Sunday, January 20, 2008

First post

Today has been quiet so far. Only one siren went off. I heard one faint rocket fall in a far distance and another somewhat closer. Not too close.
I was glad that all my kids were already in school and not anywhere near the falling rockets.
The past week was very difficult. Probably close to 200 rockets with several people wounded. A couple rockets fell in a range of 40-60 meters from our home. One fell without any preparation (siren) and caught me in the shower.

This morning I called my friend "Peace man" from Gaza. He told me that things have been quiet today. Israel has cut all fuel and goods supply to Gaza. This means that they have electricity only an hour or so a day. He fears that the electricity will shut down completely. I asked about food. He told me that prices have gone up even more do to the lack of goods.

In the past week Israel has been using more force than in the past few months. This has brought about a new chain of violence with many Palestinians killed. About half of them unarmed civilians. As a result the Hamas which has stopped firing rockets to Israel for several months has once again started shelling Sderot.

We decided to start this Blog to bring to people's awareness the true nature of what 2 peace seeking people on both sides of this insane situation are feeling, thinking and going through.

We will both try to write here on as often as possible. I hope Peace man will have electricity to write.

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Amir said...

Show us what is actually unfolding.

If people could see via a webcam or lots of pictures what is actually happening in Gaza ,the tide of public opinion will force the Israelies to stop the atrocities within a few days.

We are all prevented by our own thinking ,talking and media discussion from actually seeing what is there. To see the explosions ,the destruction , misery and death inflicted on human beings is enough to change the heart of anyone. We or the politicians will not be able to hide behind a wall of thoughts and words.

So let us get a few webcams to continiously show the world what is going on. Link them to any website / news agency which would show them .Send I-reports to CNN etc ,upload the pictures on Utube. People are touched by what they actually see and will protest. A quarter of a million people demonstrating in a few European and American capital cities will force the Israelies and their supporters to retreat within a couple of days.