Thursday, February 21, 2008

All is possible

Dear Peace man,

It's a sunny day in Sderot as well.

People may not be aware that if the borders were open and checkpoints removed it would take me 25 minutes to visit you. The distance in a straight line is less than 10 kilometers, so we share the exact same weather.
It has been a very beautiful day, and our area is famous for its red anemone flowers that bloom at this time of the year and cover vast areas painting the hills and fields in bright red. Quite an amazing view.

No rockets fell today. I usually do not mention it when it's quiet since we all have some superstitious beliefs and saying "it has really been quiet today" is not something people dare to say. To often this quiet is short lived and sounds of war return.

From our many conversations I know how frustrating and difficult life is in Gaza. Our life in Sderot is very stressful and frustrating; however it cannot be compared with what you are going through there. Only 10 kilometers away.

I truly believe there is hope for change. I truly believe that we are the majority. We who want to live a normal life.

We need to keep this dialog going and have as many people as possible join. We need to be able to control our destiny and not be led to believe that violence in our region is a fact that cannot be disputed.
Things may not change very fast but little by little hope can be created and we the ordinary people can help in building a better future.

My dream is that many Palestinians from Gaza, the west bank and over the globe and many Israeli's from Sderot, Israel and around the globe and many other ordinary people from around the globe join our call to stop violence and allow us to live a normal life.

Once this is achieved all is possible.


Anonymous said...

let me shout the hope you have provoked inside me

we should put a symbol on ourselves, to recognize each other and feel such a joy when we meet around by chance and we grow in number

and then we should walk all together on the other side, to join the ones of us who can not move

i think this is the real test any people really beloved by his God has to pass


Anonymous said...

"I truly believe there is hope for change. I truly believe that we are the majority. We who want to live a normal life."

Just to share what we really are.

Anonymous said...

And here on the far West coast of the U.S., the skies are blue and the sun shines as well, the anemones are not yet in bloom (although the primroses are in bloom), and it is a quiet, peaceful day. Through such simple shared appreciations, we reach out our hands across to the other side of the world and unite, all together, in our wish for peace.

Kristofer Young, DC said...

My heart and my actions are with you. I am far from perfect, but am conscious each day of pain that I feel for the multitudes of people who live in fear.

Kristofer Young
Board Member
Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions
Ventura, California, USA

Denis Brunetti said...

Your blog is really amazing. Sometimes, excuse me, i feel it's unreal. It's just a beautiful fiction written by a smart and fine mind. Anyway, even the mere idea is great.
Just this simple words of the 10 kms beetween you are so unbelievable. But I know it. I am a correspondent for a foreign TV and i often go to Gaza. But I go also to Sderot, to Jerusalem and Ramallah. And i feel that this freedom of movement is a privilege. No Israeli, no Palestinian got it. It's just as simple as that. And it s a privilege to talk to anyone, to have friends israeli and palestinian, and to tell them I am also the friend of the Other. Your blog is the same idea. Without freedom of movement. But we can always speak together.
Thank you

Robby said...

Keep it up guys, you are doing an awesome job!

franck said...

what you are doing here, you two...that's fantastic, it gives hope...may peace come as soon as possible

Jorge Martín said...

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Scuba said...

Hi friends. I would like to be part of this blog and discuss about how normal people can do something good for friends living your life conditions. Let me tell you that i think all the world is just a point in our mind.


bobvian said...

It's hard to beleave our newspapers because I'm regularly reading the Israeli and the arab and others... I'm wondering if this site is only but a peace wishing site recuperating naïve, unskilled bloggers for the palestinian cause?
It looks too new for me and there are no Arabs writing. Bessides, what must be understood by the hateful declaration of total war against Israel because of the elimination of a Gaza terrorist, last week, and the furious and astonished reaction of thesame when attacked.
Is it not possible, for Gods sake, to give up a "lost cause" like so many others under christian, muslim, german, hun, vandal, wisigoth, chineese, japaneese and other conquests? Why especially not this one. Why must woman, Kurds, indian and japaneese "Untouchables, Jews, Gypsies and so many other minorities suffer on this earth. Why did humanity did'nt give them any place to survive the way they want. Injustice creates injustice that creates injustice that creates injustice.

Anonymous said...

Although both sides are victims of this war, Peaceman and Hopeman are facing their situation with courage. Istead of asking Why me? they are taking action to change their world for the better. I am inspired. I pray the people of your region gain hope and insight from your words. ~Ann in California