Friday, January 25, 2008

Open passage

I was amazed at the pictures of thousands of people from Gaza flooding the border between Gaza and Egypt at the Rafah border.
The closure that Israel imposed on Gaza could not continue for long. Life is stronger than armies and governments. The current solution is not a long term one, however I am very glad to see civilians getting supplies that are so badly needed.

On Saturday there will be a demonstration on both sides of the border calling to stop the siege.
On the Israeli side there will be many pro peace organizations taking part, however the majority of Israelis are not supportive of such demonstrations.

Both sides want peace however in my opinion there must first be a bilateral call for stopping the violence. Both sides can identify with such a call. Both sides need to stop the violence. Once this is done peacful solutions will very quickly start falling in to place.

My call to both sides is "STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW" I am sure that this will allow to stop the siege and enable peaceful progress. This should be a call from all civilians on both sides to the militants on both sides. This can really make a difference in how we see each other. Each side wants the violence to stop but many do not believe that civilians on the other side believe this as well.


Danny said...

Dear Hope man and Peace man,
thank you so much for bringing the message to to the world.
How can we ignore what's going on in Gaza and Sderot.
Please keep on writing about your experiences and feelings.
i am sure this blog will gain momentum and capture more and more attention.
this is true leaderhsip!

Chaya said...

So, how do you plan on stopping the terrorists in your midst?

Hope man said...

I believe that where hope and dignity exist violence and hate do not.

Violence is fertilized greatly by humiliation and despair.

shadesofcolours said...

Peaceman, what i dont understand is why, WHY? dont all parties involved agree to at least let those in gaza who need to leave: to attend universities that they have registered to, seek medical treatment, reunite with families or return to work; leave through rafah. is anyone active in gaza to try and accomplish this? all the different authorities involved dont seem to be able to come to an agreement over rafah so why dont a group of palestinians at least campaign for the 4000 or so that want to leave and have wanted to leave since last june. this would at leaset ease the suffering of some while those in power argue, and argue and argue and argue.

manny.b said...

Just hoping that this could be the start of "a way forward" but you both have joint problem. Neither of you can really go out in the open and try to stop the tit for tat exchanges for fear of being ostracized.
What really needs to happen is for enought Palestinians to step in front of those firing rockets and say stop and enought Israelis to demand a hault to retaliatory strikes while this happens.
I wish you luck. Children who are not taught to hate never learn to hate.
One of my sons told me where to find him and who he would be with. He described his friend as having curly hair and totally forgot to say he was coloured. I learned from him that religion, colour or creed does not matter.