Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stop the Siege on Gaza

. I wished to write something pleasing such The siege ended anthe crossings boarder opened But
The situation in Gaza has reached emergency levels , inadequate water, electricity, and medicine; widespread hunger, poverty, and unemployment;

The shortage of electricity subsequently affects the water pumping systems, spacially in rural areas ,you Amgen your life without water and electricity.

The continuous closure, economic siege, power cuts, and the ongoing military operations against Gaza will not end the violence but will increase it and create hatred.

people cannot see any hope.. In such situations,. We hope that we can live with dignity and have normal lives like other people in the world, we are frustrated, but still have the hope to change

I wish next time there is change and peace will come an see the world without violance .


Merche Pallarés said...

My dear Peace man, I just don't know WHAT to say... If all the CITIZENS in the world would just stand up, once and for all, for your cause maybe, maybe we would be successful but we don't have the power nor the weapons...and, in the world we live in, words just aren't enough, unfortunately. Kisses, M.

Mandy said...

Dear Peaceman, I couldn't help but notice the lack of comments after your last entry. I suppose that people just don't know what to say. I can't even imagine how you and your people must be suffering. We here in the west have no real idea of what true suffering is. We have the veil pulled over our eyes and live in a make believe world,and play with our new gadgets and our computers and complain about futile things. Our children are fed, our house is safe and we live without the fear of dropping bombs.
Our leaders talk of peace in the middle east, when there is none. They talk of solutions when deep down inside their only interest is to make a proffit.

I truly believe that one day all will be resolved. I also believe that it will not be by just the will of man alone, many like you who strive for peace one day will get it. I don't know if you believe in God or not, but I know he has a plan. He will intervien at some point. Unfortunatley there will be suffering; we in the west are oblivious to the hell which is about to fall upon us. Just a little more, then suddenly we will know how you feel.

I feel so sad for you all. Don't lose hope Peaceman. NEVER.

M. Portugal

Don Cox said...

Relying on an enemy country to supply Gaza with fuel and medicine is never going to work. Why isn't Egypt supplying these things? Why isn't the border between Gaza and Egypt open? I think the first people to complain to should be the Egyptian government. They should be helping their fellow Arabs.

Israeli Blogger said...

Dear Peace Man,

Hope is a good thing. But I believe that the people of Gaza have the power to do more than hope. I believe that you can make change happen. You can cause change by showing the world that you are better than those that opress you. Show that world that you can overcome the pain and the anger, and, like Ghandi, demonstrate that non-violence wins.

It's not easy. In fact, it's extremely difficult. But the biggest achievements are almost always the result of extreme hardships.

You, by yourself, are already doing it through this blog. But can this become a powerful movement within the Gaza population? If a large group of people living in Gaza can get together and renounce violence publicly and continuously: you will win. Say no to violence from both sides, but focus mostly on your own side. If you can fill the streets with thousands of people carrying signs that say "no to all violence", "stop the qassams", "stop the tanks", "no more rifles": the siege will have to end. It may take a week, a month or 6 months, but it will bring a true change. In the beginning, the commanders of the Israeli army will say that this is a trick - propaganda to try and get the attention of the international media. But if you persist, and if the movement sweeps the population of Gaza, you will win. Israel will have no choice but to lift the siege.


Jaina said...

I wish there could have been a happier post from you too Peaceman. I wish you could know peace, and I will continue to pray that you will get peace soon. Don't give up.

Mandy said...
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Merche Pallarés said...

Peace man, I'm with ISRAELI BLOGGER, there should be a Ghandi-like movement in the Palestinian side (I know it's VERY difficult) but if the rest of the world sees that there are no attacks whatsoever from the Palestinian side and Israelies keep on attacking you and being unfair, the world will react. The humane Jews from all over the world will react. Even American Jews will react. It takes A LOT of patience but, in the long run, that's the only way you will succeed. Kisses, M.

Did You Know? said...

yeah thats right peace man. I agree to them

peaceseeker99 said...

We are praying for you here in the USA. I cannot do much for the people of Gaza except pray, and write, and tell others about your situation under Israeli occupation. Trust in Allah dear Brothers. Salaam

Anonymous said...

Gaza have been reference for streets in my city, Rio de Janeiro. I believe that citzens can take off violence, but in war times like that we live...

Mandy said...

Hi hope Man and Peace Man, hope all is well with you both and your families. I have been thinking about you guys a lot, and many like you. Pease don't print this letter, just do another post so every one knows you are both OK. OK?

I noticed that the petition list no longer has all that bad stuff on it. Have you set a final date to deliver the petition?

Mandy. Portugal

(dont lnow if this went going to try again)

Aryeh Amihay said...

This fascinating endeavor is laudable.

I completely agree. The first thing that must be done to bring down the level of violence is to allow for complete freedom of movement between Gaza, the West Bank and the State of Israel.

I wrote about in my blog (in Hebrew):

Until I find the time to translate it, you may check something along the same lines regarding the Separation Wall:

The only solution to terror is tot treat it like any other violent crime, not like a military action.

Chista1749 said...

i'm praying for you and others in your situation tonight. i will also thank God for you and Peace Man and for all that you are doing. you are brave and noble to hope, and please don't give up hope.

Aaron said...

As much as I also think it would be nice to see peace in this world with no wars,I won't think it will ever happen.This world is just getting worse and worse including the United States.

Anonymous said...

If you want the seige to end, tell HAMAS to stop firing rockets at innocent people in SDEROT.

It is really not on that these rockets keep showering over there, killing and maiming people for no reason whatsoever.

Rachete said...

Hamas has only been in power since 2006. Israel has been illegally occupying the West Bank and Gaza and committing human rights violations against the Palestinians since 1967.

Anonymous said...

just to let you know I peeked in. Right now I wish for and your fellows in peace enough food,fuel, and water.

julie in cleveland

Aryeh Amihay said...

Usere "Rachete" says: "Hamas has only been in power since 2006. Israel has been illegally occupying the West Bank and Gaza and committing human rights violations against the Palestinians since 1967."

I fail to see why only 1967 (and not 1947 / 1948):

See also my comments in my blog:

Mandy said...

Hi, you guys haven't commented in a while??? Post something and let us know you are OK.

The lorrydrivers here in Portugal went on strike on monday as a protest against the rising petrol prices. They have risen 50% since the beginning of the year, and transport costs have escalated, and also the produce being transported. Due to the non circulation of these vehicles the country almost came to a stand still. Yesterday people were having to queue for petrol, the picketers would not let the petrol companies refill tanks. Many petrol stations had to close because they ran out. The supermarkets today have very little on the shelves, water and fresh vegetables are particulary affected. I managed to get petrol, after queueing for half an hour.
The strikers have come to an agreement with the government now and have started to circulate again.
I am talking about just three days!
This has given us in Portugal and Spain just a taste of what it must be like for you, and the others like you. Only in our case it was just 3 days, and things should get back to normal tomorrow.

It seems to be all about oil!!

post something soon.


RobertDobson the middle-class book reviewer said...

Last month I travelled to the Gaza Strip on a business tour of Israel, and was shown the place where the grain is passed over. While there a soldier came up and started speaking to my guide in Hebrew. The next thing I knew my guide was rushing to the car shouting for me to follow. It turns out there was about to be a rocket attack there. I personally think the situation is dire, and something needs to be done immediately. Peopl in democratic countries need to lobby their governements to forge a lasting peace.

Anonymous said...

You're right. The hope to change must remain in you and all of us. If human kind has believed in that feeling is because it can really change things.

This blog is a piece of that hope and also it's a chance to join us against this war!

(i'm a spanish speaker. forgive my mistakes :P)

Mandy said...

hi, I heard rumours on the TV that a 6 month agreement was about to be settled. Would this be a 6 month ceasefire?

Anonymous said...

The main palestinian problem is the Hammas terror group. It doesnt care for the people but for the iran or al-quaida interests. Hammas must fall and it will not fall peacefully.