Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Real story

In the internal fighting between Hamas and Fatah my relative was injured close to the head, the hospital said that he should be transferred to Israel because his case is critical, and when the hospital started to transfer him they informed by the Israeli side that he is rejected for security reason .
I called my friend hope man ,I told him the story, he was so angry because of this, and he started to call his friends to help my relative to go to the hospital, also our friend D called my and both promised me to do there best
It was so difficult for us to get him out ,but in the same time its was great to see how the humanity can make different ,
in the end my friends managed to get out of Gaza to the hospital and they went to visit him many times .
I hope this short story can show you what kind of relationship can be between both sides, and am sure that there are many stories that have happened with other people ,and I promise you that we will make our future different than what we have now
In the end ,I would like to thank my friend Hope man and D ,and I wish to meet you soon .

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freedom man said...

thank you for this story and we have to work hard to stop the violence in GAZA