Saturday, March 1, 2008

What we have feared most is happening

For 4 days there has been ongoing escalation. Israel has continued to bomb from the air as rockets continued falling on Sderot and on Ashkelon.

Last night was one of the worst nights with ongoing alerts starting at 2 am and going on until arount 10 am. We got very little sleep. All 5 of us + our dog slept in the safe room hoping after each alert that it will be the last.

In the mean time Israel ground troupes invaded Gaza, and today has become the bloodiest day in a very long time. It is reported that around 30 Palestinians were killed and there are some unconfirmed reports of Israeli soldiers that were killed.

Israel is claiming that most of the Palestinians killed are Hamas and the Palestinians claim that most are civilians. Does it really matter??? Children, women and elderly were killed. This is the tragedy we were fearing. War is blind. Inocent alway are killed and to the mother or child the count has no significance.

I hear the helicopters and planes in a short distance and lot's of machine gun shooting.
I spoke to my friend Peace man and he told me that things are very very bad in Gaza. People are becoming filled with hatred and militant groups that have until now not been part of the hostile actions, have joined the fighting.

We may be facing a long bloody future that could have been prevented if only both sides could hold back and try to prevent it.

We need a quick cease fire to first stop the blood shed, then calm down for a few days from the situation, then think again of new ways to solve the situation.

A cease fire will happen eventually. It always does. Why not now before even more pain and more hatred are created?

We need a cease fire now!


Anonymous said...

Fear my friends, is a form of faith. Selah

There was once a Great Teacher, the Greatest in fact, one thing He used to say often, "Do not be afraid".

This is much easier said than done. I found the teachings of one of the Great Teacher's students to be very helpful:

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8

The battle begins in the heart and mind, it plays out from there. Inasmuch as those with "tunnel vision" looking only at what they are against would like to draw us into their tunnel, it is imperative we first draw them out and show them how much there is to stand FOR.

fisherman said...

Unfortunately some must die in order to make chease fire. This is completely wrong but in some way always hapens the same way. I dont know why. I keep asking myself this edless war has no way out! Why dont they stop it and try to find an peacefull way to solve the problem... I dont know why this is still hapening its is completely stupid...

fisherman said...

I also linked your bolg to mine. Please let me know if we can do anything for you

Robby said...

This is terrible guys, do your best to protect yourselves and your families.

Peace Man: How bad is the supplies situation there? Is there anyway we can help you get anything?

Take care,
Robby Brodsky

yudit said...

Keeping my fingers crossed....
I feel so helpless in face of all this violence.
How to stop it?

Such a waste of human life and so much suffering on both sides.

I wish i knew what to do...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm so sorry for what is going on there, it is unbeliveble that the rest of the world isn't doing anything to stop this massacre! I wouldn't see the stupidity of a few men killing innocent people! I'm with you


jarvenpa said...

I came across your blog because I was searching for word from people in and near Gaza, having seen the news here in the US and being horrified. Thank you both for this beautiful effort. May you both stay safe, and may a cease fire and peace come soon.

Gila said...

My friend and I were in Sderot on Friday to do our shopping. There were two alerts while I was there. I simply cannot imagine what it is like for you to live like this, all the time.

My thoughts are with you. For what it is worth, bli neder, I will be back next week. We really are thinking about you here...

Israeli said...

What the hell are we doing? Both us and the Palestinians. If we are the majority, why are we still doing this to each other?

Lirun said...

because we are stupid..

im sorry to let you know that the palestinian report has since increased to around 50 and the dead on israel's side are confirmed too..

truly a shitty weekend..

but what you are doing is right and believe it or not its a very powerful message.. one that many other people (like me) have failed to deliver as effectively as you have..

that we are people - just people - and that we want to live and love and live and love..

whatever you may be thinking at any given time - just remember - its definitely not too much to ask..

wishing us all a much better and safer week.. may a real hudna arrive soon..


Salomon said...

This is such a tragic situation and I really feel for both sides. How do we stop this madness?!
For the sake of full disclosure, I must say that I work doing Israel advocacy. And I must admit that this is simplly unbearable. I'm burnt out. This is never-ending, and I don't even live the everyday pain you all go through. I can't defend the retaliation when many civilians die, but at the same time the situation in Sderot and southern Israel is beyond unacceptable.

Things never seem to change. As Hope Man wrote: "A cease fire will happen eventually. It always does. Why not now before even more pain and more hatred are created?"

My problem is, what would the ceasefire do? The rocket attacks would eventually resume because they, too, "always do." Violence always fnds a way back to the Middle East. And what next? Another cycle? Another 60 years?

This retaliation madness is obviously not working, but I'm also not a pacifist. Extremist elements are a big force (they control the government in Gaza), and things are not going to be fixed simply by sitting back and turning the other cheek.

Hamas and other extremists are never going to want peace and accept two sovereign states. And when Abbas and others drop charges of "genocide" and talk about a "real Holocaust" it seriously makes me question their intentions about seeking peace. Come on, are they serious?! That language is way beyond charged and only promotes hatred and lack of understanding. It makes me furious and I can be considered quite a peacenik, so imagine what it causes other less-peaceniky types who are the ones we all need to convince about peace.

People always talk about outsiders pressuring the Israeli and Palestinian governments to stop violence, make concessions, and sign peace agreements. But there's something wrong with that approach. Peace cannot be imposed. People need to believe in it and, if they truly believe in it, then they would be pressuring their leaders to reflect what the people truly desire.

Peace needs to come from the people, but while I see Israeli society potentially mobilizing like they did in the 90s to support peace, I simply don't see average Palestinians mobilizing and taking over their government.

Maybe because they live under an authoritarian regime, but that's also not convincing. World examples abound of people fighting their own government to force it to reflect the will of the people.

I guess I'm just frustrated. The violence is sickening and the cycle is a madness, but I see no way out. But I at least don't feel any hatred or any desire for revenge, and I still retain simpathy for both sdes... Maybe that's a start?

Anonymous said...

So wise your words, it is hard to believe how difficult is to say those things to so many people that under your circunstance are claiming more war.

I can not sleep and I am not neither in Sderot, and of course not in Gazza.

But to feel that someone may die in the next moment, drive me crazy.

It does not matter me, to me life is sacred and war is the most horrible situation that human been have created.

So, please, we need a cease fire now!


Steve said...

I'm encouraged to see this beautiful dialogue that you two have going. My heart breaks for everyone involved. If there's anything I could do to help. Please ask. May peace be in your hearts and with your families. When will the myth of redemptive violence be exposed? I think your blog is a start.


Anonymous said...

Dear Salomon, I'm not in Gaza not in Sderot too but I cannot stand what is going on, this is against human rights regardless of places they live in.
I respect your desire to have peace, but I refuse blaming Hamas or claiming that they don’t want peace, if the media from your side conveys this to you, you must know that what Hamas is fighting for is living in peace!
My point is that blaming in such a blog will not help it will only make us feel bad about each other. We don’t need to talk badly about each other since regardless of what political views we have... We have something more important which is our right to live! And hopefully live in peace.

Noor, Jordan

Jaina said...

For what it's worth, I am praying for you and your family and that a cease fire happens very soon, and that this will FINALLY be resolved. Thank you for your continued postings, I feel connected to the situation through your posts, even though I am so very far away. It is easy to forget about these tragedies when you are removed from them, reading your shared blog makes it seem real to me, and reminds me to constantly keep you in my prayers, that one day you will find peace.

Anonymous said...

it brakes my heart to hear and see all the suffering on both sides,on the other hand to see a sign of hope blooming out of this from pepole like you gives me a rope to hang on and not give up on peace. so thank you all for this hopfull & peacefull flower, plant the seeds & they will bloom.