Friday, February 8, 2008

Peace trees

after the unfortunate bombing of civilians by the Israeli army in Bet-Hanoun near Gaza in November 2006 in which more than 20 were killed. a few Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals were able to meet, and share their feelings about the situation and discuss what can be done.
My friend D was so angry and sad because what happened and he want to do some thing that will prove to the Palestinians and the world that many Israelis not agree about what happened in Gaza ,so he asked how we can support these people and how can we express our caring .
We came up with an idea to plant 10000 tree in Gaza ,and its was good idea , we said if they destroy the future we will build again and will continue to build and we stick with hope to change ,
We started and D said we should buy these tree from Gaza to build the economy and support the Gaza people, and D wished that if he could come and plant trees in Gaza.
We in Gaza talked with authority about the project ,and a lot op people were willing to help ,and D started to collected the money for the project ,and every thing was ready to start ,but the situation Gaza started to get worst and now we could'nt do anything ,but we still have the hope to do it someday.


Idan O said...

Israeli guy writs:
please do not lose hope. I'm realizing the situation as we speak and understand that T.V and Politics are all in all Bullshit.

Understand that the leaders of the countries are consistently wish to fight. and even so, we the little people are eventually the executors of this missions, should say: No More!
Stop Fighting over the history and Start living right now together, learn each other and accept each other as we are today and build and build and build an global society concluding every human been in the world. after all whom ever is to read this document is to be HUMAN and human are in generally all alike
I'm welcoming the communication through the Internet and happy to find out that there are voices in Gaza whom wishes to stop this and every stupid war, plant trees that's beautiful i hope we will succeed
peace and love for everyone

Me said...

I hope that this action suggested by Peace man turns into an organization, because that is such an outstanding idea.

Sure, it's not like trees alone will do much themselvs, but what it WILL do is start a concrete proof that there IS a realistic chance of at least of these small steps coming together to become a path towards a real peace, and this peace being part of a working relationship between the people of Gaza and the people of Israel. Let the people themselves see that this peace is possible first, and then...?

That said, Peace man, when you wrote, "every thing was ready to start ,but the situation Gaza started to get worst and now we could'nt do anything", can you expand on that? Why were you not able to do this? I mean, all it would take is money, right? Money to purchase trees? Sure, you'd not be able to get Israelis in there to help, but that does not mean that you could not collect the money and use it to purchase and then plant these trees, right?

What do you suggest that we can do to help you get this program running again?

Anonymous said...

simple i love it... why stop at 1,000? ;-)

read this article this morning:
Guardian: Jonathan Freedland comment piece on Palestine

was he thinking of you? why breach the wall with non-violence protest from one side only?

Greybeard said...

This blog is a ray of light in the darkness. It is only when more and more people like these bloggers, who put humanity before ideology, begin to assert themselves over the extremists on both sides — the ultra-religious Jewish ones who, before 1948, repudiated Zionism but now lay claim to Palestinian lands as well as Israeli ones and the Islamist ones who want to destroy Israel — that what I still hope may be possible, namely two states preserving and developing their own cultures side by side in peace, can come to pass.

Anonymous said...

A group of Jews and Arabs I am affiliated with meet in Canada to try to build bridges between our communities. At one point, someone had a great idea similar to the planting trees idea- to fundraise for two children’s parks, one to be in Gaza and the other in Sderot. Each would have a plaque saying that a similar park was established in Gaza/Sderot with the hope that one day, the children would live in a land that didn’t experience violence and suffering. We have not found a way to raise the funds but the idea is still in the back of our minds.