Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gazza today

I'm sorry that I couldn’t write yesterday ,because we didn’t have electricity ,and today Israel's government allowed fuel to enter Gaza .
I was taking with my friend yesterday about our media and they make things difficult for both side and how its frustrating to hear them .
For me if I would not have known Hope man I would believe the media ,but I know him very well ,and I know how much he's willing to help the Palestinians ,even I didn’t know how this strong friendship I have with him ,specially when we have the same dream for peace and free life for two people .
Today I was talking with friends about peace ,and how life will be with out killing .
They told me that’s you still dreaming ,with hamas and olmart there is no peace ,and we forgot this word ,but I say we will Fight till we get it ,and we wish that’s real leaders from both side and from the world to come ,and I wish that’s moment to Achieve our dreams.


Chaya said...

Israel continued to provide 75% of electricity without stopping!

Peace man said...

That’s what the media says ,but in fact is different ,am sorry I don’t believe the media in both side because thy have there own agenda .

Imad said...

Hamas controls everything in Gaza. Including the energy supply.
It is obvious that Hamas has an agenda, which consists in making palestinians suffer, attribute that suffering to the Israelies, and play that card in the International Arena in order to gain simpathy... maybe international aid, money, etc.

I am sorry to hear what you are passing through. I would not like to have your leaders...

Anonymous said...

I visited Izrael last year, and was disgusted to see the horrible wall around Jerusalem, and the way the people of Bethlehem were treated just trying to get to work in Jerusalem. They cannot even get their sick children treated in the hospitals in Jerusalem. The Jewish people should remember how they were treated by the nazzis during the second world war, they are doing nearly as bad now to those unfortunate people.
I worked for a Jewish family years ago and was treated very well by them in England, i am catholic, so not all Jewish people are the same.
For the love of God and man why cant they sit down and talk, and not be so ready for the bomb and the bullit to try and solve their differences.
There are a lot of people praying for Gazza in Ireland where i live.
I think only Jesus second coming will bring true peace to this beautiful torn land. a Mother.