Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spread the word

We wish to thank everyone who has been sending their support! Thank you! We are by far the majority!!!

We are overwhelmed seeing that the blog is gaining momentum! People do care even though governments seem to be indifferent to the situation.

Many visitors have been asking on the blog what we feel can be done.

This was the whole point for writing it:
1. Having the world know what is happening from the personal perspective.
2. Showing that people on both sides are seeking the same thing: An End to Violence that may lead to talks, that may lead to more talks, that may lead to peaceful measures that may eventually lead to a better and hopeful future to both sides.
So simple!

What can you do?
1. Spread the word. Let your friends know about the blog.
2. Keep posted. If any initiatives grows from this blog they will be posted here.
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Thanks again.


Anne Gilbert said...

Dear Peace Man and Hope Man:

I will most definitely pass the word along to interested parties. There are far too few voices like yours in your part of the world.
Anne Gilbert

P.S. I fully intend to link this site to my own blog(which is a writer's blog, but writers think about current affairs too.)

David said...

As a neighbor of you two living in kibbutz Mefalsim,I'm glad to hear about your initiative and let you know that now you have a supporter.

I'll link your blog to mine so I'll make my little effort to bring more readers to this blog :

Anonymous said...

I am from Argentina and I feel that the ordeals both israelis and palestinian are suffering are horrible and must be stoped with the help of the international comunity. Peace is possible, peace and tolerance are the only way. I also will pass the word along!
Miguel Zavala, Buenos Aires

"El Pinamarense" said...

Dear Friends, I´m writting from Argentina and may heart is with both of you.
I´m a blogger too, Iim going to do the best of my efforts to promote these blog in ARGENTINA

Brandon said...

I'm from the US and last week met with two professors from Sapir College near Sderot. Seeing videos of Kassams hitting the campus puts it in a perspective that forces any right-minded person to become involved. I fully support what you are doing - keep up the good work and may there be peace in Israel and Gaza.

fate.....destiny said...

There is no limit to the power of the mind. You are both on the right road map to peace.

Hiqutipie said...

I am from Mississippi & commend you & Peace man for your efforts...Keep up the good work...Hope is always rewarded with Peace...


Lauderdale, Mississippi

Joshua said...

I came about this important blog from a Ha'aretz article. I wish the both of you all the best in your goal and I will definitely attempt to spread the word of your groundbreaking site. I will link it also on my own blog.

David said...

I too am thrilled to have found your blog. I am spreading the word to the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island, and to all my friends and family.

I hope you will reach out to your community of supporters for any assistance you might need.

"There is no way to Peace;
Peace is the way."

Peace to all,
David W., USA

Anonymous said...

Great Initiative, hope it grows fast, too often all stuck in purely describing and analysing political systems. not very creative in digging up collective new approaches, this is one good idea! Hope more will come from it,

José Hamra Sassón said...

I have learnt about your blog thanks to Haaretz article. I'm from Mexico City, and I have a blog in Spanish focused on israeli - palestinian coexistence (Frente al espejo - "infront the mirror") Initiatives like yours are fundamental for hope and peace amidst violence and war. I already linked your blog, hopefully I can help to spread your word on this side of the world and contribute to your cause.

José Hamra Sassón
Mexico City

Anonymous said...

A great project! Respect especially to Peace Man who risks so much writing this here. Strength an courage from Hamburg, Germany. We will spread the word.


Sad that there seem to be few comments from readers in the arab countries.

Anonymous said...

A commendable idea, please post about how things were for you both in the 90's , post Oslo - pre intifada 2

Thank you

Martin said...

Great idea and great blog... good luck and be safe.

Montreal, Canada.

David said...

"We are ... the majority!" How can you honestly say that?

Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad all have founding documents openly declaring that Israel should be destroyed. In the last Palestinian elections, they received 95% of the seats in the legislature.

Meanwhile, in Israel, 'radical' Likud, who says Palestinians should expect more concessions until the violence stops are a minority party.

Yes, on one side, the majority wants peace. When will the Palestinians change and also want it?

Gila said...

I live in Tel Aviv now, but was in Jerusalem during the second intifada, and was injured in one of the bombings; I too would like people to wake up and pay attention to the human cost of all the dramatic headlines. I have added you to my blogroll--hope it helps.

To the Palestinian guy--I am aware that you are risking your life to write here. May G-d keep you under special protection.


Bob_lovell2001 said...

G-d Bless Peace, I am a Zionist (A jew who wishes to be in Israel) I am not a hater of Muslims , in Fact here in montreal I have had dialogue with Muslims. I believe in what you are doing I hope It can help you achieve Peace salam shalom

News Service said...

A great idea.

Can we get a few pairs of these blogs going between Israeli and Palestinian "peace partners" ??

I gave you a headsup here:Gaza and Sderot: Lighting a candle and I hope other bloggers will do the same.

Anonymous said...

I too, just heard about your blog from the Ha'aretz article, and will likewise be linking you guys to my own blogsite.
If only the extremists on BOTH SIDES of the Gaza/Israel border fence showed even an OUNCE of the wisdom and character that the two of you clearly display here, there surely would be only a handful of disgruntled neighbors left to squabble over their inevitable differences ... as there inevitably always will be anywhere else in the world.
And it's funny -- As I read thru your recent posts with an associate, he asked me "Wonder whose side God is on there in the Holy Land ?" My only response to that has to be "Who's on God's side ?" - regardless of who God is to you.

God bless you both for your peace efforts. May that spirit continue to grow, as it obviously has begun already.

- GMan

Pastuh said...

Palestinians can get peace in any moment, if they want. They just have to stop the terror. But they do not able to live in peace and work. They are savages.

P.S. How many do you know persons that live in "refugee camp" with internet ?