Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Day in Egypt

Thousands of Palestinians entered to the Egyptian side , because Hamas exploded the barrier between Palestine and Egypt I didn't want to go there, but my friends convinced me because they wanted to buy some goods non-existent here in Gaza any more .

We went there, but even up there you have to walk about 30 kilometers between the fields and deserts,but people were happy because this is the first time since one year to leave gaza.

Most of the population has been buying what they need but at a price even higher than in Gaza .

On our way there we discussed many things , and one of the subjects is peace between us and Israel ,and the surprise is that it was agreed that peace is rejected because of the suffering and blockade.
One of them told me if Israel wants peace ,they should open crossings and eased the life for the Palestinian, because no one will blame hamas but they will support them ,he said hamas have a lot of money for many years and they can have great life .

I told them that a lot of Israelis supporting peace, but the government does not want that. And Many of them helping the Palestinians as much as they can, but they doesn’t have any power to make resolution, and thy suffering for you .
People lost hope of peace because of what they have in both side ,but we still have hope tats positive change will happen ,and war won’t make any different ,and if we think as human .


Israeli Blogger said...

To my good friends Peace Man and Hope Man:

I just heard about your blog. Way to go! I'm really glad you two are writing it, and showing the world that friendship can exist between Israelis and Palestinians. You're setting an amazing example!

Peace man - you told your friends that a lot of Israelis support peace, but do not have the power to make a resolution. It is true that the Israeli people don't have the power to make immediate resolutions, but I think that the people here do have the power to eventually change things. However, it takes time, courage, and belief in the outcome. We, the people from both sides who trust each other, need to work together and find the things that will bring hope to the people of Israel. If Israeli people regain hope, then over time things will look better in Gaza too.

Keep on writing!

Your good friend,
Israeli Blogger

Anonymous said...

thank you for your commentIsraeli Blogger.

Am totally agree with you, and I think change should start from the person ,then he will encourage the other to do the same
For me I was worry to have an Israeli friend because of Gaza people ,but after I know Hope man the idea is changed .and he is for me one of my best friend, I tell him about my life and plans .
I think we need courage to change and build trust and we need people like you to support us to continue

TeachESL said...

The reason that goods are sometimes not allowed to go through is that things like fertilizer - which is used for bombmaking - is hidden in bags of foodstuffs! What do you expect us to do?

conefor4200 said...

You are very refreshing to me.
It is a welcome feature to see a Palestinian and an Israeli side by sides.

The blog is youthful. Fresh energy.

I want to ask you to study the past, analyze it, and find the path to civility in the future.

TeachESL said...

According to a recent poll, 54% of palestinians want to Qassam rockets to stop (but they don't say why) but 44% want them to continue! Forty-four percent is an awful lot of people!! And their chilren are being taught to hate Jews! When that stops, maybe there will be something to talk about!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your comment
I think you like to watch news too much
I have read many poll ,and I never believe them and I said I don’t believe the media ,and you said that’s we teach our children to hate jews ,how do you know that’s > please approve this to me
Nothing will stop me and my friend hope man to continue our dream of peace ,even if we are the last two people .
Please keep writing

Anonymous said...

statistics can lie or tell the truth depending what the user of the statistic wants to prove. Today I am crying because of how we reacted to the recent rockets.
ofcourse there are arabs that hate jews just as there are jews that hate arabs. Politicians work in the same way as people selling insurance. They put fear into people.
You are both very brave people and by being so let other people realise that they to can dare say that the people who represent them do not advocate their views.
I live in the golan heights and when I hear people say that we will put the country in danger if we give back the golan I cannot understand them. Do any of you have any idea what a potenial trade area this could be if there would be peace with syria? People are afraid instead of being exited by what might be.
Even on this site people who aplaude what u r doing show this fear. I will write again soon but it is important for me on this sad day to let u know that me and my girlfriend are among those who morn with you for the dead and injured.