Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Call For Action

Today over 50 people were killed in the hostilities.
This is a deadly and useless path that feeds the fire of hatred with even more actions on both sides and after much too much suffering will end with a cease fire.

What's the point?

Many of our blog readers have asked us what they can do to help?

I spoke today with Peace man and we agreed to start an active initiative.
We ask from our Leaders to give us One Month cease fire. Time to stop all hostile actions and give us and our leaders time to rethink and evaluate the situation.

For us the citizens under continuous attacks, this will give a true break, that we so badly need. For our leaders. It will allow time to figure out a different way out of this dead lock.

You can sign our petition here:

Please spread the word. We need as many people as possible to join us. Send the link to your friends, relatives, acquaintances.


mouse with holes said...

I'd like to thank the two of you for making a sane and clear voice!
I will do my best to spread the word about your blog.
also - today (sunday 2/3) at 18:00 there will be a protest in Tel Aviv in front of the kirya (kaplan street). everybody is welcome.

batnarnie said...

how can any reasonable person read what you write and not be overwhelmed with your humanity and common sense
I do hope you will soon be able to walk to meet each other and have a picnic

Anonymous said...

Hi hopeman
we are a small group of Italian volunteers living in West Bank ( What is going on in Sderot and Gaza has been questioning us for a long time. We would like to come to Sderot in the next few days and meet somebody from there to understand better the situation, listen to people, how they feel and live. We would be grateful if you or somebodz else reading could give us contacts to meet somebody in Sderot, if it was possible yourself. thank you very much for this interesting blog
hope to read of you soon

Anonymous said...

Today we were feeling all day bad, we did our rutinary life but it was difficult not to feel this frustation, this upset and sadness in relation with all the violence that happened. At the television all that you can see is destruction, people screaming, crying, buildings falling apart, and them you do not feel that things will come to an end inmediatelly. It can take more than one day, two days, even weeks. And how many more will be dying. So, if Israel does not quit, I consider that the palestinian have to be madure enough to make an unilateral cease of fire. That this will be a big, huge lesson to the world, that the palestian leaders want to protect their population because they love them. Israel will feel that it will be imposible to keep attacking, so, they will have to
leave the territories.Its sound utopic, but I tthink that Hamas and Abu Mazen have to overgo through all their division, now they do not have to think more than the wave to save their people. So in a common front they have to introduce this idea at the international front, I mean EU and Unitad Nations.

I of course want that they will be a cease fire and that Israel will get some kind of accord. But listening today the words of Olmert, I think that will be not very possible.



Anonymous said...

Palestinians have a leader?

IMHO no.

M22M said...

The world needs to get involved and solve this conflict NOW! There needs to be an unconditional Cease-Fire!

clare said...

when i read your blog i was so moved. i cant even start to imagine what your lives are like living in such a place. my flatmate lived in irasel for a year so this blog touches me alot. i hope that one day the fighting will stop and you will be able to live a peaceful life like the rest of us