Saturday, February 2, 2008


Dear Peace man.
I was quite a task getting your relative to the hospital in Israel. He was completely handicapped and yet was not allowed through for "security reasons". What security threat can a man with a bullet in his spine which cannot even move his limbs create? Many people were involved in helping him come through and I thank them all for their humanity and ability to take action when so needed.
In this case our persistence may have saved your relatives life.
His recovery has been slow but he is now treated in an excellent hospital and his condition has improved dramatically over time.
There have unfortunately been cases when injured people did not make it on time to hospitals in Israel for similar reasons.
Our region is full of despair and yet there are many cases of people helping each other.
I encourage our visitors to share such stories of hope in the midst of these seemingly helpless times.

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momnmb said...

Are there no hospitals in Gaza? If not, why? Where have the billions of dollars in US aid been going?