Wednesday, January 7, 2009

war in Gaza

More than ten days since Israel has started the military operation.
in Gaza, more than 700 hundred has been killed in Gaza ,80% of them civilians.
Israeli announced when they started the operation they want to stop the rockets from Gaza they can't do this by targeting the civilians.
What is going in Gaza is real and big crime, against all the laws in the world, they are killing everything moving, especially the civilians .
When the operation started in Gaza, they destroyed all the government centers, and in the same time killed many civilians, Israel said they don’t mean to kill civilians .
But when the ground operation started, most people die is civilians and children.
It is hard to describe what is going on in Gaza, a terrible disaster, where the aircraft do not distinguish between civilians and military and children, no water ,electricity and difficult to get your needs .
We didn't have electricity since 6 days, and today was the first day to have it, that’s why I have chance to write this quickly.

We have said from the beginning that violence will bring more violence.
I hope the world will understand that’s there people want to live safe with dignity and peace .
I hope I will have the chance to write you again.


Anonymous said...

In Spain there is a mail with a specified format which people who wants peace in Gaza is sending to the Israel Embassy in Madrid (Spain).
Surely, they don't read it never, but we need to try.

There are demonstrations too.

It's very sad to see how humans can be ...

My best wishes for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, and I don't mean any offense, but how do you know that 80% of the dead are civilian? From what I hear in the news, it's more like 10-25% being civilian.

I realize that the news often gets it wrong and is manipulated in many ways, so perhaps your information is more correct, but if so, I'm curious how you know.

Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you and all those affected by this terrible terrible situation.

I sent an amnesty international letter to condolezza rice urging her to do all she can to put a stop to this, not sure if it will do any good.

I really hope so, I can't imagine how people are holding themselves together.

ירדן said...

From what I know the civilians killed a quarter of the total amount. It's too much either way and I hope this war ends soon and peace and quite will come to both of us.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and everyone affected by this terrible terrible situation.

There have been street protests here in the USA. Amnesty International has a standard letter we can send into Condeleeza Rice in the Government urging her to do all she can to stop this. I wonder if anyone reads them, but it was something I could do. I am so so saddened by this.

I am praying as often as I can for this to stop. Thankyou for posting.

Anonymous said...

The most sad about this history is that I think I'll never see palestians living in peace in Gaza.
The world can't ignore the genocide of civilians and specially kids.
I wish you can write us more so the world can see what a war can cause.
I Wish all the best for you

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Perhaps by your writing you will be able to spur a movement that will lead to the peace you so strongly desire. Please know that there are many of us who desire that for you as well. No one should have to live in such fear all the time, and neither should they feel alone or left behind. It is a hard thing, but you will endure and by your enduring you will help others to do the same. You will lead many to relate to you, including those of us who are so far removed from you by geography, and in relating to you we will be moved to work hard that we might find peace for you.

Continue to endure. Peace will come.

daisy~'*- said...




jarvenpa said...

People in the United States are also sending emails and petitions to our government here, to the president elect, to the Israeli consuls.

And here too there are demonstrations.

Peace Man, Hope Man, we hold both of you, and your loved ones, in our thoughts.

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews said...

Many of us in the U.S. are angry about this situation. There are marches and protests against the Israeli consulates. People are passing around hats and jars asking for donations for the Palestinian people. Your blog was featured on National Public Radio yesterday. Your voices are being heard.

Rossofunny said...

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Anonymous said...

The Gaza attack is like attacking the MAFIA by bombing all of North Jersey - it's murder and its madness

THERE ARE NO MILITARY BASES IN GAZA. Every bomb you see going off on TV is over a civilian area, taking the lives of innocent men, women, and children who want nothing other than to live their lives.

If the Israelis want to arrest Hamas criminals, then go in like men and do it - stop killing and maiming children you monsters!


Mary Cuevas said...

stay safe peace man. the world is watching. however, it frustrates me to hear of doctors not being allowed in at the border with egypt and other humantiarian aid groups trying to get only to be turned away at the border. criminal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peace Man,

Our hearts and prayers are with you. We continue to demonstrate here in the United States despite the fact that media isn't covering much of it. We are in support of peace and safety. You, Hopeman, and all others are in my prayers.

Stay safe. Please keep us posted.

Gina Marie

Anonymous said...

I hope you and other Gaza citizens can survive the current crisis.

Perhaps in the near future you can wake up & realize that Hamas is only using you as worthless, expendable human shields in their irrational, insane attempts at terror against Israel.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you here in the US. For your sake and the sake of the children and future generations in Gaza and Israel, I hope that there may one day be peace amongst all the people there.

Anonymous said...

I Pray for cease fire ...

Here in the United States(New York City)
Many are protesting as well,
Lord Almighty Help us from oursekves

Anonymous said...

our prayers are with you and all in the war zone

Anonymous said...

I hope this war ends soon.
and My hope be the same as hope in the world.
PEACE!! from japan.

Gregory Holm said...

Stay Safe and Strong. There are many of Americans that realize the Injustices of the Israeli American Government. Our thoughts and demonstrations are with you.. I wish I believed Obama will represent the change he so spoke of.. But his silence speaks volumes.

2966 said...

o our friend from Gaza and to all the nice people from around the world who speak against Israel:
Dear friends,
As an Israeli who is living not too far away from Gaza I tell you from the bottom of my heart that is is really bad and I cry when I see all the killing that is going on right now, I know how bad it is because I have been in the Gaza strip many times. My mother was a refugee too in 1941 in Europe and 35 people from my family were killed because they were Jews.
Dear friends, in the last 8 years (!!) the Hamas is shelling and sending missiles at Israeli towns. In the last 3 years since Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip in 2005 the Hamas sent over 6,000 (!!!) missiles at Israeli towns killing many people, causing injuries and terror. WHAT DID YOU THINK?? did you think we will sit back and let it happen? NO MORE. My dear friend in Gaza, I know very well what is going on in Gaza right now, my family was in such places and much worse than that in 1941. I would LOVE to be a great neighbour for you. BUT AS LONG AS HAMAS KEEPS DREAMING AND TALKING about killing Israelis, as long as they TRY TO MAKE US GO AWAY then they will find out that they are making a big mistake. TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES... I did not see you do anything when 250,000 people in Israel were TERRORIZED for 8 years, people died, people could not live they lives, go to work... where were you then??!! The whole thing is about land. They want to kick us out but we will never go away. As long as they keep trying we will strike more and more. I am the son of a Jewish family who was deported from Israel many years ago. This was our land for thousands of years and we came back home. NO ONE will kick us out of here, no one will terrorize us. I support operation cast lead 100%
I want to live my life with no missiles and shells and suicide bombers! get is??
What would you do dear friends from spain and Holland and USA if someone was shooting at your home, shelling your children and firing missiles at your town???? come on... tell me now... what would you do?
I tell you my friend from Gaza, I wish I could meet you some day and be a real good friend, sit at a restuarant in Gaza, but if I will come to Gaza I will be killed in 5 minutes. You can come to Tel Aviv right now and no one will touch you. I wish all this will end soon and we all have peace BUT I do not want anyone in Gaza make mistakes... you have 2 choices... make peace with us or live peacefully aside us BUT if you choose to fight and kill us we will kill you first. Now as for the 80% or 20% this is bull shit... the Hamas is shooting at us while hiding in your house... what do you expect us to do?
I realy hope to see us together in Tel Aviv or Gaza as friends. Send the Hamas to hell and make peace

Anonymous said...

I heard about you and Hope Man on NPR. I firmly believe the two of you may be a beacon of light for the rest of us. Perhaps others will see, you are right and good.
Bless you-

Anonymous said...

For the Gaza children...

Jeff Foster said...

What kind of a world do we live in where over 80% of Israeli's support this latest war on Gaza? I understand their feelings and their resentment of being targeted by rocket fire from Gaza, however, violence only begets more violence. We are coming to a time where nuclear war is ever more possible.

Israel! Do you really want to keep kicking this dog, Palestine? It will only bring all of our destruction, I fear.

The solution is helping to bring the standard of living in these areas to a level where people can actually feel joy and peace. Once given a choice between Peace and Hate in a prosperous environment, people will always choose Peace

Stephanie said...

For those questioning the civilian death count:

"About 300 of the nearly 650 Palestinians killed in the nearly two-week long offensive are civilians, according to Palestinian and U.N. figures."
(Taken from and NPR article published today)

Anonymous said...

The percentage of people dead is pretty irrelevent.

Whether it is 80% or 25%. One innocent civilian dead is one too many.

No matter what the situation is, killing innocent people can never be justified.

Anonymous said...

i hope peace and freedom come soon to gaza and to all of you

the name of god is peace, the name of god is justice, the name of god is a peaceful life without war

my blessings for all of you

Unknown said...

Why people talk about the israeli injustices. Why nobody denounce the HAMAS use of civil population as humane shield. Why not to condom HAMAS for shooting missiles into south of israel from schools and hospitals. Yes, the IDF came with lots of force , but I don't see the IDF fight the Palestinian authority. Unlike Hamas the Fatah movement recognize Israel right to exist. The Fatah knows that they will get the most by talking and not fighting. Israel do not want to fight the Palestinian Israel want a partner to talk to and leave in Peace . Can you all say this is what HAMAS wants?

Anonymous said...

First of all the Israeli misleading propapaganda that the Palestinians shoot rockets from United Nations' schools is like saying that The UN is helping,or closing their eyes at,fighters attacking 'Israel'.This is can not be believable at all.Throughout all its history,'Israel' has been looking for security by all means,but in vane.And I'm sorry to say that as long as the Israelis think that they are surrounded and threatened by possible ennemies , their hope for a peaceful life will never come true.

Anonymous said...

Erin, we dont trust israel anymore!
we saw too many israeli colonist pushing away palestinian from their homeland to steal their land with the help of Tsahal!
I feel the Hamas are civilian who want their dignity and freddom back, so they became guerilla!

Peace from Canada! Shame to Israel leaders and extremist!
Big manifestation here in the country to support gaza people.

Amina Altaf said...

I heard about you both on a local radio station (NPR) in Boston. Each day while driving to work, I listen to the depressing news of innocent people dying in the Gaza/Israel region due to the recent conflict. After listening to it all and hearing the government/political officials on both sides, I get even more aggravated. All I can hear is them pointing fingers at each other. While the blame game goes on, no one is ready to take responsibility. They pretend to be fighting for the country and their people, yet their people are dying. I wonder if the people of Gaza and Israel ever question -- are our leaders there for their own agendas or are they really fighting for the land and the people? As the drive ends I try not to think about it. Not because I don't care, but because it’s saddening. At the end of the drive I tell myself I need to listen to something more exciting to start my day tomorrow.

However, curiosity gets me tuned in again. Tonight as I drove back from work, I heard about you both. It made me want to cry since I can’t even fathom what you both have to go through, yet you instill a sense of hope – a hope for peace. Your writing is way more powerful than what the media delivers. It’s the story of Israel and Gaza that I wonder about and find rather different than the propaganda we hear. I want to thank you both for your courage and wish you a safe and peaceful life with your family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Hello Peace Man, hello Hope Man, glad to read that Peace Man is still alive - I hope, Hope man is fine, too. I came to this site rcently by a link during my recherches about the situation in Gaza.
The last days were quite confusing to me as I read about so much hate on both sides - and it is growing right now. To me, this site is a welcome exception.

As far as I came through the whole thing, my opinion is that with further violence, this issue will not be solved. It will only create more hate.

Some argumentation scemes used in the discussion about "the Gaza-issue" were rather astonishing to me.

On the one side, it was that the rockets launched to hit Israel were somehow "legitimate". I simply couldn't understand this argument. Violence is never "legitimate". It is a crime.

On the other side, any comment about Israels actions according to Palestinians or the ongoing war except total agreement seem to hit some people deep inside - and that a lot of energy is used to defame people who don't agree. I couldn't understand why this happens, too.

For example, in my opinion, there is no use in only blaming the Palestinian side for what went wrong through all these years; there have been many crimes,commited by both sides for political reasons.

So, my finding was that both sides have to center on what the own men and women were and are doing wrong:On both sides, it is seen clearly what injustices were done by "the others". If there are stories told about the own side's injustices, there is an astonishing lack of knowledge. On both sides. And if there is knowledge, there are humiliating "reasons" for killing or harassing people - if these were killed or harassed by the "right" ones. Once more on both sides.

In addition, there is a great discussion about "who began". I can't see any reason for that. There were and are happening crimes for political reason. They remain crimes whoever was first in doing crimes in the end. One can't make them undone. But one can talk about them as crimes. One can officially tell that they were and are wrong and stop justifying them.

For achieving all this, it is essential to talk, talk, talk. Not only the "big bosses" but the Toms, Dicks and Harrys, too.

Generally, saying this in blogs leads to be mocked as "irrealistic" and if one insists on it, in being insulted as "Antisemite". More, Antisemitism is now told to be defined as criticism against Israel, as I could read many times the last days. I was taught differently in school - and they told us very carefully about that issue here in Germany. It is densly related to the biggest of my people's crimes.

There were many more of these "argumentations" I could not understand. I can't tell you what I feel like about all this. It is confusing me very much.

But there are not only "bad guys" as many people aren't such hardliners. And they exist among all the parties involved - and among these that are only shocked.
Now, it seems like they are badly hit by the ongoing brutalities - but I am shure that they will prevail in the end. There is no other way to solve that problem - at least without unspeakable bloodshed. People one day will find out, rather sooner than later, I hope. This is why I am very happy about you two keeping on talking in this difficult time. It is preventing many hearts from being poisoned by propaganda or by the ones whose hearts have already become poisoned.
And it is disturbing some hardliners, too. I am not happy about anyone who feels disturbed - but this is one of these cases where I am not unhappy about it, too.

Keep on talking, you two - be among the remaining, Peace Man and Hope Man.

מעיין חודדה said...

israel left gaza and gaza residents vote for the hams.
no, did the hamas treat the gaza for economy? no!
they only care for sending kasam and grad missile to israel citizen !
israel close the barriers onley after the hamas use the open barriers to send

terrorist attack to israel.
the hamas use gaza citizen as a barriers thay steal all the humanitarian supply that

israel alow to send, hamas don't care abot the gaza citizen they attaks Israeli

soldiers from school and citizen concentration.
the hamas murderer fatah people. the hamas don't want peace.

Unknown said...

At our church this evening we had a Taize worship and meditation service, and many people prayed for peace for the people in Gaza. We are all very upset about the war. Please be strong and know you have friends in the USA.

Anonymous said...

my sources tell me that it is in fact 80% civilians. I listen (in US) National Public Radio and 2-3 different european newspapers

geo said...

Thank you for sharing - with us! We are apart - unfortunately - but appreciate and support you! Some of us are making phone calls - and trying in the U.S. - to break the relative silence.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

After thousands of rockets fell into Isreal in an attempt to kill and destroy anyone or anything, without regard to humanity or military value Israel finally had enough and fought back!

What did the people of Gaza think was going to happen when attacked Israel? What about the leaders of Hamas, is no here going to hold them responsible?

When Israel fights back they are declared the villians, when Palestinians blow up school busses and do suicide attacks on women and children, they are heroes? Where is your brain - don't you see what is happening?

Anonymous said...

As an Israeli, i understand your pain.
But you have to understand - we have tried every other way. Every other way. It is obvious that Israel is interested in Peace while Hamass (funded by Iran...) is not interested in a Palestinian state or the beginning of life in Gaza, but rather, in the destruction of Israel.

I identify with you, and like over 80% of Israelies, want to support, but then you guys have election and over 70% of you support the Hamass... I know most Palestinians were raised on radical Islam and the result is that even though you suffer and can have a state and a much better life, you keep choosing hatred against Israel instead of love for your own country...

it hurts my to see what is happening in Gaza... you don't deserve it and your family doesn't... but we don't target civilians and you know it.

If hamass could eliminate Israel, they would do it in a heartbeat.
But Israel CAN eliminate Palestine and does not and will never do it. You know that we are only targeting Hamass but you can't see it because you're in a state of anger.

Until you reject the road of hatred and the way of Hamass all that Palestine will have is war, and it's ashame.

I hope better times will come.

Anonymous said...

Ctitisizing and judging the author by saying 'you can't see it bacause you are in a state of anger" is selfish and inconsidered. You are not living his life, so please do not judge. Because you have no idea what he is going through.

הקוסמת said...

The problem with us, Israelis, that we know very well how to get in and start a war, but we don't know how to end it.
I have to admit I was pro the war in Gaza at the beginning, because with all due respect we can not endure Qassams being shot at Israel legitimate cities and hurting only civilians, children living in fear for 8 years.

but now we have to sit and talk, and end this. every day we are there means innocent ppl are killed, ppl leaving without electricity, food and shelter and with fear for their lives and their childrens lives. the ppl in Gaza don't have shelters like we do. and it doesn't meter that Hamas is there, it was a democratic vote and you can't punish no one for that.
we have to aspire to Thadia (cease fire) right now.

Anonymous said...

Here in Switzerland, Amnesty International has furnished us with a letter we can write the Israeli ambassador asking for a ceasefire.I published it on my blog.
I just received the following inspiring video.
I imagine angels watching over you.

Carol Scheller

scienex said...

as long as people keep blaming each other for things that happened in the past, nothing is going to change

of course, there is a lot to blame (on both sides), but that shouldn't be the issue here and now
it's not about who's right - it's about living together in peace
(if the question of who's right has to be answered before people can live in peace, there will never be peace, at least not in this case, as the situation is far to complicated and information from both sides is blurred)

for people to live in peace, they need to understand each other
peace man and hope man: you are doing a great job! i hope people will learn from you
you are showing us the one and only way to peace: keep talking (with an open mind :o)

be safe...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, both of you, for your inspiring words.

May your cooperation be an inspiration to our people, and lead to a real change.

- Gil, Israel

JASEEL K T said...

we will always be there to back you. we realizes that yours is a struggle for freedom. a long distance from your place, here in the small state of kerala,india, we declare solidarity with you in your struggle.May God bless you and help you to overcome the situation.

Anonymous said...

Nous pensons à vous
courage et paix et espoir

Unknown said...

I think people are beginning to miss the purpose of this blog. It is not to point fingers and place blame. The purpose is to make people aware of the real situations. For now, it does not matter if Hamas is the reason civilians in Palestine are dying, it matters that the dying stops. Once that happens, an attempt at a resolution can be made.

Halla said...

Peaceman, Allah Ma3ak and stay safe.

To everyone else that is questioning the number of civilians, how do you know what is true or not? The international press are banned in Gaza by Israel, so the world has to rely on the local press and the civilians on the ground for news. Israel also said that rockets were being launched from the UN School and according to the UNWRA spokesman (Christopher Gunnes) that their independant investigation shows that was not true and that Israel was given the location coordinates for UN school to avoid it.

So do we just believe everything that the Israeli government feeds us? or do we look at different news sources and make an independant judgement?

Stay safe Peaceman and Hopeman!

Anonymous said...

Hope that genocide will stop soon what israeli want(all the land of Palestine) they first closed frontiers( economic)then water electricity .
I imagine those who lived the holocaust i think they didn't understand anything!! how can you treat pple like that god said love everyone no one as the right to take life . They said 5 israeli deaths 4 of them have been killed by israeli. 1 israeli 800 palestian do you think that is fare; not me .
today i'm reacting no more food from us because we know where the money goes if i killed my brother i will feel guilty as much as killers.
They are not in there land after war 2 onu and great britain gave them a part of the land of theyr gran gran gran gran gran gran father .
don't forget they are apatrid and they colonised all the country we are talking about gaza but many places are worst then gaza ( expropriation des palestiniens)in Jerusalem and north of palestine .
One man one day wanted to exterminate them today it seems that they want to do the same with arab. You can not compare rocks with thanks!!! military to children.
Shame on you! you have blood in your hands.
For all brothers and sisters muslim i want to tell you that all of our comunity ( all around the world) is sad , cry the way you are crying too . Inchallah god will give you more courage, patient and don't forget you are the one who will go to heaven inchallah.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brazil and I'm following your situation everyday. When people here complain about hunger and poverty, I always think about you, peaceful civilians from both sides of this war. I know that only you can understand the real pain. You, people that realy pay for this crazyness.

War is never justificated, neither sending rockets. Better days will come only when people just stop the justifications and get togheter to claim for peace, in both sides.

I admire you both, Peace man and Hope man. My thoughts are with you. Never lose the hope or forget that peace is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Why is this war happening? Why cant people stop hating each other?

We are all human beings, we are all born, have a limited time on this earth and we ALL will die one day! Why cant people live together in peace?

Only when we ALL face extinction (and one day we will!) we will stop hating each other and start livin together. But then it will be too late!

Life for peace and the greater good!

Unknown said...

Peace Man, I am a Christian man living in the US. I am praying to God for your safety and all those in Gaza who are suffering through this time. Would you please share your perspective on the Hamas militants? Do you see the Hamas militants as your friends? Do you feel they are fighting on your behalf?

Anonymous said...

Be aware that in the instant the blaming/justifying sets in, the communication ends.
As long as you blame your "opponent" and justify yourself, you can as well stop talking and start a fistfight which is likely to perpetuate itself and spread. Small versions in the discussions, large versions in the conflict, well known, basically, by us all, yet still we can’t seem to help it.
We are all possessed by our fears because we deny their existence. The chaos and pain is a result thereof. As long as we don't acknowledge how great our fears are, that we all share them and that we don’t have anyone to blame, we will continue blaming anyone appropriate and getting nowhere. The choice, in fact, is ours.

Anonymous said...

And they said never again.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole point is that a political solution seems unattainable when military strategies are used. It's obvious that Peace Man/Hope Man reject the road of hatred and the way of Hamass: so what? They're still living in a state of terror and hopelessness because the politicians are bolstered by the 80% who believe there is no other option and the other 70% who feel the same: funny, what does that tell you that nearly similar % in both countries support a violent solution to the problem? We are all the same, brothers, we need to realize that: we all bleed blood.

Anonymous said...

To Hope Man and Peace Man

I heard about your story the other night on All things Considered on NPR. Hope Man was interviewed.

What an inspiring message you give for everyone involved in this horrible conflict and for those of us in the world, who are just "spectators", who one day in December woke up and saw that war had broken up again in the Middle East.

By caring for one another, accepting your differences, having established a dialogue, you are the voices of reason. Human beings are capable of the best and the worst. You show the world the best side of humankind. I hope that more people on both sides of the boarder, will come to realize that this war is pointless and is a human tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your blog on National Public Radio. I have been following the situation in Palestine for many years and continue to be shocked at the level of violence Israel commits against you. I am incredibly angry that my country, the U.S., provides such an incredible amount of aid to Israel. Israel is the recipient of the largest cumulative amount of U.S. foreign assistance since WWII. Since 1985, the U.S. has given Israel $3 billion in grants EACH year, and in '07, the Bush administration said it would increase U.S. military assistance to Israel by $6 over the next ten years. And our country is experiencing the worst financial crisis in recent history. Is anyone surprised? There are many Americans who do not support U.S. support of Israel, and I am one. I apologize for my country's unforgivable behavior, and my heart is with you.

Chee said...

... If many more know what both of you know, which is that of a bond with each other that transcends boundaries to understand each other....

Thank you for letting me see that such a bond can exist between two who will normally be enemies.

Please live on.

hillsideslide said...

My prayers and my heart are with you!

We hear you.

Thank you both for reaching out and sharing your message. We all need examples like you.

Thank you and God bless!

Tina from Pennsylvania, USA

Anonymous said...

Hopeman and Peace man,

You are an inspiration to us all. I read these comments. We are from all over the world. We all have different opinions. We come from varying cultures, different religions, different communities. Yet, one thing links us all-we all want peace and we have hope. The fact that you are both blogging about a desperate situation and a way out of it, and the comments here that are so unique yet beautifully and carefully expressed demonstrates to me that there IS a chance for change. If you are unable to do anything else with your day, please know that at this moment you gave one person across the ocean a renewed sense of faith in human beings. Thanks. Love and peace and hope to you and your families.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Blas, from Tucuman, Argentina. Here, in my province, there was a time, no so long ago, that jewish and arabian combine swiht peace: Alperovich, as governor, & Juri, vice governor; This example it must to be copie! In spite of all, is nice to konow how the young peope are worry about wath is happenning!

Anonymous said...

Hello, knew of the blog after you see a story in the Brazilian news network of "global" I live in Rio de Janeiro, and also live in a constant war, war between police x bandits.
Israel is above all doing a war coward, killing several children and civilians, I am following the news and I hope peace finally to you, for years the violence comes to consuming all.

Enough of war, in Rio and in the world ...

Anonymous said...

I also heard about your blog on National Public Radio. It is hard for me to look at the news those days. In one hand we have the pro-Israel news in U.S. that makes me sick. On the other hand you have the news that shows what is going on in Gaza and it is horrible. It is so hard to see all those innocent children being killed. If it is difficult to see this situation on the news, I cannot imagine how it will be to live through this terror.
I am also ashamed to live in U.S. and know that the tax we pay is going to kill innocent people around the world, instead of bring peace and a better life for all of us. My husband and I try to raise our voices to stop U.S. violence against other countries, but unfortunately nothing has change, and the violence continues.
I, like many others that are writing to you, apologize for U.S. behavior. We will keep trying, protesting, and hopping that one day this situation will change. Unfortunately people are losing their lifes and their loved ones as we hope. I am really sorry, and my heart is with you.
Lets keep hopping and teaching or children that we can build a better world then the one we are living now.
Thank you Peace man and Hope man.

Anonymous said...

As a Jewish american, I am greatly conflicted by what is going on between Israel and Gaza. I support that the Israel should defend their country by putting a stop to the rockets that are terrorizing their citizens. However, Hamas is not really paying for their actions in the end. Instead, hundreds of civilians, and counting, are losing their lives. The refusal on both sides to negotiate the proposed U.N. Security Council cease-fire makes me wonder- what are the objectives of this war? I support that Israel shouldn't stand by and be attacked, but are these means really effective? I applaud this website and its efforts to humanize what is going on over there- people need to understand how these old rivalries are affecting normal lives very much like our own. I am taught to stand by Israel, but I cannot help but wonder if hundreds of lives are worth whatever they are trying to gain.
All in all, thank you Peace Man and Hope Man for giving me some new perspective. If the war ever ends, it is people like you that will help the world to realize that what everyone wants is more similar then you would think. And I believe that what everyone wants is peace.

Anonymous said...

Something is very wrong here...Israel has very precise and deadly weaponry, yet 50%, or half of the killed Gazans are civilians, a large portion children.Hamas, on the other hand, has homemade, crude and inaccurate weaponry, yet 80% of the Israeli casualties are combatants, soldiers.Is Israel purposely targeting civilians with it's precise, pinpoint weaponry? I saw a video of an Israeli airstrike that would break anyone with a soul's heart.This raw footage was taken minutes after an Israeli attack, I saw roughly 20 bodies strewn about, kids laying next to their bikes, a body of a young boy can be seen laying face first on the ground, he was no older than 5.My God have mercy on these people.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that this awful, terrible war ends, so the people in Ghaza can live in peace.
I think and pray for them every day.
From a sad women in Stockholm

marina said...

I hope to read you again and again and again...
The international community is blind?

Thomas S. Bauer said...

Dear Hope and Peace men,

it is extremely good and important that you keep this dialogue alive! that what is done in this war (from both sides) cannot be called "human" and may not continue - and your action shows that friendship over borders and nationalities and probably faith can exist.

I wish this war, this killing soon will stop, and i wish i could help you in your activity working for peace. If i can do anything for you, i would be more than happy if you let me know. I wish you and your families strength to survive these bad times, and realization of hope and peace.

It was through friendship that de Gaulle and Adenauer in the 1950ies overcame the perception between France and Germany as each others "arch-enemies", and laid the basis for a more peaceful Europe since then. I hope that your action will have a similar result!


Nel Ivancich said...

Please keep this important and informative dialog going. It is one of the world's best models for civility.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peace man,

I am praying for you and everyone in Gaza. Feel helpless and inhuman to witness such an horrific act of crime happening. Can we (human being) ever forget ourselves to witness this? How many times humanity will be killed by human beings? My friend I am really worried about you. Who knows what will happen to you, but your spirit will live forever. My hearts all the best wishes for you.

A ?human?

CopperBoom said...

Dear Humanity;
We have not heard from the Peace man for 5 days and almost 2 weeks from the Hope Man. I hopen they are well.

I agree, we should all continue to let this conversation going as this will give more hope to Peace man and Hope man. Such a disgusting drama. I am ashamed that human kind, us, can be this cruel, over what? No matter how Holy that land is, is it still Holy when lifes are lost and the despair conqueres their future?
Peace and Love
Deniz, from LA

Nel Ivancich said...

Dear Peace man,
You haven't posted to your blog journal for 8-days.
I pray that your futile situation has improved since your last entry. I realize that you can't write when you don't have electricity. I send every blessing for you, your family and all the victims of this brutalality.

Anonymous said...

Peace Man and Hope Man,

Both of you are the proof that
humanity still exists.

That sobering sanity can exists amidst heroic madness.

Please stay safe.
Please keep writing.
So that they know there are
still hope for peace.

-adhi, indonesia

Mary Cuevas said...

hi peace man,
i hope you are4 safe. i heard about the doctor in gaza who was attacvked while talking to an israeli journalist. three of his daughters were killed. so unbelievable. wrote about it on my blog and posted the video. check it out if you have time and electricity. it is january 17th, 2009 post.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how can both of u manage to keep this friendship.the situation is very complex and personally i can't think in making a friend from israel not because i hate them but it is hard

Anonymous said...

i hate israel why is it killing inoccent unarmed people and children. I saw a video in which they show that in israel they take rockets and get them autographed by israeli children. Anyways stay safe inshallah this war will stop.