Friday, December 19, 2008

A walk in the fields

For a little over a month the cease fire has come to an end.

Yesterday morning my wife and I decided to walk to the fields. I said to her that it may be a mistake to leave our kids alone at home, but she said "we cannot let the rockets control our life". We kept walking, hoping that no rockets will be fired today. After about 15 minutes away from our home we heard the rocket alert. We had no where to hide so we both lay flat on the ground covering our heads. This is the safest thing to do when out in the open while rockets fall.
We heard the rockets fall at a distance and ran quickly home. We called our kids on the cell phone and made sure they were safe. They were all fine inside the safe room. The rockets fell somewhere in an open field, and no one was hurt.

On November 4th Israeli armed forces entered Gaza and as claimed blew up a tunnel that was being dug towards the Israeli border. As a result Palestinian forces attacked the Israeli forces, and the circle of blood has returned...

Since then the region has been slowly but surely moving back into instability. With Qassam rockets and mortars being targeting Israeli communities and Israeli helicopters and tanks targeting Palestinian locations. Several Palestinians have been killed. Several Israelis injured, All people in the region are in fear of further escalation.

We lived for almost 5 months in a ceasefire situation. On my side of the border things had returned to normal and we finally once again felt safe. Kids played freely outdoors, streets filled once again with people, and the constant fear of the rocket alerts had disappeared.

My kids went to sleep in their room again instead of the safe room, and I could walk out to the fields surrounding the town without the fear of being out in the open with no where to hide.

During this time I have been in touch with many friends of mine in Gaza, and from them I heard a very dark and troubling reality.

The siege Israel had imposed on them continued. Basic items were allowed into Gaza, however manufacturing materials and many other items that are needed for normal life were not allowed. They had many power shortages and had very little fuel and cooking gas. People could not enter of leave Gaza and could not start living a normal life since the economic and employment situation remained as it was before.

As Peaceman mentioned, hundreds of Palestinian students and been stranded in Gaza. Some, like Peaceman, have already missed 2 years of academic studies.

Neither side took advantage of these 5 months to work out a solution that will prevent the return of violence, and now it is back. Once again talks about major Israeli attacks on Gaza and major rocket attacks on Israel. Politicians on both sides blaming the other side for the situation and hope for the civilians in the region is once again very slim.

Once again we should all call to end the violence, open the siege, start talking and bring back hope to us, civilians on both sides, pawns in the unbearable senseless political game.

Let us live with dignity, freely, quietly and securely in this region!


Rachete said...

You and your family are in my prayers. As well as the innocent families in Israel that find themselves caught in the middle of this mess.

Mary Cuevas said...

it breaks my heart to read this. i am hoping my new country's president starts peace talks with palestine and israel.

i wish our press reported more about the plight of the palestinians living in the gaza strip. it just gets buried. think they fear being labeled antisemites. when in reality, reporting the truth will help lead to a solution.
los angeles, ca

Merche Pallarés said...

"Let us live with dignity, freely, quietly and peacefully in this region!" That, dear Hopeman/Peaceman, summarizes human beings' basic needs. Hugs, M.

Anonymous said...

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves."
Only through brotherly love can we humans end this tragedy in Gaza and Sderot. I have not written in awhile to this blog but due to the current one-sided news stories in the USA I had to check on my brothers in God in Gaza and Sderot--Peaceman and Hopeman. My heart sunk low in my chest when I saw the news report and your blogs. When will the suffering end? I pray for you my fellow humans that those in power will learn how to treat you humanely--how to LOVE.

julie in USA said...

It is clear to me that Hamas while being in power has no intention of serving its citizens. As long as this is true, can any dialogue be possible?

Hakima from UK said...

What dialog are you talking about while Israel is massacring children women and men.If you can't see what's happening in Gaza through the media in your country then I advise you to watch Aljazeera channel and you will see the bloody massacre.

Anonymous said...

You sound like such a decent guy, but I wonder if the place you live now used to belong to a Palestinian-Are you enjoying stolen goods & benefiting from someone else's misery?

RedNose said...

Hamas is at power at Gaza. Hamas openly says its goal is to destroy Israel.
Israel kills civilians in Gaza. Agree, it is terrible, but let's look at it from a slightly different angle:
Hamas and Palestinian terrorists (note I did not say palestinian people - I do not believe all of them are terrorists) TARGET CIVILIAN in Israel. Not ramy -- civilians. Their goal is to destroy civilians! Israely army tries to destroy Hamas and terrorists, and this is natural self-defence. Unfortunately, Hamas uses palestinian people as live shields. They hide in houses, schools, etc... No wonder, civilians get hurt and killed. I do not support war, but I can not see any other way. Hamas and terrorists should be destroyed in some way first. Either physically exterminated or they have to decide to leave as civilised people.
Did it ever occured to Palestinian people that they are "collateral damage" in war of religious fanatics against Israel????
How about working together with Israel and leave in peace? You, palestinian people look siliently when Hamas fires rockets. What did you do to stop the situation??? You know that someone is going to Israel to blow themselves up at busy restaurant. Did you stop them??? What exactly do you expect from Israel in response to attacks?

Anonymous said...

Dear RedNose,
How many palestinian have been killed?
How many israelies?

El Keetaaba "The Writing" said...

I loved your blog, so real. I hope you both can stay safe and keep writing. Is religion a part of your lives? I am very interested to find out your beliefs, what you guys think. Maybe change some misconceptions I have. Be safe.

Seeking Genuine Answers said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why is it acceptable that ANYONE be killed?

Human life is valuable period - Israeli and Palestinian.

Palestinians should be OUTRAGED at the targeting and killing of Israeli civilians - especially in light of their experiences.

Israelis have continued to act and speak out against Palestinian civilian casualties and send humanitarian aid in the midst of the conflict.

Hamas is greatly responsible for the escalation of the violence and the seige on Gaza.

Why are more Palestinians not holding them accountable?

Anonymous said...

look,the jews are not leaving your lands period. so quit whinning about how they kill civillians,funny how the arabs ignore that your ignorant leaders in hamas are fireing rockets at there civillians,if you people really want to live in peace,drop the ignorant hatetred attitude,and get rid of the fools running gaza,and accept the reallity,