Friday, March 14, 2008

Cease fire NOW

The past few days were quiet in Gaza somehow, and all the programs on the radio or television talking about cease fire.

Talk about bringing cease fire in Gaza Strip is the main subject on the streets and in shops and cars, even though that everyone was not optimistic , but the cease fire is the dream of every person ,The period we had is one of the most difficult stages, closures, unemployment and the destruction of the economy and killing .Palestinians want change, they want to live like the other people in the world ,they want freedom to travel ,to create future.
The traders started preparing to buys goods, and the students to complete their education abroad and every person wants to do what they need . But the killing of 4 Palestinians in Bethlehem, and the launching of missiles to Sderot disappointed them again ,and people started talking about the invasion, retaliation again .
Therefore, we must stop the violence and not a repeat what’s happened last time .
Violence won't create safety ,but will take us to dark a future. We do not want more violence, we do not want more pain for both sides
Both sides have the right to live normally, without violence, without hatred ,all of us are human.
Let's be together and join our One Month initiative.


alon 101 said...

i hope that too, but unless israel make a long time dil with the terrorist organizations the situation will continue to be bad.

Halla said...

I TOTALLY agree with you peace man!!

Emanuele said...

coud you be a hope for peace, i'm with you, from Milan Italy

aletheiak said...

thanxx for being here peacemanhopeman

we are greatly heartened by your latest transmission
from extreme danger on all sides
we understand

we are marching & climbing here on cream hill all month for your peace hope life purification illumination & cease fire

but it is you who are leading us forward

Anonymous said...

We all want peace. It seems like there are a few people on both sides who want to instill terror. The majority want peace and need to raise their voices - loudly. Peace can come to your region...peace will come to your region.

Anonymous said...

I'am pleased for what you created,and I believe that today time to change things whit the practice.See you want peace,you have to block weapons.You,I do not want you.

Anonymous said...

The weapons must be stopped,this Palestine does not fear betrayal.

Anonymous said...

Eu sou brasileiro e moro no Brazil, e me sinto muito triste pela situaçao em que voces vivem.
estou torcendo para que a paz volte a sua terra e voces possam viver em tranquilidade.
pois essa guerrasem precedentes tambem nos abala muito....
paz sempre...abraçoss

Rivkah said...

You are an do not to give up even when discouraged, to keep your humanity around all this violence. As long as there are people like you, one day the violence will stop.

Anonymous said...

It is so reassuring to see confirmed my suspicion that Gaza people are human beings like all of us who want to live a fulfilling life in dignity. Whoever doubts that should come here to read. Please tell us what you think we can do to help.

Novartza Mahershallalchashbaz said...

Peace Man, I pray for peace for both our populations, ours and yours, each day. I often recite Psalm 76 -- "...There He has shattered flashing arrows, shield, sword and battle, selah." I believe and pray every day for the coming of the Prince of Peace, in whom all of us -- Christians, Jews and Muslims -- believe and for whom we all hope. Take care, Shabbat Shalom and Happy Purim.

jennie said...

Hi! i dont know exactly how hard it is for both of you...but keep hoping and praying because God is in control. - jennie of Phils.

Jona said...

I'm just grateful that there's no war in the place where i live. my prayer is that God will comfort the people esp. children who are hurt because of the war.

The knife said...

Hi! I just came upon your blog and definitely plan to keep following it. It's a window to a world which makes one feel how insignificant our so called 'problems' are. I sincerely hope that someday soon peace comes to Gaza. all the best. Kalyan, Mumbai, India

RTB612 said...

Hi, I live in Ashkelon, another israeli town under roket attack.

The thing is that every single previous cease fire has been used by Hamas and other groups to gather more weapons, more rokets to be fired at us which bring harder israeli retaliations, once the hostilities begin again. So in practice it just gets worse, short-term cease fires dont help. What we need is a compromise from Hamas saying theyll stop pursueing Israels destruction.

Hag pesach sameach

claudia rieznik said...

Hi !
I live in Argentina.
I only know that if the palestinians want to stop they have to claim to Hamas who are responsable for all the rockets that Sderot has received,therefore Israel has the right to defend itself and all this will finish when the Palestinians stop to attack Israel, which gave them Gaza in order to achieve the peace ,but they only used the territory to cause another word and more victims.
I don´t agree to ask Israel for peace,Israel always wants PEACE, the don´t allow to live like human being.
Claudia Rieznik

Novartza Mahershallalchashbaz said...

“For He has not despised nor disdained the suffering of the afflicted one; He has not hidden His countenance from him, but when he prayed to Him, He listened.”
(Psalms 22:24)

ברוך השם, حمدو-لله, Praise God!

Looks like our prayers have been answered, at least for the time being.