Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Endless senssless circle of blood

This morning 5 Palestinians were killed by an Israeli air strike.
Associated Press wrote: "An Israeli aircraft blew up a minivan carrying Hamas gunmen in southern Gaza on Wednesday, killing five militants including two key commanders involved rocket attacks on Israel, the militant group said."

Following the incident, we knew this would be a dangerous day in Sderot. Around 14:30 the alerts started sounding and the rockets falling. Until now I estimate 20 rockets fell.

Just half an hour ago a rocket hit Sapir college and one man was killed by a direct hit another was wounded.

We expect more attacks and therefor stay close to our safe room. The kids were planning to buy costumes for Purim (Jewish holiday on which kids dress up in costumes). I told them we cannot go out today since it's too dangerous.

I have not written for several days, however it has not been quiet. Rockets have been falling every day. Not very frequent but 1-3 alerts a day which keep us very alert.

The day before yesterday, a kid who is a friend of my neighbors kid was injured (An alert was just heard a minute ago so I stopped writing and ran to the safe room with my kids, wife and neighbors kids, I am back...)
The kid's shoulder was crushed and he was operated and is still hospitalized.

I spoke to Peace man a couple days ago and asked him about 3 young Palestinians that were killed a few days before by an Israeli attack. Israel claimed that they were militants about to shoot rockets, but Peace man said that a friend of his went to the place they were killed and saw that they were killed inside a house while eating lunch and are not affiliated with any militant group.

The endless senseless situation is still going on. More innocent people are being killed, injured, traumatized.

Israel continues it's "Preventive Attacks" while the Hamas and other militant groups continue their attacks. Each retaliating to the other's attacks. Endless senseless circle of blood and stupidity.

(Another rocket just fell very close to our home. There was no alert this time. Very scary.)

Follow up: Following the rocket attacks on Sderot and the killing of a civilian, Israel attacked in the center of Gaza killing 2 children and badly wounding a third. In addition 12 other civilians were wounded in another attack. What good could that have done bringing even more pain and desperation?


Robby said...

My sympathies to all families and friends of the victims.

I pray that you and your families stay strong and safe.

And don't be afraid to ask for anything, there are many people willing to help.

Take care,
Robby Brodsky
San Jose, Ca

conefor4200 said...


1.To stop the madness, let us hear your opinion on the past mistakes.

2.To separate the decent governments from the inhumane ones, we need a list.

If there will be an honest inventory, we may find support to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Anonymous said...


Ghastly days. Are there many who share your views in Sderot?

Do you suffer ostracism - or worse- because of your views?

"To thine own self be true"

Anonymous said...

What if construction companies from the USA and Israel (Arabs also, if they want to) build on ARAB territory, EXACT duplicates of the homes and villages that the Palestinians fled from during the first war with Israel...with additional rooms for the expanded families...would that not put a stop to their nostalgia for their past..and also safeguard the demographics of Israel?

momnmb said...

I understand the senselessness of what you are describing. But I have to ask one question. D oyou believe that if Isreal does not retaliate, that the killing and rockets will stop? Are you personally willing to absorb the attacks if they don't without retaliating? So far I see alot of talk on your site, but no real solutions. What can we who are so far away do about it? You are right that the killing is senseless. But it has been going on so long! It must be to someones advantage. Who? Thought I don't understand the thinking of terrorists groups that want to kill practically everyone, they are the only ones that I see winning here.