Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Violent again

Last night was one of the worst.
Since two days the situation is getting worse in Gaza same as in Sederot.
It started with shooting between Egyptian and Palestinians who wanted to leave the border open ,and now from Israeli helicopter and F16 ,and they say in the news the Israel army will attack Gaza. Many Palestinians have been killed and injured
Violennce has been the only way both side use till now ,and they don’t think or they don’t want to think of a different way to solve the situation.
My call this time to the world and peace institution who care about peace ,what is your plans ,why you are watching us till now.
Why do we have to pay the leaders bill from both sides ,I think we have the right to live normally like all the world. I didn’t see my friend hope man for one year now because of what’s going on now.
The problem is that leaders on both side understand that violence won't change the situation ,and just create more hate in both side, but I think because they have normal life so they don't care about the other ,I don’t think they want the life to be normal to serve their agenda.
Am writing this and I heard 2 big explosions ,I hope nobody was killed or injured., please my friend hope man take care of your self and your family .


Lirun said...

first of all mMaAzBaRlOtOoKv for the blog!!

secondly.. i urge you and everyone you know to sign up to one voice.. lets have our voices count against the violence..

will continue to visit you..

hoping one day we will all blog about different things..

peace shalom salam

Peace man said...

Thank you very much for your comment
We will have this ,because of you and other people will be big group against violence, and one day they will believe it because we are right

Lirun said...

i agree with you.. and i will be talking to a lot of people about your blog because i want people to understand that most of us are sick and tried of this rubbish and we just want to live in peace..

i hope you stay safe and wish you a calm and pleasant weekend..

alla maak..

momnmb said...

The solutions aren't with the world or international organizations. Don't look outside yourselves. Then you become dependent and helpless.