Monday, January 19, 2009


At the beginning I would like to thank everyone for their follow-up,and ,also' I would also like to thank my friend, hope man for continued support during the war.
Yesterday was the first day of the cease-fire after 23 days of war and destruction and killing, killed more than 1300 and 6000 injured, and destroyed thousands of houses and places and lands
I hope that the cease-fire will be the beginning of a new future and hope of ending the long suffering.

and give the opportunity for peace between the parties,
they have tried and experienced the war, and I wish they give peace and dialogue a chance for once .

we have much to do because this war increased the pain and the hate between the two parties.


Anonymous said...

Seeing your optimism only strengthens my hope. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you PEACE MAN.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply touched to see that friendship survives, even above borders and beliefs. The world needs men like you! Every leader in the world should read your blog. I haven't adresses of leaders in my little life, but i will contact all my friends and relatives to look at this and to support you.
With great respect,


CopperBoom said...

Very nice to hear from you as I was worried. As soon as I heard the cease fire on the news, I visited your blog and there was your post.
I am worried about the Hope man. Hope to hear from him soon.
My prayers are with you, Hopeman, and loved ones.

Love and Peace.

Anonymous said...

VERY nice to finally hear your voice. It is more than ever that we need peace now, and to move forward. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking this blog every day in hopes of an update from you. So glad to know you are safe. Thank you for taking time to share your experiences with us. As another blogger expressed, I wish all leaders would read this blog-- to keep the human side in perspective. With Hope and Peace. J in NJ, USA

Yellow Sun Soaps said...

I along with others was worried and prayed for your safety. I also am encouraged by your desire for peace and hope in the midst of a situation that would certainly seek to destroy that. Bless you and HOPE MAN, may you both continue to represent the hope for unity and peace in your region and all of our world.

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews said...

Peace Man, I'm glad that you are safe. I've been forwarding your messages to people all over the world. Take care.

Arlecchina said...

I´m glad to see you are ok. My best thoughts for you and for hope man.

Claude said...

You are in my heart and prayers. And everyone, in both sides, hurt by this senseless violence.

Your solid friendship is uplifting the whole world. I'm telling everybody I know to read your moving blog.

From Canada, with love, and great respect.

skyewriter said...

So glad to hear from you. I was worried, too.

May you stay safe and may this conflict come to a peaceful resolution soon for the sake of all lives invovled.

Anonymous said...

Hello Peace Man, I am glad to hear that you are well. I hope so are all of your friends and relatives.

Hope, Hope Man and his loved ones are all right, too as they also had a hard time.

I express my sincere condolence to the relatives of all the dead people on both sides and wish a fast recovery without complications for all these wounded people, once again on both sides.

I really hope that both sides come to reason and begin to talk, using words, and no more weapons as this is useless: Even if you use guns and tanks and rockets and planes and so on, if there is a solution to be found, one has to sit round a table and talk about it. Otherwise, there will be a rising death toll but still no solution. It will be found only at the table during takls, with or without war before the talks. Thus war is absolutely dispensable.

It is making me happy to see you keep on talking in these hard times as true friendship shows its relevance in times of hardship - and it's good to know that such friendship exists. In addition, talking with someone the own government declares as "enemy" counters the attempts to make an anonymous "beast" of that person.

All the best wishes, especially health and peace to everybody. May love, peace and harmony prevail.

Anonymous said...

I praise God that you are well. Please keep us posted on how you are and what is going on. Prayers and peace to both you and hopeman, your families, and to all.

Gina Marie, Florida, USA

Marie Françoise said...

happy to see you are all right
Even far, I wish hope and peace.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read you are still able to write! I want to help, my wife and I talk to people about the situation in Palestine and I fear (at least for now) that is as much as we can do. God Bless!
-Iowa, USA

Anonymous said...

we are traslating you posts in italian!

Anonymous said...

So sad to see all the destruction and loss of life. Given the fact that casualties are 100 Palestinians for every 1 Israeli, it leads one to think that they are being pretty indiscriminate with the air strikes and cannon fire in order to avoid Israeli deaths. Apparently the value of a civilian human life depends on which side you are on.
A just solution must be found. People need to keep talking and negotiating with their enemies and stop teaching children to hate.
-PattyM, Michigan, USA.

Unknown said...

thank G-d you are safe!
praying for peace

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you.
Lots of love to you both & all
Franziska from Berlin, Germany

Mary Cuevas said...

hi peace man,
so happy to know you are alive.:) i posted an interview of a former IDF captain who denounces the gaza attacks. please check it out. he says that the palestinians have been locked in for decades and treated like animals forced to live in ghetto-like conditions.
it is the january 19th, 2009 post.
peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting so quickly and putting our minds at rest, Peace Man. We worried about you throughout the conflict.

Please tell us what we can do to help, if there is any way to get it to you, perhaps via Hope Man?

As he says, there had to be other options than this. I am ashamed and heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to see this update from you, I hope you and your friend are as well as possible and your families too. I wish your dream of a peaceful future will come true, and I thank you for this blog, showing the world two human faces and friends behind the tv pictures and political analysists words.
God with you, and best wishes
Helga (Berlin, Germany)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are safe PM. I order for peace to prevail both sides have to stop the hate and blame. Both Palestians and Israelis should have the basic right to live, to exist. Both should have the right to be free. Love is the answer. Healing is the way. Our Creator is a God of Love and peace, and freedom. That is why we all have free will. For this peace to work both sides have to let go of their hate.
My prayers are always with you and your friend HM. One day you will both now peace. I believe that and pray for that day. I hope one day you're children and their children will only know a world of peace and brotherly love.

Anonymous said...

Nous sommes tellement heureux d'avoir enfin d evos nouvelles
toutes nos pensées pour vous et vos proches à tous deux et pour vos deux peuples

Viviane Lamarlère

Toivoa ja Elämän said...
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Grant Crankshaw said...

So glad to hear you are OK Peace Man. I am a builder and your Israeli neighbor. Is there anything I can do to help you out right now? Will it ever be possible for Israeli's, like myself, to be able to come into Gaza to help people like yourself get your lives back together? It's the only way we will rebuild our trust of each other. Let me know please.

Anonymous said...

and now..peace...

David Wapner said...

The war, or how we call this (to me it was a huge and horrible military raid) has finished.

Now we can see the result: death, destruction, broken people, broken families, broken, or nothing at all.

In my side, I live in Israel, and in my city, I live in Arad, nothing have change.

I walk around and I asked all the time, what to you think about war?
they all say, what to do? it was because the qassamin, and if there are victims Hamas is the responsable.

So, Israelis are completely inocents, not responsable for nothing.

Today we knew that from Mexico city people is adopting a death palestinian child in order to honor their names and memory.

I was shocked.

I know in Argentina someone who cook to 100 children in a popular club (where children from a poor neighboorhood go to eat). I say to myself: four times 100 children have dead in Gaza.

And the world keep going. I guess that this is it. So sad, so terrible. Humanity need to make such a thing to know that all what we need is love


Anonymous said...

Io vi posso scrivere solo in italiano. Non sapete quale speranza date a chi pensa che la guerra può uccidere chi ti odia forse ma non l'odio e perciò peggiora solo le cose.
In italia l'informazione o si schera da una poparte o dall'altra. io e un gruppo di amici invece stiamo cercando di capire proprio ciò che voi raccontate, come "non si possa vivere così", come i bambini sono sempre bambini di qualsiasi lingua, religione o colore, come le persone hanno le stesse necessità e desiderio di pace ecome spesso ciò che vuole la gente non sia ciò che vogliono i governi. Con questo blog vi ripeto mantenete viva la speranza che questo sia possibile

Unknown said...

Please let us know if there are any specific ways in which we can help, besides spreading the word about your blog which I know we are all doing.

Peace will come.

With love and many prayers,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to here from you again... We were all getting very worried.

Please keep this project alive, and you will keep the hope and the faith of a lot of us!

Take care!

Keta said...

Wonderful to finally hear from you, Peace Man. We hope to hear from Hope Man soon as well. Though the attack may have stopped, the rebuilding has yet to begin and the suffering of the people will continue for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

Grant, it's a great idea. One possible lead : Shlomi Eldar of Channel 10 News sailed to Gaza on the fifth trip of the SS Dignity.
He might have a suggestion ... Every good wish, Carol Scheller

geo said...

I am sorry and ashamed as a Jew. I am glad that you and your family have survived and hope that other friends and relatives are alive and relatively well.

I try to imagine anywhere else in the world where one could talk of a "war" - where there were 13 deaths on one side and 1300 on the other side, at least half of which were civilian.

Comparing 1.5 million Gazans to 300 million in the U.S. - 1300 deaths translates to 260,000 people. That is a Huge, Horrific Amount of Death!

Translating the destruction would No Doubt relate to Many Hurricane Katrina's - in equivalence, however - Katrina couldn't have been (fully) prevented.

This destruction was needless! This killing - is Not at all the first time Israel (with U.S. support and encouragement) has Killed Many - to make up for the actions of relatively few Palestinians.

I hope, against hope, that Israel and perhaps more importantly the U.S. will see the need - to allow a Palestinian State to Start on the West Bank where the "good Arabs" are - where Hamas isn't in charge.

The idea - that Radical Islam and Strong Anti-Israeli sentiment and actions - prevent - Israel support and cooperation - in Gaza really can only have faint, faint credibility IF - Israel and the U.S. Now - negotiate for and help create an independent Palestinian State.

I hope, against hope, that Gaza - will be allowed to grow and move towards allowing you to have a life like you've never been able to have in Gaza - where you are valued not only by your local support network, but by others in the Middle East - including both Israel, Egypt and other countries.

It still is scary to me that death totals such as 11 Israelis killed by rockets over 3 years and 13 killed in the recent "war" - are seen as "resistance" and justification for the Thousands of Gazans who've been killed in the similar period by Israeli Defense Forces.

I'm happy that the two of you - are working together for Peace. I hope that this - will spread and grow.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know about this blog till my fellow Hebrew teachers pointed it out.

This doesn't seem to want to end. Possibly, it doesn't end since Israel is the holy land of all Judeo-Christian religions...

Thanks for posting this. Hope you're safe, both of you!

Anonymous said...

I feel grateful ... because of both of you, because you're still there to testify that hope is stronger than hatred.

I've been following this sad event everyday, on many sources, and I still wonder ...

How can this happen, from people who know from their ancestors what it can be, to people who've just been ... no words for it.

My question is :


What kind of lobbying are they doing to get such support ?

We are thousands of human beings, jewish blood or not, to protest in the streets, a few hundreds of religious fanatics against us, and still, nobody amongst the political class dares to protest against what happenned ...

How come ?

Love from Europe ...

Anonymous said...

soooo glad to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are well and able to write. hope this peace is lasting and from all of this death and destruction, politicians learn there must be a better way.

stay well.

Unknown said...

keep shining the light - keep spreading the words of peace. keep up the hope...a change is coming!
G-d Bless You Both!

Anonymous said...

Peace man,
How is your one day life there?
I can not immagine.


Meyrick Kirby said...

I'm glad you've both made it safely through all of this.

Anonymous said...

Peace man, Hope man,
I just discovered your blog and I am happy and gratefull for your words, for your beeing there, in Gaza and in Sderot.
Hope for peace!

Anonymous said...

Peace Man -

I am glad you are safe.

Can you tell me - the news is reporting that Hamas has declared "victory". What is your view of that? What is the feeling among Gazans about that?

Thank you and Hope Man for this blog, and for your contribution to peace. It must happen, and can only happen because of sensible people like you.

Anonymous said...

Nice site you have here..
Thanks for the info..I'll use this a lot

Anonymous said...

Peace man, good to read your post. As this month of January comes to an end, what will it mean for those suffering in Gaza? Is aid and help arriving? How about the children... all of them on both sides of the border? I wonder how hatred can be replaced by love in the minds of little chldren who see destruction and death all around them. The early years of a child's life are so important in the development of their attitudes and beliefs. Has hatred gotten stronger through all of this?

What.. or what!.. have we done to the little children of Gaza and of Sderot? Will they see the adults around them putting aside old hates, turning towards hope and peace? Or will hatred grow?

Keep posting. The world needs to hear from both of you.

Molie in the U.S.

Cruciferous Veggie said...

"I hope that the cease-fire will be the beginning of a new future and hope of ending the long suffering."

Your words form the most honest prayer we share. God, bring the peace so urgently needed.

God Bless you both, and your families.

Ali Dahmash said...

I just saw your blog today, what a refreshing thing to see especialy after all this bloodshed. You guys give us hope that one day we can all live together. I support a one state solution, thats the best solution to the conflict. Anyways, I wish you all well and I would like to read more from both of you.

Anonymous said...

Blessings on you both. I am so very glad that you both are safe, and that this dialogue continues. May it be a model for us all. Thank you both.--FJM/USA

jarvenpa said...

I also am glad to see your post, and join you in your renewed and continued hope for peace. Like many I have been spreading your story, linking to your posts and those of your friend, and holding hard to a vision of a world built on love and trust.

Anonymous said...

There was an article today in a very important french daily newspaper (Le figaro)about you guys !!! : tanks for your example and the hope you give to your sons and ours...

God bless you both

Marc from France

Unknown said...

I am so sorry for what is happening to the civilians in your part of the world. All of these wrongs around you (killing and bombing and breaking promises) cannot make things right or anyone safer. I am ashamed of my gevernment (USA) for their blind support of Israel -- all sides in this military conflict have made terrible mistakes and all voices in thie region must be acknowledged and heard in order for anything to change. I hope that you can find the courage and the strength to continue your friendship with each other and your efforts to teach the world that open communication can mean peace and hope for everyone.

Anonymous said...

My friend Peace Man,

I received this email invitation from our School for Peace and Justice here. I thought you would like to see what is happening to raise awareness for you here:

""Firsthand Perspectives on Gaza"
Tuesday, Feb. 3, 7 p.m., Peace & Justice Theatre

Following an unsuccessful six-week attempt to deliver medical supplies for a humanitarian project late last year, Nader Elbanna and Miko Peled have unique perspectives on the current situation in Gaza. Being denied entrance into Gaza along with doctors, reporters and many others, the Palestinian and Israeli subsequently interviewed people from Israel and Jordan to gain a sense of their positions. The founders of the Elbanna-Peled Foundation will share their perspectives and present on their recent experience in the Middle East through dialogue, photographs and a Q&A session."

You are in my prayers, both you and Hope Man. I am praying for peace.

Love and Prayers,
Jess from California

Anonymous said...

hello again Peace man & Hope man,

Releived to hear from you Peace man - we were worried about you and so glad to read your entry. We send you love and thank you for your remarkable strength of heart. We wonder how you all are and think of you.

You both remind us that there are possibilities and - the community of friends here - that the two of you have brought together - clearly shows it. Thank you again for your inspiration?

Rozelle, UK xxx

Anonymous said...

so much for a truce. this was very short-lived. hope you are both safe and the fighting will stop again soon.

Anonymous said...

The magnitude of what you are both going through is almost incomprehensible to me, living, as I do, in Canada. I'm overwhelmed by seeing it all on TV and yet, both of you, who are living it, are able to help the world understand. It seems arrogant for me to ask anything of you both, but please keep your blog going!

Mandy said...

Glad to hear about this new it holding?

I was rather suspicious though how it all tied up with Obama's entering the Whitehouse. It is also interesting how the ceasefire held for five months during the campaining for the US presidnet...almost seems too much of a coincidence

Anonymous said...

It's starting again. Congregate at the border.All peace loving people of Israel and Gaza should be at the border.

Anonymous said...

Please, don´t leave your war, your war for the peace.

Anonymous said...


Are you guys okay out there? It has been a while since we have heard from you! Hope you are well. Hoping and praying for you and your families!
Gina Marie in Florida, USA

Mary Cuevas said...

hi peace man,
glad to hear from you. i hope my new president moves on plans for peace. i hope the israeli govmt is charged with war crimes. i wish they would do a sort of "versaillles treaty" agreement and make the israelis pay to rebuild gaza, the buildings homes and schools they destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Hope Man,

We haven't heard anything from Peace Man since Jan 19. Have you heard anything from him?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I disagree about the versailles treaty idea. In my opinion, you are right in wanting the Israeli people to help the actually imprisoned people of Gaza. Even more, they should reach out a hand to them and give them hope. Most of the people of Gaza chose Hamas because they have no future. All they have been, and all they could do a long time ago, has been taken from them by the British government in making the land that we once referred to as Palestina to one which needed to be left by millions of people, in making the former citizens of Palestina to a homeless people.
The Jewish people never rejected that gift. I don't blame them for wanting it. I blame the Jewish people for not rejecting it. I blame the responsible Jewish government in the according time period of the decision to create settlements in the already very little space of the Palestinean people of doing so. And last, but fairly not least, I blame everybody (except the Germans who of course had a very difficult relationship to the rest of the world at that time, and, of course, an even more difficult one to everything redarding the Jewish people) in the whole world for not doing anything against the forced displacement of a whole nation.
There is only one way to get the tension down and make peace possible between the Jewish people and the Palestinean one within the future. And there is none to make up for the cruel things that have been done to either of them.
The Israeli people must reach out their hands to the Palestinean, and help to get them a future, an opportunity to live a life and not a suffering. And all the friends of Israel must aid Israel in doing so.
And it must come from heart. We once saw what happened due to the versailles treaty idea. We don't want to happen such a thing again.
Only if the Palestinean people, all the young men and women who grew up in a place without any hope, have the chance to a better future, only then there will be any base for peace somewhen in the future.
I hope very much, though I am very young, that I will live long enough to witness this happen.

Dear Peace Man. I am dying to hear about your status, about what is going on there in Gaza. The media in Germany has virtually ceased reporting about the situation in Gaza. Other emphases have come to stay in the media. But I don't want to "finish" thinking about you. I don't want to turn my mind away from all the injustice that has been done to you. I want to hear how it is going on with you, your friends, your people. What you can imagine about the process of peace, and what you are feeling.

Really, I am dying to hear again from you.

EMEZABCN said...

Hi!! I just wanna tell you this: The world needs more people like you!!!
I do share your feellings, eventhough I live so far away from the conflict area, we can´t be seeing more dead innocent people in Gaza or Israel... Stop violence right now... peace for Israel and Palestina!!

Enrique. Barcelona, Spain.

Anonymous said...

I "simply" wish you two guys will candidate.


Stefano, Barcelona, Spain

Yes: just one more thing..
you say the deads are 1300.
Of which: 417 children, 108 women, 120 aged, 14 doctors, 4 journalists.

Anonymous said...

Peace Man, Hope Man,

Just to let you both know that yesterday your blog was reported by one of the most important spanish newspapers.
Your example is truly encouraging.
Best wishes from spain.

Anonymous said...

They have my vote also. I want them toghether as my two rashei hamemshallah (sorry can't say that in Arabic) in a peaceful world.

G-d may bless you both for what you are doing and represent. That He may bless all the peaceful people amongst the Palestinians and the Israelis, and that He may open the minds and eyes of those not so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything remains well for you and Hope Man.

Please update soon so we know you're still safe.

Anonymous said...

"this war increased the pain and the hate between the two parties. "


Fight for our right.
SCREAMING with love

francesco (my english is CRIMINAL...I know)

Anonymous said...

Not a single word since the 19th of January. What's happening?

Anonymous said...

people around the world like peace and realy want it but i realy couldn't undrestand why israel kill women and children and civilians in Gaza!!
the root of israel depends on terrors and killings!!!

XARBET said...

Want to express you from Menorca, a small island in the Mediterranean, my admiration and my total support to your project of peace. The world needs to people like you able to forget hates and live in the hope. I wish you the best for you and for your families.