israeli people to support the ceasefire. If they raise enough funds they say they will help fund Israeli and Palestinian media spokespeople and ads in Palestinian areas. Apparently they are also looking for Palestinians to join with the Israeli team to give Palestinian input.

emilaheller said...

Peace Man, Keep up your courage and commitment to the way of peace. Many friends around the world hear your voice and want you to be free. Your friendship with Hope Man encourages us all in the midst of the power struggles and violence.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but to me it will be difficult to think about a cease fire. Israel is not interested at all. It is a pity to say but lately I have faced this reality. Sorry, it is ashame but that is. You see, Barak is doing everything in order to get more and more political suport, and since he is at that ministry the situation is more and more violent. It is like if you are more belicist, you get more support of your people. So,,,what to think...Israel will not liberate political prisoners, this is a fact. Even Israel does not care about Guilad Shelit, i can not immagine in which circunstance he is living. Israel prefers to have heroes, dead, and not people alife claiming for their life first of all. You see, i am not too optimistic. Now the Libanon situation is very bad too.


Anonymous said...

our prayers are with you two

Yasir Kaheil said...

it's official now.. the cease fire is not going to happen.

Conchscooter said...

Why Israelis don't want peace beats me.If an enforceable water sharing agreement were possible with Palestine 60 years of war could end. Perhaps we are seeing war as habit?

Anonymous said...

Just read about this blog in the Boise Weekly. Wishing you success. The internet is a very very powerful tool. I read about Palestinian history on wikipedia. (I'm sure there's a better one of course but it's a start.) It was amazing to me to see that no great western democracies or anyone else has really sought to help this region. When there's a will, there's a way, right? Just wanted to put a link to this map of the Sykes-Picot agreement. I think the British and French and Turks and all of Europe have a lot more responsibility to this region's problem than they are willing to admit. Looks like a region of fighting over war spoils since the middle of WWI. Sorry about that. Hope it will end.
Got to wikipedia to see a map: Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916. Reproduced from with permission (Mahmoud Abu Rumieleh, Webmaster). Free to use with acknowledgement.

Anonymous said...

Peace Man and Hope Man,

I am a university student in Ontario, Canada studying Psychology and Religion. I have been making friends with many international students from the Middle East, mostly Arab Muslims, and become very close with a few of them (I am Canadian and not religious myself). I have heard from so many of them that they cannot believe how this violence is still going on. They all have jewish friends, and do not understand the hatred towards them, when their jewish friends also do not want the violence to continue! I have also had some of them say that their friends from back home (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) are very hateful towards Jews. So, something is very different between the 'homefront' and Canada. Perhaps it is the media, the teachings, the mob mentality...or the constant fear and unimaginable hard survival that makes it impossible to think of such things as loving those who are bombing you (thank the gods you two are able to!) I know that these friends of mine are trying very hard to talk to their families and friends about the Jews that do not support this violence - much as you two are doing on both sides. They do not want their families to keep the hatred going and encourage the violence, especially their younger cousins/siblings who can grow up to be either future attackers or future peacemakers. I know that these people are going to be the ones getting an education and going back to their homes in various locations in the Middle East, with the possibility of making a difference. And while they are here in Canada they are spreading the word of what they and their families are experiencing, so that we who are far away from the horrors that you experience everyday can understand what the reality is from both sides, not just what we get from the news. Perhaps some will stay in Canada and become part of the future generations of international governments that you have been looking to for help...and they will be able to help because of where they come from. And the generations that they lead, whether it be their children, students, employees, etc., will be shown the ways of peace, not hatred.

So I guess the point of this was just to say: keep Canada and all around the world as I can see from the comments left here, it seems there are people talking about what is going on, working towards peace, making a difference. And all that can do is make things better. I hope it starts to become felt directly by those who are being affected the most. It may be starting small, but it has started, and it is growing. May it reach all of the earth in your lifetime.

Thanks and utmost respect and admiration for your incredible outlook and actions. I will be posting this blog link on my Facebook account and wherever else I can.

May you be protected.

julie said...

The cease fire is here! How are things, Peace man? Thinking of you.

sindhu christanto said...

i just pray that in future the peace will become true there