Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 weeks and still going

I wish to thank all those who have commented and supported our effort in sending out our message. It is impossible for us during this time to answer any specific questions; however we read everything and thank you for your contribution.

An additional note: We post 95% of the comments and try not to censor comments.
Some comments that use abusive language or that we feel will cause more misunderstanding than understanding are not posted. The purpose of the blog is to further understanding of our reality and not be a platform for debate and blame.

We are now 2 weeks into the war.
1 week since the ground incursion and Peace man and I have been in very little contact since the. He is out of electricity 99% of the time and cannot charge his cell phone. Added to that is the fact that reception of cell phones from Gaza is almost nil, he has to be in a high and exposed place to talk. This endangers him so we have had very little contact.

It is a horrifying reality. Clearly the situation in Gaza is much worse than what we are experiencing, however I will share what we are going through so the complexity and absurdity can be understood.
On the Israeli side 1 million people are in the range of the rockets from Gaza. Many people have fled to safer areas in Israel. Most rockets are hitting in open areas, however some have injured civilians and lot's of damage has been caused to homes and buildings. People are in constant fear and alert.
The war has created chaos in most of the southern part of Israel. No school or university studies, people are not allowed to crowd which means no weddings and other gatherings are not allowed, many businesses are closed and people have not been to work for 2 weeks.
I have personally spent most of the time in Sderot however my wife and kids have been out of the area for the whole time. Today we are all together again at home. The rockets are still hitting, however it feels good to be back home even in face of danger. We have been in this reality for 8 years so for us it seems amazingly normal.
Today has been a rather quiet day in Sderot, Only rocket alerts, no one hurt and no damage.

It feels rather normal however as I type, I can clearly hear the sounds of war. Blasts and planes, shooting and helicopters. A horrible war so close across the border.
I am horrified by the number of civilian casualties in Gaza. The civilians are to suffer once again from the brutality and incompetence of their leaders and this time the result is worse than ever.

For 4.5 months from June to November 2008 we had a cease fire. Only a very small amount of hostile actions from both sides were occurring. Our life was back to a very quiet and normal reality. The main problem was that for the Gazen civilians, the cease fire did not create any hope since there was an ongoing siege on Gaza.
Both sides were blaming each other. Israel claming that the Hamas is not abiding to the ceasefire since there were occasional rockets and the arms smuggling continued, and Hamas claiming that Israel is not fulfilling its part since the siege continued.
This war has broken out for the simple reason that neither side was willing to make a serious effort to avoid it. Both sides were sharpening their swords waiting for the next horrible round.
Was there no other option? Of course there was!
Both sides state that on the other side there is no partner to talk to. However the initial cease fire was achieved by talks. Indirect talks but that is only a technicality.
We all know that sometime (hopefully very soon) there will be some kind of agreement and both sides will talk. We all know that this agreement will not disarm either side and remove the treat of future hostilities. However it will be reached. Why then did so many civilians have to pay such an appalling price for the stupidity and incompetence of our leaders? I am both furious, heartbroken to see how our region has fallen so deep into this tragedy which could have been avoided in the first place.

More bombings are heard from my home across the border, deepening the pain, suffering and hatred.

Once this is over there will be so much work to be done to build any kind of hopeful future. We keep this dialog going to make it just a bit easier when it ends.


Marcos Vichi said...

Hello Peace man and Hope man

This Blog is a very good seed wich says that the dialog is always posible in spite of the stupidity of the politicians.

I pray for the peace in your land.

You are not forgotten! Keep writting your words are going very far.

Best Wishes,

From Rio de Janeiro - Brazil!

Marcos Vichi

Anonymous said...

It's good to read your Jan. 10 posting, Hope man, but it will be even better to finally read one from Peace man. Though as you described his situation with electricity and cell phone coverage, that might not happen for a long time. I pray he & his family are safe.

Keep writing to each other because the world is listening. Frankly, the things that you two guys say to each other (and to us) make much more sense that what I hear from the politicans on all sides.

Molie in the US

jarvenpa said...

Peace Man, Hope Man--Marcos is right. By simply keeping your personal connection you make us hope that peace is possible. You give a human face to both sides of this, you make it possible to answer those who think only "the other is at fault", who think only in divisions.
I have shown many your blog.
I am in Northern California, in the USA, and I hold you both in my thoughts, and hope for peace for all.

Arminius Advocatus said...

You both are not alone. Not now, not tomorrow...

Shalom!! / Salaam!!

geo said...

As a concerned Jew - I can not look at things simply in some ways, while seeing things very simply in other ways.

Just because Israel is in my estimation Wrong - in invading Gaza and was Wrong in trying to Economically Strangle Gaza - most particularly from November 5, 2008 on - (though also prior to then,)doesn't mean that Hamas is "right" or good.

Obviously the Rockets - and the seeming Willingness to Sacrifice Civilians "for the cause" is "wrong" for Hamas to do.

Hamas being "wrong" does not justify Israel being - "more wrong".

Assume - for a moment that "most of us" share common goals of: 1.) Wanting an end to the rocket attacks in Israel, 2.) Ending the killing in Gaza and 3.) Gaza moving towards a semi-independent - if not fully independent state - living in Peace with Israel.

It is unclear to me how such goals can possibly be achieved by Military means. I can not imagine how violence directed against Israel will end through military force. Perhaps the rockets will be stopped in the moment - with a "military victory". If this were to occur - does anyone not believe that violence will recur in a similar or new form against Israel - until or unless my third objective above is beginning.

The "pullout from Gaza" - several years ago - did not do this. (more of these thoughts - will be shortly -in my blog:


Monsenhor said...

This blog is a fantastic initiative to people around the world know what really happens on the day by day of people who are in the "eye of the hurricane."

If you need something you can count on my cooperation through my blog.

Every day I make updates to my blog and has been accessed by hundreds of people worldwide every day. I give my share of contribution to this act.

A big hug to everyone

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Jodie said...

Hello to Peace and Hope, from Los Angeles, California.

(And greetings to the Cidade Maravilhosa. Love it there!)

We too pray for peace and an end to the violence. What is the purpose of it all?

It is awesome that you have set up this blog. Thank you. Your words indeed are going far.

eLi said...

Your words invaluable in this moment of heart break... They give me hope, and make me feel that even in the middle of the war there is light.

I dont understand anything in this situation, I think the World has gone blind, or more accuratedly... has chosen to go blind.

It is difficult to think what can an individual do in such a situation... power seems to be always in the wrong hands...

This blog is a sign that says that you are there, and you deserve peace.

I admire your courage...

eLi (

Carol Scheller said...

Hello, dear friends, I just had a long, warm conversation with an Israeli soldier who receives calls at 00 972 2 583 97 49.This phone number was on a flyer dropped in thousands of copies over Gaza to ask Palestinians there to report on Hamas to the Israeli army. I called to say that I thought that Israel could find a way to talk to Hamas instead of killing. He didn't agree, but we exchanged a lot, and he took the reference to your blog, which he plans to read once he's off duty. I forgot the "www" - I hope he can still find it. I suggest that anyone who is willing to listen to him or anyone else who answers at that number do so. The idea is to listen, to speak respectfully and to disagree respectfully. Please be sure to mention this blog and give its exact address !

afshan said...

I dont understand people who blame "hamas". Suppose you rent half portion of your home to someone and after some time they inform you that this portion is theirs.Israel occupied Phalestine and "Hamas" is demanding their land back which is not bad, i think this is their right.
It is good that there are people like peace man and hope man. Best wishes for both of you.

Afshan Abbasi

magi said...

hi dear hope man and peace man
This is Mehrnoosh from Tehran, Iran. I was really surprised seeing your weblog. Unfortunately the news in Iran don't show that it's a bilateral war. Based on Iran news it's just an invasion from Israeil. Nothing is told about the Hamas attackes. I always told my friends that this war will be ended if people of both sides ask their leader to do this. Most of people in Iran beleives that peace is impossible but after reading your blog and seeing your friendship, I think it will be very soon that people of both sides reach to peace.
I hope it comes soon

Anonymous said...

From USA- I've been reading this blog daily since hearing of it on National Public Radio. Thank you both for sharing your world with us- for making this personal, not political. I've shared it with the history teachers at my child's high school and they are using it in class. I hope each of us can realize that we have more in common than what our differences seem to be. Your blogger names say it all-- Hope and Peace. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

all the best for yours from Uruguay.
We are in the 21 century, still we believe in the war as the best way???????

Iowa_USA said...

Thank you for sharing your story. My family's prayers are with you.

Lynne said...

Peace Love And Understanding
May G-d Bless You both

Anonymous said...

Hope man and Peace man,

I am sharing your blog with everyone I can as you are shining examples of how important dialogue and communication are to promoting the understanding that is essential to move towards peace. Both of you are in my thoughts, and I hope and pray that you and your families are safe. And, especially, that Peace man becomes safe enough that he is able to communicate what is happening there in Gaza.

I lived, worked, and traveled in Israel/Sinai almost 20 years ago, and met many Israelis and Palestinians who wanted to talk about what needed to be done for peace, but never engaged in a conversation with both an Israeli and a Palestinian at the same time. I admire your dedication and courage. The world needs to read your words.

In peace,

Theresa Sofianos
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Anonymous said...

News on CNN today is not good. Israel is escalating the bombing/pounding but... how can any of the citizens in Gaza get out of the way? Where can they go that is safe? This is more than a sounds like annihilation.

Stay safe Peace man and Hope man.

Molie in the USA

Viviane said...

Nous sommes avec vous deux
nous pensons à vous et tous ceux qui vous entourent

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I've heard about you guys a lot in the last couple of days and I wanted to say we are praying for you guys and hope you hang on.

I just wanted to ask one thing:

I've been able to find out Hope man's real name written in a lot of sites but I've never seen Peaceman's real name.

Why is that?

Chris Donovan,
Salt Lake City,

Anonymous said...

It's so sad for all the innocents on both sides that must deal with this. I am very happy to see the dialogue between Hope Man and Peace Man. If you get a chance, I have some questions on my own blog titled "Trying to understand". Any and all comments are welcome as I am trying to understand what is going on in the middle east directly from those with first-hand knowledge, and not by listening to the politicians and the news media in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Hope man addressed your question in an earlier post.. that, for Peace man's/his family's privacy and security it is not a good thing for Peace man's name to be given out. Hope man is just protecting his friend.

Molie in the US

francien said...

Dear mister Hope and mister Peace man
I realy hope that this war is ending very soon . For both sides it is a terrible way of living ..
My hope is that the govermend of Israell and Hamas think about the people instead of proud and revanche.
Much love and a lot of hope for you and your families from
Francien ,Holland ,Vlissingen.

Anonymous said...

I am an Israeli woman and am also horrified to hear what is happening to the civilian population in Gaza right now. I am also aware of how hard it is for Israelis in the south. I hope and pray that an end will come immediately that will allow civilians on both sides to feel safe. There is a question in my mind which doesn't leave me alone. We hear that Gaza is full of underground tunnels and bunkers and I find it hard to understand why these are not being made available to the civilian population for their safety. If they could use them women and children at least could stay there, and with food and water stores, for lengthy periods. Why are Gazans not pressuring the leaders for better civilian protection?

Anne Gilbert said...

Peace Man and Hope Man:

I feel very sad for the people of Israel and the people of Gaza/Palestine. I feel sad for the Israelis, because they have no security, anywhere, and therefore no peace, and innocents get killed. I feel sad for the people of Gaza/Palestine because they are trapped like rats on a sinking ship, being constantly shelled, bombed, blasted, and innocents are killed. And I feel sad for both of you, because you cannot be friends. I feel so sad right now as I've been reading the headlines and seeing the images, that I want to cry.

But I also feel cautiously hopeful, because there are brave Israelis and brave Palestinians and others, all over the world, who are speaking out against everything that is happening in Gaza now. And they will continue to speak out. And I salute your own courage, Hope Man and Peace Man, because it is going to be you, and people like you, who make the peace between the two sides, which must inevitably come, possible.
Anne G

Anonymous said...

thank you.

Catherine said...

Hope man, Peace man,

Thank you Hope man for the update. We are reading the news and though last night there had been a glimpse of hope from Hamas side (discussion with Egypt?), it looks as if now war is going to escalate further. To what end?

I totally agree with you, the leadership on both sides is a real shame though these leaders were legitimately elected if I am not mistaken. As we say in french there is the same % of idiots everywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to give us the information in a raw, crude form. Not only the facts but also what goes through your mind and your emotions. It makes this more real, human, and poignant.
Journalists all over the world report about the conflict, but their testimonials are emotionally detached.

Everyone starting with the leaders of Hamas and Israel should read your blog and come to the realization that they are committing a crime. These pictures we see from Gaza are simply horrible. I am French but live in the US. I hope President Obama will not follow the isolationist policy of Goerge W. Bush in his first years in office. Your blog is read all over the world, we are all totally interconnected.

Thank you. I hope like you that we will hear from Peace man soon. All the best to you and your family, try to say safe (if it is possible).


Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog since I heard about it on NPR, just like many of you. I am glad NPR felt it important enough to air.

Thanks to you, both Peace Man and Hope Man, for your perspectives on this ongoing hostility and war. It is enligtening to read how two people in the midst of this war view the actions of both Hamas and Israel. I am learning a lot, thanks to the two of you.

Hoping you both stay safe and manage to get through this, and hoping there is an end to the violence from both sides very soon.

longlostcousin said...

Thank you for creating this blog and creating social awareness.
I read your blog daily, i admire your strenght.
My prayers are with both sides.
You are not alone, please know this.
We need to use the power of social media to create peace in the world. And, this blog is a great way to start global journey towards peace

Peace To All said...

salam aleykum
very nice blod you have, thank you for writing it, my prayers with both of you
I would like to follow this blog, but you didnt have the link to do so?
well, keep up the good work and visit my blog too
salam :)

Anonymous said...

You think probably that you were only two little men. I want to tell you that you are our soul's voice. Our soul that need Peace and Hope.
Gratefull. How can we help you?

from Naples, Italy.

AC said...

8000 people marched in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday. It's a small number for a big city. But the incredible madness of this war is noticed worldwide.
It's hard to hope, it's an infected conflict.

My thoughts are at you.

Anna, Stockholm.

Wolfgang Peter Menzel said...

... hello unto You !
getting information about and from your blogg I will immediately link it to my own because of its enormous
importance for all of us.

Wolfgang Peter Menzel

Anonymous said...

Molie, Guys.

If Peaceman cannot publish his name for fear of security while Hopeman can publish his name anywhere without being persecuted, doesn't it say something about Palestine's horrid regime vs. Israel's Democracy ?

Chris Donovan,
Salt Lake City,

Anonymous said...

Anything I write will feel meaningless, since there is nothing I can do to actually improve the situation right now. But I'd like you to know that we think about everyone in Gaza and hope that this crazy war will be stopped soon. Love from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

Lots of love from Sweden, we pray for you two and the whole Palestinian people. I just wish there was something more we could do, this whole situation is horrifying!!! Why isn´t the world stopping it???

Anonymous said...

It's terrible to hear these things, but don't give up!!
There is always hope.. and it is true that the whole world is watching and listening to you!

Hold on!!!!!!

Kate from Hungary

georgie said...

You write: "This war has broken out for the simple reason that neither side was willing to make a serious effort to avoid it. Both sides were sharpening their swords waiting for the next horrible round." so HOW i wonder will a cease fire now lead to something else than just this, a of capability for the next war? This endless circle of violence need to be stopped. Only if Hamas, Hizbollas, Ayathollas and Al quaidas are gone there can be any peace.

Most of you say "violence is not the answer". Well what is? 2ndly I think violence IS the answer sometimes...and this is one of them.

Northern israel has been spared from rocket attacks since 2006 war compared to the situation before it.

Also no matter if israel occupied gaza. Did not occupy any longer. Did have 5000 settlers in Gaza. Did not have 5000 settlers there anymor. No matter what Israel does rockets keep coming. Then the only way is to get rid of the reason the rockets are coming. hamas.

Now the politicians of nationalistic Serbia is in jail for attacking one part after another in their region. Not untill Serbia was bombed until surrender things stopped. Now it is peace. And not just a temporary cease fire.

Same in Kuwait. Now there is free Kuwait still and peace there only after WAR and attacks on Saddam army there was peace again in Kuwait.

Same in Iraq now. There is now a building of an muslim democracy in middle east slowly step by step. Kurds are safer than before the Iraq war. There is hope. Sure there is a lot of Al quida still.

But violence IS the answer sometimes. And this is one of them.


Anonymous said...


When Hatred turns to love the guns will go silent and blame can cease. When blame is turned into a helping hand, trust and peace can go forward. With peace and trust all can live in freedom and dignity.
As long as blame and hate are taught to innocent children the guns will never stay silent long. As long as the guns speak peace will forever remain silent. As long as peace remains silent our children will die in war.
If blame and hate can be discarded the guns will become dumb and peace will speak softly at first. As time goes by and trust grows like a flower in sunlight, the voice of peace will speak all the louder. As peace speaks loud love will blossom and God's light will shine upon all.

I'm not the best poet. My prayers are with you both. You are an example to many others. It is my hope that one day Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and brotherly love.

Mary Cuevas said...

hi hope man and peace man,
this dialogue is so important.
i am trying to help spread the word about you on my blog. i have you linked there and wrote a post on you.:)

seems like many here are trying to spread the word about the two of you. and this is great.:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
Yesterday we were more than 8000 people in Stockholm, Sweden, demanding an immediate stop for the Israeli shellings, bombings and war crimes in Gaza.
We were demanding immediate action not only from Israeli leadership but from all the political leaders of the world.
You and all your friends and relatives have my warmest thoughts and wishes for peace and justice!

Anonymous said...

Cascade.. thanks for your poem. Absolutely ....peace is speaking in a quiet voice now, it seems, but our world is too fragile/too small for us to be destroying it in so many ways... this war being an example of man's worst destruction.

To what end?

Blame and hate are the primary motivations on both sides, but neither one of those is a force as powerful as peace or trust.

Molie in the U.S.

skyewriter said...

Dear men of hope and peace:

Your voices are reaching the hearts of many across this vast internet.

I have linked this blog to mine in the hope that many more people will read what is REALLY going on (unfiltered through the media)and also in the hope they will realize the human cost of this conflict.

Thinking of you, your families. May you have peace and love everlasting.

from Sweden said...

I believe that at the end Peace and Hope is what every humanbeing is searching for.

The leaders are not living in the misery (do not forget that!), they only give orders - therefore, civilians on both side ought to join eachother for a mutual goal, namely harmony,peace and quiet!

Your blog is highely appreciated, so keep on going. You guys show the rest of the world that normal, civilian people are not reaching for war, they're reaching for peace.

ziggy said...

Hope and Peace persons and their readers:

Many thanks for your honest and courageous blogs. They bring the terrible events down to a human level. We here in the United States must deal with the near-completely one sides ("Israel, right or wrong...")coverage from the media and statements from our leaders. It is most depressing. For a lighter hearted view of it, see Jon Stewart's Daily show for January 5 (it is on line).

Colleagues and I have posted a petition and are collecting signatures to present to our elected representatives. Others are doing this, too, though not enough. Here is the petition in case anyone else would like to use it in their own communities:

As American Jews and Israelis living in this region, many with family and close friends in Israel, we affirm the need for Israel to protect its citizens from aggression. However, we deplore Israel's extreme and brutal attacks in Gaza that have resulted in a humanitarian crisis of immeasurable proportion. These attacks have already caused more than 800 Palestinian fatalities and more than 3,000 wounded. Many are civilians, including small children. In addition, water, food, fuel, and medical supplies are in short supply. Life in Gaza has become intolerable, and even the safety of those in Southern Israel has not been achieved.

Israel, like Hamas, has failed to abide by its commitments to a just and lasting peace, even during the recent 6-month cease fire, and Israel's attacks upon Gaza will not achieve that goal, one that must be attained if Israel is to continue to exist. Thus, we urge Israel as well as Hamas to accept the UN Security Council Resolution calling for an immediate cease fire. And we call upon the United States Government to take all steps within its power to effectuate the provisions of the Resolution and then to help move both parties toward true peace.

I wish for your welfare and that of your families, friends, and neighbors.

Robin said...

Peace and Hope,
Thanks for doing this blog. As a human, a Jew, and a psychotherapist, my heart is broken by the assault on Gaza and the nasty leadership on both sides. I'm on the board of an organization that has trained trauma therapists and done direct trauma work on both sides of your border. Everyone in the organization is devastated by the effects this battle. Our hearts are with you. It helps me, personally, to read your blog and to know that neither of you are buying into the hatred.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Georgie, violence is probably the answer for people like you who enjoy the luxury of watching it on TV and reading about it in the newspaper. What is conspicuously absent from this whole carnage is any serious effort at discussion between the two sides, and this is what Hope man and Peace man are trying to do with their own capacity. Cheerleading one side while demonizing the other is not going to help Palestinians and Israelis achieve real peace.

Imam said...

Never Give Up

Halla said...

"Was there no other option? Of course there was!"

You point out the pointlessness of this whole mess perfectly hopeman and all this is going to do is make it worse not better and all because both sides weren't willing to take the next step towards peace! Is there no one in the kenesset willing to stop this? Of course they have to talk to each other, who else are they going to discuss any peace agreement with? War is not the answer!

Stay safe both of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for showing us that a dialogue is possible.
I sincerely hope that this tragedy will end soon.

Anonymous said...

This is my second visit to your site & I have told my friends about Mr Peace & Mr Hope I too am heart-broken I have visited Israel (and enjoyed the arab sensibility which I feel is also at the root of my Jewish heritage and I miss it) since childhood and I find this war particularly unbearable Thank you for your sane words Mr Hope (10th) I have tried to do something here in London finding it almost impossible to sit at home while there is so much distress and suffering Daily talks to God and demos and this morning to a vigil to express my deep sadness for all who have lost those whom they love, and those who are living in trauma- All I have is my feelings and I send you both and all your families and friends my love - I will look in and see how you both are very soon - with love from London

Anonymous said...

What also saddens me is that the U.N. provides no path out of this situation.

Will that world body take a clear stand toward both sides?

Why must it be up to individual nations to craft a resolution?

I am very curious to see the direction that our new president and his staff will take in their dealings with this issue. Have you read PE Obama's comments about Iran in today's papers (NYTimes)?

Molie in the U.S.

Tove said...

Dear hopeman and peaceman.

It's a bliss to read your courageous words, they bring hope about peace to the world.
I believe that peace can only come through every individuals courage to stand up for it, and I admire you two that have the strength to believe in peace even through these days.

It's frustrating to be far away and unable to affect the situation, but at least I will do my best to spread the word about your blog, and thus spread the faith in peace and coexistence.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"

With love from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Carol Scheller, your phone idea is great. I am an Israeli, I am angry with Palestinians but I see that we all need to speak as equals. I hope this ends for the children's sake.

Sue Kennedy said...

A question for both of you - how much support is there for dialogue with the other side among the general populace? The leadership (Hamas and the Israeli gov't) must have support among the citizenry, otherwise they'd be out of business. You'd think.

I don't know, which is why I'm asking.


Your blog is the best thing I've seen w/r/t Israel/Palestine. If everyone there were as sensible as you two this could have been resolved decades ago, to both sides' benefit.

Paisanita said...

I congratulate you both for sharing with the rest of the world your hope and message of peace. I hope an agreement is reached soon so that you can live happily and forget fear.
You will be in my prayers.

Wish you the best,

Anita from Chile.

Anonymous said...

With you as always--and everyday praying.

Gina Marie
Florida, USA

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog! I've been reading a lot of blogs and forums recently and the juvenile discussions of hate from people only able to see in black and white has really depressed me. If people outside of middle east can't discuss properly there's not much hope i felt. Your blog is a light in the darkness.

With hope of peace and prosperity!

Anonymous said...

Sue Kennedy, I will bother to answer you. Hamas got 100% support among the population (dare to resist them and you are dead!), Israel's government has as very strong opposition, but after decisions are made, null. Does this give Hamas the right to continue their disastrous policy? It's up to the civilians of Gaza to decide. In this current situation only Hamas is to be blamed, but who dares to speak that openly in Gaza. The boycott and other measurements are mant to weaken Hamas and strengthen their opponents. It proves, there are no opponents left alive. And last but not least, under these circumstances, the whole Arab world empowered Israel to finish Hamas. Let's pray to God they will succeed is this. Future generations of Gazans will thank them. Meanwhile, one thing remains for the Gazans to do. Organize demonstrations and oppose openly and without fear to those Hamas crooks. You have nothing to loose, but win self respect and self estimation, and a better future will be your award. Organize a strong political opposition to those terrorists, they are real cowards, hiding in schools and minarets, nothing more. Don;t be afraid of them.

Anonymous said...

I am another American who heard about the blog from National Public Radio. I've posted your blog to my facebook account. Friends around the world thanked me, but it is I who must thank you.

You are not alone. Shalom/salaam

marina said...

Yes there was another option! and civilian population pays for the blindness of politics.

amber_australia said...

Hello from Melbourne, Australia.

This is an amazing blog! It really gives you a proper insight as to what is happening over there, it is disgusting.
I especially feel for both yourselves and your families and hope you both stay as safe as you can. The media reports tend to forget that there are real people involved here, people who just want to live in peace, something a lot of us in the world today take for granted.
The pictures of the fighting, the human loss break my heart, no child should have to grow up with such conflict, hurt, anger and pain.
Thank you for this blog.
Amber from Australia.

vaniaha said...

Thank you for your words: i hope, someday the way, you talk to each other will be followed by your governments.
Take care of yourself.
Best wishes, Ivan from Minsk, Belarus.

Anonymous said...

I hope that anyone with the power to stop all the killing do something immediately. Please stop the pain.

For you Hope Man and Peace Man, I wish that you can resist and keep yourselves and relatives alive.

Peace from URUGUAY

abx said...


keep tough my brother...and for those people at palestine....
here we are,people from indonesia..always pray for palestine..never give up..!!


keep posting

Anonymous said...

Dear people,

I feel so badly for this war, as anybody can feel. We live in Arad and just drive crazy to know so close to here life of people is a horrible bad dream.
All my life i undestand the situation of Sderot, the situation of its inhabitants thinking than in any moment their life could gone. But, I can not understand that the only solution of this situation had to be the killing of so many palestinian citizen. You know, you are born and that is, you do not ask to be born in a family or in a country or even inside a determinated culture, you are simple born. And I guess that any citizen of sderot have more things beatifull to tell everybody than a palestinian child who has born in the middle of bombs, and death. How adults, all adults make war, did nothing, absolutelly nothing for them. And now, how many of them are gone, and for ever. No a chance to live a norman life. Even my pets live more much better than them. I feel guilty, yes, I am telling this for the first time, but I have to tell everybody that I felt guilty.


ukeplayer said...

Hopefully, many of the people reading this blog are already active in putting pressure on their elected representatives in government to push for a solution. If you are not, please take time to write or call your government representatives. Be even-handed and tell them that pressure must be put on both Israel and Hamas to take the steps to stop the killing. Violence isn't bringing the Israelis any long-term security, which they deserve; and violence isn't bringing the Palestinians closer to an independent state, which they deserve. If we, the citizens of the world, contribute to the finger pointing and demonizing of one side or the other, we are just as guilty of prolonging the fighting as if we held a gun ourselves!

Speak out in one voice for PEACE!

I am interested in starting a Jewish-Muslim dialogue group in my area (Rhode Island). If anyone has any suggestions or contacts, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hope Man and Peace Man,

I just returned from Israel a few days ago after visiting family there. I want the fighting to stop. But I also want the Palestinian people to raise their voices in objection to Hamas, who in my view commit crimes every day by using children for propoganda and as tools of war, using schools and hospitals to store weapons and launch missiles attacking Israel. Hamas in my view is the cause of all the sadness and waste of human life. The Palestinians deserve a country side-by-side with Israel, but no such reality will ever be if Hamas continues to spew hate and preach destruction of Israel.
I wish you both the best and I hope better times will come soon.

Larisa Escobedo said...

I am so sorry for you. You both israelis and palestinians dont deserve to be in so much pain. I am from mexico and we read your blog with a lot of shame but at the same time a lot of hope.

my respects to all people who loves peace in Israel & Palestina.

Kris Petersen said...

Just found your blog - and very happy to read through your posts. Inspiring and tragic. Keep up the amazing work - stay safe!

Anonymous said...

hi peace man
I saw some videos from satellite tv, Many were killed in Gaza during operation but most of them belonged to Hamas securities and polices. I am sorry for the event in Gaza but Gaza's people is responsible for their votes to Hamas. As you know, the Iranians have paid a massive penalty for their fault in 1973 and now for their votes to Ahmadinjad!If Israel or USA attack to Iran, I will tell you again that Iranians shall accept their own fault for revolution in 1973 and presidency election in 4 years ago!

An Iranian

Anna said...

I just found out about your work in our daily paper and even though I can't understand the horrors of experiencing a war, your blog brings me out of the "bubble" I live in here in Sweden.
I'm going to do what I can to spread it.

May it be over soon!

Anonymous said...

hello again from London.

We think about about you dear Mr Peace and Mr Hope and all your neighbours, friends and family and send you love - and our concern. This terrible thing must surely stop with the inauguration of Obama. We pray it does. It is wonderful to see the support for the blog from around the world which I hope comforts you both. Anyway just really saying thinking of you both in our kitchen here on a cold, damp, and rather beautiful misty day here. One day I hope to visit and - stroll - from Israel across the border into the state of Palestine for a carrot juice and hot bread. Salam & Shalom xxxxx

Katja said...

this war is so painful and terrible! i hope you can live in peace someday!
kind regards from germany

laurent said...

Avec vous chaque jour

With you every day,

GOLROKH said...

Thanks for your blog..
History needs this story

Anonymous said...

Hope Man and Peace Man:
Your courage and convictions continue to inspire people across the globe.
As an American, I am ashamed that bombs and shells marked "made in the USA" are raining down on helpless civilians in Gaza, even as our inane President blames the victims.
And now that bin Laden has publicly joined the fray, many more Americans will falsely believe that standing by while Palestinian women and children are slaughtered somehow advances our security in the world.
It is to weep....

Anonymous said...

No news from Hope man or news through him of Peace man. I hope that they are both safe with their families and that their friendship is intact. I check this blog every day.

Ukeplayer.. I liked your idea of dialogue between Muslims and Jews in R.I. (close to my state of CT). I'm neither, but ... as someone said in an earlier post... when we are born, we don't select our nationality, our religion, our country... we are just born ...into this world. The world needs more of this kind of communication. I think we should be looking at the things that make us the same, not what makes us different.

Molie in the U.S.

PeaceofaPuzzle said...

Just want you to know I am deeply saddened for all people in this conflict and think about it often and will try to remember to pray for you all as well.


Maleo said...

Dear Mr Peace and Mr Hope

even Gaza distance thousands of mile, a can hear weep from palestine childs....

i dont have lot of money
i am not a king
and impossible I bear arms in my hand now...

but inside my heart, i pray for peace palestine..

taking care my bro

me from Indonesia....

Anonymous said...


I am a swede and i feel great pain about what is going on in Gaza.

It is so crazy what is going on...

I follow everything closely on the tv and the Internet.

I feel for all Palestinians in need for a real life. The children that can't be children a.s.o.

Dario said...

Just wondered whether there's someone blogging from the conflict zone, and Google brought me to this wonderful blog of Peace and Hope.

Thank you.

From Paraguay, my deepest sympathy,


Trenton said...

Peace, shalom, salaam.
How can it come when Hamas Charter promises death to Israel, death to Jews, a yearning for death and defines ALL Israel as "occupied" Palestine?
Don't trust me. Google Hamas Charter for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the view from Sderot. I'm sure that any bombing is of concern to civilians because it endangers there lives. However, while Israeli families can flee to safe spaces, Gazans are trapped in a prison which Israel created. One small correction - Gazan civilinas are not suffering because of teh 'brutality and incomptence of their leaders..." even if I don't agree with the Hamas leadership. Gazans are suffering because of an occupation that has lasted 60 years and displaced them several times and because they are currently being bombarded from land and air by one of the most powerful armies in the world.

Peace and Hope are essential ingredients in life. In Gaza both are as unavailable as food, electricity, water, gasoline and medicines.

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best and want you to know that you give me and the world hope by writing this blogg together. The war is horrible, wrong and impossible to understand, especially for me sitting in Sweden following the news through media.

But I will pray for you and for peace in Gaza.

With love

Naomi said...

Hi there,

I just want to let you both know that I have been using your posts as a teaching tool for my 9th grade class. We are focusing on Israel as preparation for a trip there in May, and they have really appreciated hearing about the war in Gaza and Sderot from your own words. We are praying for peace.

Thank you for your writing.

Naomi Azar
Brooklyn, NY

Anonymous said...

You guys are great!
If there was more people like you (Hope Man & Peace Man) the world would be a whole lot more peaceful.
The Newsweek article regarding you guys have been posted on a thread on a site called asmallworld (this is how I heard about you).
May you both, and your families come out of this madness unscratched and thanks for sharing your openness of mind and not falling for the propaganda regurgitated by both extremist sides of this conflict.

Please allow me to add some words written by someone else:

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog. I am sad and upset to hear that so many civilians in Gaza are being killed. My heart cringe to see the photos of the children. I personally believe that Israel has made a big mistake leaving Gaza to Hamas. They should have known better and make sure that Abbas gains control of Gaza well. Hamas is the only power in the area to halt the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. Once they are eliminated the region will know better days. I pray for the civilians in Gaza and at the same time wish that Israel would have a better way to eliminate those hamas thugs.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog which seems to have had a great impact on the world. The power of the blog community is bigger than what I have realized before and I really believe that great blogs like this one can change it all. I wish you will get the peace you deserve and I hope that the week of silence on the blog doesn't mean that something has happened to you guys.


fra.mila said...

hi, i've linked your home page in my home page in facebook; is it ok? against war: not in my name

Mary Cuevas said...

hi hope man,
i heard about the doctor in gaza who was attacked while he was talking on the phone to an israeli journalist.

three of his daughters were killed. wrote about it on my blog and posted a video of this outrage. a crime against humanity and a war crime. check it out if you feel inclined. it is january 17 post.

stay safe.

Helga said...

I'll send you the best wishes and I do all my prayers for you
Hope you get well, hope your families are well too
God bless you

Berlin (Germany)

Jeromy Johnson said...

You ended with:

"More bombings are heard from my home across the border, deepening the pain, suffering and hatred.

Once this is over there will be so much work to be done to build any kind of hopeful future. We keep this dialog going to make it just a bit easier when it ends."

I hope the dialogue continues and the deepening pain, suffering, and hatred eases as a result of your friendship. I cannot begin to imagine the hell you and Peace Man are going through, but just wanted to say that I am blessed by your words and friendship. I also pray for Hope and Peace...

mariomar said...

I write from Italy, and i think that this blog is fresh air into a dump.

I read many comments to your post, and many of them try to give the responsabiliy ENTIRELY to hamas or to Israel governments.
I think that this point of view is EXACTLY the one that brought to this massacre.

Altough i think that in this attack Israel has MUCH MORE responsability than hamas, we MUST start to think that BOTH of them have. TOGHETER with many goverments all over the world (starting from 1948 the first that i can think: USA, URSS, GB, FRANCE, UN, Italy, Egypt and so on).


A possible way out? Don't trust the governments, trust the people!

And stop thinking that eliminating human people as they were cellules in a sick body (you can call al-qaeda, hamas, Bush, terrorist, or whatever you want), the sicknesss will desappear. People leave behind them ideas and friends and relatives and movements, don't simply deappear.

The path is long but i think you are on it.

The best to you both,


Mandy said...

We heard today that as of midnight GMT last night a ceasefire was to take effect...did it?

rabbi lars said...

cry its for the jews

Anonymous said...

I hope you both are still safe and well, just found your blog via (ARD), its very refreshing to read something without all the over-the-top bias you cna find everywhere on both "sides" in this conflict.

Please keep writing. Hope springs eternal.

I wish all of you people in Isreal and Palestine a better future, Peace is possible. Peace is inevitable :);).

Imagine all the people ...

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused.

Hamas' charter calls for the annihilation of Israel and quotes a verse from the Quran that requires the killing of every Jew.

The Gazan people voted for Hamas in a democratic election.

And you're saying Israel is to blame for not negotiating directly with a gov't that has publicly made it their agenda to wipe Israel's entire population off the map?

Yea, I believe in hope, peace and love - but koombaya aside - these Hamas idiots and all the people that support them and voted for them aren't exactly in that rosy mindset.


Amanda Crowe said...

If Israel wants peace, it will have to talk to Hamas, like Britain did with the IRA. Hamas are the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people, and cannot be ignored.

Hello to Peace and Hope. May GOD show kindness and bless us.