Monday, January 28, 2008


This is the third time I go with my friends to Egypt. Even though it was difficult it was enjoyable.
We couldn’t leave Gaza for such a long time ,so its was a chance to leave Gaza for some time to feel that we are free to leave, even though this is not what we dream for, it gave us hope for freedom.
We walked with the hope to go to Al-Arish to see another friend there .

It was so difficult to reach the town of Sheikh Zuwaid, and we couldn’t find a lot of goods, and what we did find was double in price.

On the return, we found a Palestinian driver with his car going to Gaza he was in Al-Arish
On our way we talked. My friend said that next time we will go to Ramallah by car Everyone laughed because it is impossible for all of us under these conditions and I told them why not every thing possible if we stick with hope. I will try to go today again to see if its will be open, I hope the border will still be open.


Danny said...

Dear Hope,
thank you for sharing your experience of going to Egypt.
Practicing your freedom is an inspiration for the world. People don't always appreciate their freedom until they experience a prison. With your description you are helping me and others to appreciate our freedom. moreover it inspires me to continue my work to achieve freedom for all people. starting with myself and my close friends (including you and Hope Man)

Chaya said...

We have heard that thousands of Gazans each received $300 in order to spend in Egypt. Did you receive this money?

Peace man said...

No ,the people who work in Hamas got paid before to buy there needs ,but other’s didn’t get paid .event the people work with Abbas didn’t get paid .
I went to Egypt ,but didn’t have money to buy because I don’t have job .