Sunday, January 20, 2008

situation in Gaza

Today it was quiet in Gaza also, as there is no military operations or dead people ,which is better than the previous days, where about 38 Palestinians killed.

After months of increasingly harsh sanctions, Israel imposed a total closure on the Strip's border crossings, even preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid, and fuel.

The Gaza Strip's power plant will shut down today Sunday because it no longer has the fuel needed to keep running. One of the plant's two electricity-generating turbines had already shut down by noon.
Today I went to the market ,and I found all the price is double ,and all the people in Gaza worried because of the of closing boarders .

I hope ,I can write again because of the electricity .
Peace man


Anonymous said...


Somebody has to lay the bare truth.
What was called Palestine is the Land of Israel, the cradle of the Jewish faith and was a Jewish Kingdom over a century before the prophet Mohammad was born.
When the Jews returned to their homeland, the Arabs started killing them.
When the partition of the land was declared by the United Nations - 5 Arab countries invaded Israel.
One who starts a war cannot complain and demand the land back once he has lost the war.
Since the war ended in a cease-fire, the Jews have developed their country, absorbed Jewish refugees who had to flee Arab countries while Arabs sat in refugee camps, fed by the UNRWA - a United Nations agency that perpetuautes their situation to this day and will probably continue to do so in the future, and instead of worrying for the success and future of their children - live in horrible conditions and no hope but to return to their homes - a thing that will never happen.
The Western world, pitying the Palestinians plight, have donated billions of Dollars to the Palestinians. The money had not been used to create better conditions and education, but went into the bank accounts of their leaders.
The biggest donator, The United States in hated by the Palestinians.
While Israel aggreed to concede all the areas gained in the 1967 war, save for the large settlements (in Judea and Samaria - paer of the Land of Israel), the Palestinians want to return to their homes that do not exist any longer and change the demographic structure of Israel from a Jewish to a mostly-Arab state.
The Palestinians have wasted 60 years for living in hellish conditions and there is no indication that they will cease to live under these conditions for the future, unless they start reconcile with Israel, accept it as a Jewish state and split the land beween them.
Israel's former Minister of Foreign Affais, Mr. Abba Eban, said that the Palestinians never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
Seem that this will go on into the future.
The best 'brains' of the Palestinians have arrived at the only logical conclusion for them and left the area.
The Christian Arabs have been puhed away by the Moslim Arabs (even Bethlehem, a past Christian city is now mostly Moslim).
The ones that remain in misery are those that let others fire rockets into Israel and suffer the consequences of the retaliations.
Rise up against your leaders, Palestinians! Make peace with Israel and let us both make this place heaven instead of hell!

kicking.and.screaming said...

the Lord Almighty save these world leaders who make the decisions they do.. they are supposed to be our protectors. but when they make decisions that wont allow humanitarian aid to reach their suffering people, like they did recently in Burma.. how do they go to sleep at night, without a restless heart?

Maria said...

Je suis désolée de parler en français, mais je ne saurais m'exprimer correctement en anglais ! J'aimerais juste dire que ce blog m'émeut, car il donne l'espoir d'une paix, sans que l'un ou l'autre soit supérieur.
Le premier commentaire demande aux palestiniens d'abandonner leurs leaders, pour vivre en paix. Mais vivre en paix ou ? Pourquoi accepter la résignation face à des terres qui leur appartiennent ? Il s'agit peut être d'une terre promise pour les juif, depuis longtemps, mais à ce que je sache, les nations unies et notamment l'angleterre ne sont en rien des prophètes ou des dieux, pour se permettre de la leur offrir, comme cela s'est fait en 1948.
La seule solution de paix, serait un état mitigé, ou le gouvernement serait à la fois palestinien et israélien. Sinon, les juifs devraient retourner d'où ils viennent, où ils se sont enfuis lors de la diaspora.
La paix n'est possible que lorsqu'il s'agit d'égaux, mais dans ce conflit, jamais israel ne laisserait la palestine être son égale. C'est triste.
Dieu protège tous les gazaouis en ces heures.