Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Day

It was good to get some rain today. Not enough though. Our region never has enough rain so it is blessed when it comes.
There were several Qassam rockets today. No one injured. All in open fields. My eldest kid heard 2 alerts today. One on the way to school and one on the way back. When telling me about it, he told me that several years ago when he was smaller the Qassam rockets were scarier even though there were lass rockets falling. I asked him why and he said that there are 2 reasons: In the past there were no alerts, so the rockets fell suddenly without warning, and secondly he said that he got used to it so he knows what to do and what to expect.
I am still very concerned about my kids whenever there is a rocket fall and my kids are not around. But I too have in many ways gotten used to it. It is far from being comfortable and we live in continuous pain and uncertainty. But it turns out that even to this it is possible to get used to.
Peace man and I believe that peace is possible. Peace man's friends relatives and neighbors all want peace just as me, my relatives and neighbors want this peace and quiet.
The strange thing is that most people I know do not believe that most Palestinians (and especially people from Gaza) want peace. I also hear the same from Peace man. They all say they want peace but do not believe that most Israeli's want it. How amazing that in this "communication age" people are completely unable to communicate when it is most needed.
I do not believe that the politicians on either side really see their own people and definitely do not see the other side's people. If they did they would see we are all the same. I have long ago stopped believing they can bring a positive change.
We are so much alike. All we want are simple things: A safe place to live, a place to work, food, water, freedom to move from place to place, a home, a family. That's about it. If we all had these simple things, there would be very little to fight about.
Rain keeps falling. Let it fall and clean our hearts and souls.


GMan said...

What a positive attitude you've instilled in your family. And what a beautiful analogy, with the cleansing properties of he rain for the air, & the earth, and even our very spirits.

Living in Texas, I share your anticipation of the rains. Down here it's feast or famine, drought or floods. Rarely the nice, gentle showers expected by a lot of folks.
But we haven't experienced bombardment from our border regions for a good couple of hundred years ... surely loooong before MY birth. I can only imagine what that must be like, and I hope and pray that it will end soon, and peace will return to the Holy Land.
I truly believe that your continued desire for peace is what will make the difference ... that and these daily posts.


mike said...

yes you are right most people want the simple things and is willing to go to extremes to protect his family. The prospect of kn work for exampe is very frightening and I know that in gaza it is much more real then here. Health economy is a great thing because working people with possessions has something to lose so he gets on with his neighbour!!!!!