Wednesday, February 20, 2008

one voice

Dear all,
We would like to thank all of you for your support and for you encouraging us to continue. I am so glad that we have people from over the world reading our blog. I think this our time as civilians to call to stop this violence
I know its not easy to do, but I believe if all people who care about peace will be one voice then something will happen.
I believe that a lot of people would like to do some thing to help ,and I think we are the first step then we all will think how we will go to the next step.
The peace organizations should be more active. When its was quiet we used to see them having activities more often, but now when we don't see them as much, and the governments in all the world they can make change and stop this violence. My belief is that if the people abroad show their governments that we want to end this violence, then maybe something will change.
Let's do what the governments are not doing. Lets be one voice stop this violence.


Anonymous said...

dear friends, i am an italian teacher. My field of investigation and teaching is concerning human rights and economics. This morning i read about your blog on Haaretz, whom i use to read, among others, in order to follow events both in palestine and israel. When i was young, 1970, i had two friends: one was palestinian from jerusalem, his name was Nabil, the other one was Nahum, israeli. They lived togheter in the same room and studied in the university of my town, here in Italy. They gave me a book of uri avnery.We read and discussed many nights in fraternity though often we argued shouting out loud...they shared the painful and dramatic memories of their families and they understood and respected each other. I saw in their eyes hope. I would like to see again hope in our eyes, my friends. I wish you the best. I thank you very very much
(Forgive my poor english).

Peace man said...

Thank you very much for your warm comment ,and your encourage and lovely story about your friends
Believe me you will find the hope and peace ,and I hope the other will do the same
Again thanks

Anonymous said...

I am an israeli women, I don't now english but I must to tell you that I admire you very much.(the little beat of my english is beacouse I came from Italy and I now).
Kol Ha Kavod (Nahum please translate for Nabil)

bb_aisha said...

Yes, governments around the world can make a change if they actively work together. But obviously they dont want to. We protest & hold solidarity vigils for the Palestinian plight, but the powers that be place justice & human rights far below in the pyramid of governance.

As a South African, I know that most South Africans support he right for Palestine to be granted back its land-for a just one state to exist, like in South Africa, with free & fair elections & the right of the people to vote leaders into power.

I would like my government to place sanctions on Israel,and to cut trade relations with it. It was only because SA was regarded as a pariah state, that it was boycotted, that apartheid came to an end.

But it hasn't, and won't. So I take solace that it doesn't regard Hamas & Hizbullah as terrorist organisations but recognises their right to defend themselves, as the ANC did during the apartheid years.

Let there be peace. Lets be one voice, and stop this violence.

Anonymous said...

Israel is not an Apartheid nation. We have a very different political reality from SA.

Peace love and doopy do cannot exist in parallel with Hamas and Hizbollah and any people that seek to destroy democracy.

"The term ‘apartheid' originated in South Africa to describe a policy that institutionalized separation and differential status of racially defined groups in order to maintain the White minority's domination of South Africa's non-white majority. Those who attack Israel as a so-called ‘apartheid' state, give that term a meaning so broad that it is deprived of its original significance. This enables them to label as apartheid any controversial policy or action of Israel rather than comprehending it in the context of conflict situations and legitimate security needs."

Anonymous said...

I thank God for people like Hope Man and Peace Man!!!

And as I posted on Haaretz:

May God Bless you and reveal His Glory! Amazing what a little Love and respect can do in the midst of hopelessness, sorrow and fear!

LOVE is a Powerful force. The greatest of all.

You will be in my prayers, as I watch this spark become a roaring blaze, with GLEE! - Virginia, Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

Did I get the article in Ha´aretz right that the meetings described in the beginning took place in Hope man's living room? I just want to know because I mention it in an article and would like to say it right.

Anonymous said...

i have linked to you on my blog and support you wholeheartedly. i am working in jaffa, bringing together arab, jewish, muslim and christian girls to document their lives in writing and image - hoping to bring other unheard voices from this conflict to the outside world. keep going, i think that your blog will inspire many others.

Anonymous said...

hello, first of all i have to say that is bring a smile and a hope to read your blog and know that it exist.
second, i will be very happy to hear about yopur personal stories, about your backgroud and what bring you to write this blog? how do you know each other? and what is the comments that you are geting from your family and friends.
thank you very much!
i wish you all the power and hope to continue with this wonderful mission!

Hope man said...

Our first meeting took place in Jerusalem about 2 years ago.
We met several times since in various places including my home in Sderot.

batnarnie said...

at last voices of sanity-spread the word as in the long run it is what will prevail
Kol Hakovod -all credit and blessings for your bravery

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue, I offer the following poem:


I'm not well
If you are sick

I'm not rich
If you are poor

I can't live
If you're not free

I depend on you
And you can depend on me

A brother is no bother
We all have the same Father

Shalom - Salaam Alaikum,
Hugh Mann, The Patient Doctor

Anonymous said...

God bless the two of you!!!

May many people in this region follow your example and establish fruitful friendship relations with each other!

Let peace begin with personal conduct... maybe later it can lead to political peace as well!

God be with you both and help you spread your message of peace!!!

Markus said...

I'm really impressed to see 2 friends cooperate in this way! This is hope and a way to ovecome the bad: Love and Respect despite Religion, naionality and politics.
I'm German and a Christian and so I have a special interest in things happening in Israel and the Gazastrip.
Do you think that violence and hate can be stopped? Isn't all of it a bigger thing - Islam, Judaism, Christianity?

But please continue and I will spread the word :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish you both the very best in finding peace and admire you for putting together this blog.

I have friends who are Israeli and friends who are Palestinian and they are friends with each other and wish only for peace so I know there is hope amongst the ordinary people.

Anonymous said...


this blog provides such a refreshing perspective on the situation that normal people find themselves in when those around them become irrational.

I am in the midst of writing a paper at my university about bloggers in conflict zones, i am so thankful that i stumbled upon this, i now realize that there is hope after all.

it is not necessary to conquer this world, it is sufficient to make it anew"-Subcomandante Marcos

Anonymous said...

Dear Hope Man, Peace Man and Supporters of Peace Reading this Blog~

Thank you all of the loving hearts you are bringing to our holy land. I believe when the majority of us can embrace the suffering and the needs of each other and the tragedies each side has inflicted on the other that we will be prepared for peace.

This is unfolding on G-d
s time and has lessons for all of us...

With deep blessings and gratitude for your strength and courage,

Hopeful Peace Woman

flat eric said...

Dear Peace Man and Hope Man,
Today, for the first time, I found your blog.
I agree with your ideas.
P.S. I link this site to my own blog
Good luck and be safe.
Eric (Italy)

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is sheira, i visited the west bank and israel last year. i know from meeting peaceful people on both sides that peace is possible and you two are an example of that. you are not alone in your bravery. many of us in america salute and support you. thank you for your courage.

Kam said...

Dear friends,

I read you story through yahoo news. I'm visiting you blog though a link provided there. I just want to wish you success. Hopefully you will lead more people on both side to share your views for peace. Hopefully people will learn from you two and stop destroying and start building on both sides. The reality is that neither side can get rid of the other side. Hopefully both side will start to work for a better present and future for you childern/families and nations.

best regards

Anonymous said...

I just read about your Blog from a Spanish newspaper. I found very useful to explain the situation to all the people around the world through this way. It is very courageous what you two are doing with this.

Like all these people who are leaving comments in your posts I hope this war will finish soon and back to normal again with no violence.

Anonymous said...

Bless you both for showing the world in this new modern way that cooperation and understanding is only as far away as we (human beings) want it to be.
As a blogger myself, I have dozens of daily news alerts sent to my email pertaining to events in Gaza and Israel in particular, as well as across most all the Middle East. And it grieves me that such misunderstanding still destroys all hope of peace and unity after so many years.
I constantly reminisce about hearing these same horror stories when I was just a school child over 45 years ago, and it's senseless that the fires of hatred are still being stoked by domineering bands of hateful, irresponsible extremists and politicians who feel obligated to use vengence as a means of acquiring power and impressing their constituents.
As a Christian American from deep in the heart of Texas, I pray for both of you, your familis and friends...and your respective fellow citizens on BOTH sides of the border. And I pray that one day soon, the war mongers will see YOUR way as the better choice for both Israelis AND Palestinians, regardless of tribal or religious affiliation, etcetera.

God bless you both -
The GMan

Gila said...

Hope Man--I am on vacation this week and was thinking of taking the train down to Sderot--really just to go a restarant, do some shopping--whatever--just drop some money. And to say "Echpat li m'chem".

Any suggestions of stuff to do in Sderot? :)

Tsa said...

Congratulations for all of you... for wanting the peace above anything. For doing what humans can do, dialogue, communicate. This is the only way to resolve a conflict, no matter which.

Cause peace is all we need!

Though being spanish I've lived some months in Israel, and nothing is what it seems from abroad. This is much more than "the middle east conflict": it is just people, no matter palestinians or israels, that what (as all of us do) to live in peace and happy, have a house, a job and see their families healthy and safe. Is it so difficult to achieve? It shouldn't...

The violence brings more violence. So we have to stop it.

I'm still being proud of human race when I see things like this :)
All my support to all of you.

Anonymous said...

¡¡¡ Ánimo !!!
Con lo bello que sería un mundo en paz, los gobernantes se empeñan en buscar las diferencias. Gracias a gente como vosotros el mundo puede darse cuenta de que la paz es muy fácil de conseguir, solo basta desearla.
Un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody from Spain. This morning, reading a newspaper, I knew about your blog, and I felt that always exist a place for the hope and the pace. Many times we use to think that there is no solution for the bigger troubles of the world, of the people. But with examples like yours, the rest of the world can see that stil there is hope. The problem are we, the people, but too, the solution are we. We must trust in the people. Never stop your hope, never stop your peace. Wish you the best. Sorry that my english was so poor.

Anonymous said...

From Spaim:
Thanks for your blog. This is the only road to the pace in world.

Tony Cabrera said...

las guerras son las minas que alimentan a los ricos de siempre, los cárteles de las Drogas, los cárteles de las Armas, y los Cárteles del Petroleo. Mientras esos Mounstruos nos gobiernen. El Odio, El Rencor y La Ira éstarán sembradas por la tierra.-

Tony Cabrera

Beatrize said...

Hi friends! Here it is a voice from Spain that has just discovered this blog gladly influenced by the peace in a place of terror. I can't stand the way the media show us the world asi if it were a bunch of facts without people behind, just numbers of deaths and leaders who represent everything but peace. Thats why I'm studying journalism, because I also want to change things.

Glad to find you. I'll suppourt you =)

Sergio M-A. G. said...

Today I´m discovering your blog for the first time. I didn´t understand all of it,because my english is not very good, but I felt very surprised. Thanks from Spain for bring hope and wishes of peace to so many people around the world.
A new life is posible.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends:
I´m from Spain and in my country we know the violence of the terrorism very well. I wish you good luck cause your objetiv is very dificult, but not impossible.
When the wolves are so dangeruos, the lambs learn to fight by the peace, not with arms but with sensible word. I hope that the world knows to support your value.
Hugs from Spain

Peace man said...

Hello every body

Thank you very for your comment ,really this is the first step for all of us to build new future and full of hope and peace
This is encouraging us to continue our dream to Spread peace over the world

Lemsine said...

Salam, Shalom and God Bless you both, dear PeaceMan and HopeMan!

I´m algerian and a muslim woman, writer against the hate, wars, and all the religious and political extremism. And really your initiative is a best answer to my work and payers for peace between Palestinian and Israelian people.I agree with your ideas.Thank you very very much!
God Bless You!

I link your site to my french, and spanish blogs.


Anonymous said...

good feelings peace and hope!!!!
keep going toghether!!!
we can make it work with godbless.

nikolabenyard said...

to think this way turns out to be to me Utopian, but equal the idea is not bad, although there it is of interest created in the area..!!

Willy Andres said...

Blessings for you both.
keep going forward, and thanks for show to the world hope and peace.

Israeli said...

I agree with you that we are the majority who want to end the violence and find solutions. Just an idea- can you create a page where people can just put their “name” and where they are from as support for the idea of this blog?

efrat d said...

Hi .

thanks a lot for sharing your thouts..i made a video and wrote a song call"line of fire" .
i dedicated it for you: