Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunny Day

Today it's sunny and quiet day in Gaza.
There is no special activity or military operations and we hope every day would be quiet on both sides and over the world.
But still the siege controls our life. The borders are still closed and we have electricity for three to six hours a day, though in some areas they have more.
Most of the supplies are not available in Gaza and what is available is more than double in price. There is unemployment because most of the factories are closed because they can't import or export.
Thousand of students lost the chance to continue there education abroad, because of the borders situation.
This morning I was with my friend in the market ,he was not optimistic because of the situation, and he wants to leave Gaza when the border will open , to live normal life.
I told him ,I do dream to live in normal life without any violence ,but we have to face this situation and fight for peace.
I don’t blame my friend ,because sometimes I have the same feeling ,but really when I talk with my friend Hope man, I really get the energy to work and continue ,and also I get a lot of energy to see so many people supporting our dream of peace.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Spain
My name is Daniel, I am 31, and my brother noticed me about this blog.
Sorry for my english, it´s so horrible.
This blog is an example of that the peace and the judgement is possible. More than this, is simply. We only need a PC an a little time a day.
I hope this will be a new spirit for the relationships there.
Good Luck for both, here in Spain we want to see you like brothers.


Paco said...

algun dia la paz triunfara por encima de toda sin razón

saludos desde España (Spain)

Anonymous said...

Greetings to Gaza and Sderot,
I have visited both places when I lived in Jerusalem.
It is sad that life is still such a hard matter.
Moderation and the recognition of the lasting values of the Greco-Roman culture would be beneficial to all in the Middle East.
America is the recipient of the Greco-Roman culture. This is our hope, you can learn from it.

The Enlightenment recovered the old culture and Europe and later America prospered on those principles.
It is difficult to understand it in Gaza and Sderot but you can try it by reading into history.


Good luck and Peace.